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Russell Armstrong's Lawyer

Taylor's Bruise Pics Are Phony!

9/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong has sunk to a new low, according to her late husband's lawyer -- who claims the black eye photos she recently sold for 6 figures to E.T. are nothing but a shameless hoax.

The lawyer, Ronald Richards, tells TMZ ... the injuries depicted in the pictures were not inflicted by Russell.

According to Ronald, the injuries in the photos are either from plastic surgery ... or a recent incident involving a football to the face -- but not from domestic violence.

Richards tells TMZ, "If Mr. Armstrong was the cause of those injuries he would have been arrested and prosecuted."  Richards also notes ... Taylor never filed a police report.

Sources close to Taylor insist the pics are legit -- claiming Taylor never reported any injuries because she was under enormous pressure to keep up appearances for the show.

As one source puts it -- the black eye pics are just the tip of the iceberg ... the rest make Rihanna's battered face "look like child's play."


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What's more important, your health or your status on a BS show?

1092 days ago


Hey TMZ why dont you have up the pics of Lindsay Lohan snorting coke totally strung out in some guys hotel room? They are all over the web. It seems like that guy is how she was getting into all these parties he owns some big hotel.

1092 days ago

Cheryl A.    

These "real housewives" show are disgusting. I have been a housewife for 20+ years and have NEVER had that much drama in my life in all those years combined.

1092 days ago


From the day that it was on the news that her husband hung himself. I told myself, "she ruined his reputation for money and he couldnt take it". This is something she will have to live with for the rst of her life. Thats if she cares.

1092 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Google Diane Dimond's recent column, 'The Real Grifter of Beverly Hills', and you will realize how Russell and Taylor have been lieing and defrauding people over the course of their marriage. I have no doubt Taylor is doing the 'poor little ol' me' charade since Russell's death is going to have law enforcement looking into why he might have wanted to kill himself. Plus, one his business partners killed himself the next day.

Taylor is working the tragedy of Russell's death the same way she helped Russell work their marks for money. She's been willing to say or do just about anything up until Russell's death, even if it is a lie. Why would she change her stripes now?

1092 days ago


Yeah, I'm sure the claims have nothing to do with filing for divorce and wanting a big payday from alimony and child support. Can you prove your claims, Taylor? If not, stop defaming a dead man. Russell's family need to sue this skank!!

1092 days ago


That is really bad plastic surgery. Overkill on the botox.

1092 days ago


Harvey is best friends with Kyle he isn't going to back down on this because Taylor and Kyle are close!

Who do you think his source is!

Don't forget Russells' lawyer is a practicing LAWYER - he isn't the barometer of truth!

1092 days ago


Like she would be the first battered woman to not file a police report? If he wanted to defend himself he shouldn’t have been such a coward and killed himself. Now it’s her word against nobody’s so she wins by default.

1092 days ago


The pics are totally fake. Even if she never called the cops, the doctor would have had to - or face losing his license for not reporting suspected domestic abuse.
She's a liar & a famewhore that drove him to his suicide.
No matter how much plastics she gets, she'll always be an ugly human being on the inside (with a smile like Jack Nicholson's 'Joker').

1092 days ago

Jake Ryan    

This woman is a grifter. She's taking all the other "housewives" for a ride - mostly Kyle. She and her husband were both involved in scams and living off of other peoples money. She deserves to be in prison. She was trying to grift her husband by painting him as an abuser and thereby creating an interesting storyline for the show and create some celebrity for herself. If they have no personal drama, they get replaced on those shows pretty quickly. But if they have drama they get a bigger paycheck and invited back. She is an insult to abused women everywhere. Love how she literally mugs for the camera with her terrible faces and acting. Diane Dimond on Daily Beast actually wrote a really good article about her involvement with her husbands scams. Her husband actually screwed her in her grift of him by killing himself. She is a terrible thing and needs to be in prison. Article here:

1092 days ago


Dayum! Dayum! That Richards Lawyer and Russell Family are smoking a pipe dream! I nearly fell of my rockerz chair when I saw this. I been prayin for the white woman up in hills of Beverly. Dayum! I watched ET, I sawyz the pictures.. the fractured eye sockets on the ET shows last week and this week. Dayum! Evil hits a woman. Dayum you hit a woman you payz the piper! Prayers to her and herz family.

1092 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I agree with RA's attorney, this bimbo is an emotional, gold digging, train wreck who didn't need RA to "alter" her looks. She did a good enough job on her own! Now beat in Taylor.

1092 days ago


Now that is just so sad. Another Oksana in the making. If there was abuse going on she should have reported it. Her doctors should have reported it. If Bravo knew they should have reported it. No one reported on anything because it didn't happen. I'm not saying there wasn't abuse in the marriage. I don't know. But the fact that Russell had a history of violence against women and really bad money woes. Maybe with Taylor's way of living just became too much. Maybe she had something to do with forcing his hand at suicide and that is why she is claiming abuse now because she knows she will be arrested if it comes out in the light that she played a hand in it. I'm just gussing.

1092 days ago


I don't know. It's hard to say. The only thing I know is that people LIE shamelessly when they want things to go their way.

1092 days ago
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