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Russell Armstrong's Lawyer

Taylor's Bruise Pics Are Phony!

9/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong has sunk to a new low, according to her late husband's lawyer -- who claims the black eye photos she recently sold for 6 figures to E.T. are nothing but a shameless hoax.

The lawyer, Ronald Richards, tells TMZ ... the injuries depicted in the pictures were not inflicted by Russell.

According to Ronald, the injuries in the photos are either from plastic surgery ... or a recent incident involving a football to the face -- but not from domestic violence.

Richards tells TMZ, "If Mr. Armstrong was the cause of those injuries he would have been arrested and prosecuted."  Richards also notes ... Taylor never filed a police report.

Sources close to Taylor insist the pics are legit -- claiming Taylor never reported any injuries because she was under enormous pressure to keep up appearances for the show.

As one source puts it -- the black eye pics are just the tip of the iceberg ... the rest make Rihanna's battered face "look like child's play."


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Dr Porn    

@Rogue Warrior

Your're an idiot. She was involved in the scam.

1067 days ago


If I remember correctly her husband would have had a mean left hook.../ otherwise, the first thing I thought of too, was plastic surgery

1067 days ago


I don't believe the pictures are a result of a battery from Taylor's husband because you can clearly see above the eye the x marks and only plastic surgeons do that. I think she really set this whole thing up and I feel bad for his family!

1067 days ago


I cant stant this bitch!!!
She’s a professional con artist addicted to plastic surgery, money, lying, alcohol, and drugs.

The gold digging narcissistic whore lies so much she probably doesn’t remember her real name. Her intentions for releasing these pictures are not good, she’s motivated by greed.
Traylor Trash is so despicable she would put a price on her daughter.

1067 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

if the pics are real was she was enormous pressure to keep up appearances for the show? or for the money?

1067 days ago


taylor is the attention seeking casey anthony of the rhwbh.

1067 days ago

Tired of Posers    

I like the way Taylor has her lipstick on for the photos. Nice try, con artist!

1067 days ago


So her friends are saying Bravo told her not to report abuse to keep up appearances for the show? That is how I read it. If not, where was all this "pressure" coming from? Bad call.
Sorry, I have a hard time believing anything Traylor has to say.

1067 days ago


Men and women who have not been abused do not understand the dynamic of a situation like this. Abusers continue their habits because they do not get reported.
The victim is usually too afraid to speak up. As for that lawyer, ignore him. He is only sticking his nose in this seeking vicarious fame/money. I have heard no one mention the fact that people on anti-depressants have been known to indulge in suicidal thoughts and actions, particularly when they just stop the meds. Check it out.

1067 days ago


she was on Entertainment Tonight last night and when asked what the docs said about her injuries...she told the doctors that her daughter kicked her in the eye. Poor kid. Having your mother blame you for domestic violence. Does she think one day when this kid grows up that she won't read that she was used as a scapegoat for her injuries. Any story she made up to the doctors would have been better then blaming a 5 year old for such an awful injury. She could have said she got hit in the eye with a softball or something. She is selfish and admitted she went into full blown drama queen in front of her 5 year old daughter as she viewed her husbands dead body with the poor child standing there. Somebody from CPS needs to see what else she is blaming this child for or what the hell this poor kid has gone thru in the last 5 years. She said the doctors asked her why she didn't buy the child tennis shoes. Hard to believe that a doctor would look at that injury and believe that it came from a 5 year old....if I blamed such an injury on my little girl (who is now 30) she would never speak to me again. Thanks alot MOM.

1067 days ago


looks like she is working on her defense, for the grifting they did. she signed alot of the checks from victims (to cash them). i see a defense of battered wife, signed checks because she was afraid of him. this is her way out of being prosecuted for the crime.

1066 days ago


she said her husband was with her the whole time at the hospital. i don't think he would take or allow people that pic if everything she said about him were real.

1066 days ago


I suspect the federal/state authorities are putting the pieces together.

See Diane Diamond article The Grifters of BH, a detailed investigation on the scams of Russell and Traylor.

Traylor is definitely trying a defense tactic here, her credibility is less than stellar. Traylor is a master manipulator just like Casey Anthony.

I can't get enough of the complilation video of Traylor's lies. Priceless . . .

The lies of Traylor Shauna Hughes Ford Armstrong.

1066 days ago


her scams seem sooo Salahi-ish- Taylor was out getting her Maddoff on- pumping her fish lips up with the life savings of old people. Her abused women act is just another con job.

1066 days ago


maybe she should be beaten to make her look better anything would be an improvement.

1066 days ago
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