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Why 'Men' CRUSHED 'Dancing'

In the Ratings War

9/20/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The "Two and a Half Men" season premiere DESTROYED "Dancing with the Stars" in the ratings -- and the Charlie Sheen hype machine ... not Ashton Kutcher ... is to thank for it.

And, Harvey thinks Chaz Bono is "the heat" on "DWTS" -- and Chaz proved it by unveiling his TOPLESS man body for all to see. Plus, West Hollywood bans fur sales -- so we go live to ritzy Rodeo Drive .... where an uninformed fur-lover states her case.


(3:40) Ashton Kutcher's big debut on "Two and a Half Men" -- seriously mixed reviews.
(6:30) How did "Men" kill "Dancing" in the ratings?
(9:01) Why no "Metta World Peace" last night? Mike has some inside information.
(11:20) Chaz Bono -- "the heat" on "DWTS" -- and he proved it by unveiling his topless body for all to see. 
(19:30) Elisabetta Canalis shoved George Clooney down our throats ... and Dax is the only person defending the move.
(21:30) Charlie's getting over $120 mil from Warner Bros. for "Men" -- and in related news ... Brooke Mueller went shopping.
(30:40) West Hollywood BANS the sale of fur -- so Jason breaks down the brutality that pelt animals suffer in the name of fashion.
(37:02) We go live to Rodeo Drive -- where Harvey opens a pro-fur woman's eyes about the industry.
(45:01) Just face it ... fur isn't worth it.


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I don't care to wear fur but I'm totally against this ban because I don't feel the government should be telling us what we can and can't wear. When you open that door so much more can go wrong. How about the government learn to do their job and we'll do ours... dressing ourselves.

1099 days ago

some guy    

Ugh... their human rights record are crappy. Shudder to think how they treat animals. Ever seen a Russian circus with a bear? Horrible.

1099 days ago

some guy    

I think the U.S. should monitor fur imports more closely. Make sure they were harvested ethically. If people want them.

1099 days ago


I don't care to wear fur, but the ban is too much.
Where to draw the line.....I like steak.....sorry.

1099 days ago

nee nee    

OH My God...Maribell ? Could they have found someone dumber to talk about the fur issue...Guess not !There is your proof that fur wearers are IDIOTS !

1099 days ago


Oh yeah, one quest for Harvey..... Are you pro-choice? Discuss......

1099 days ago

some guy    

We don't cut a steak out of them while they're alive.

1099 days ago


You have LEATHER seat covers in your car right Harv?

1099 days ago


No Fur! It feels so much better on the animal. Just pet it.

1099 days ago


Fur was a necessity a century ago for people to keep warm. There are enough manmade products that look nice for fashion sake, which is why people wear it. I do own leather purses and shoes, so I need to think more about my purchases, too.

1099 days ago

some guy    

I believe there are other ways of killing the animals. Bullet to the head's quick and painless.

1099 days ago


I remember watching a video about a coat that JLo wore. They showed the Foxes being bludgeoned and skined. Their reasoning was that once the animal dies, it releases a chemical into the fur that makes it a lower quality.

1099 days ago


Harvey got his meat/fur/leather and now he has a change of heart after years of "enjoying" this and now he wants to regulate everyone now that he's an old man.....thanks

1099 days ago


When I was in public accounting, one of my clients owned a mink farm. Anyone who does not understand how terrible these poor animals are treated and rasied needs to vist one of these farms. It is absolutely eye-opening. I promise they would never ever wear fur again. Unless you are totally the most cold hearted person around.

1099 days ago

some guy    

I have an idea: Let's solve all the world's ******* problems.

1099 days ago
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