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Why 'Men' CRUSHED 'Dancing'

In the Ratings War

9/20/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The "Two and a Half Men" season premiere DESTROYED "Dancing with the Stars" in the ratings -- and the Charlie Sheen hype machine ... not Ashton Kutcher ... is to thank for it.

And, Harvey thinks Chaz Bono is "the heat" on "DWTS" -- and Chaz proved it by unveiling his TOPLESS man body for all to see. Plus, West Hollywood bans fur sales -- so we go live to ritzy Rodeo Drive .... where an uninformed fur-lover states her case.


(3:40) Ashton Kutcher's big debut on "Two and a Half Men" -- seriously mixed reviews.
(6:30) How did "Men" kill "Dancing" in the ratings?
(9:01) Why no "Metta World Peace" last night? Mike has some inside information.
(11:20) Chaz Bono -- "the heat" on "DWTS" -- and he proved it by unveiling his topless body for all to see. 
(19:30) Elisabetta Canalis shoved George Clooney down our throats ... and Dax is the only person defending the move.
(21:30) Charlie's getting over $120 mil from Warner Bros. for "Men" -- and in related news ... Brooke Mueller went shopping.
(30:40) West Hollywood BANS the sale of fur -- so Jason breaks down the brutality that pelt animals suffer in the name of fashion.
(37:02) We go live to Rodeo Drive -- where Harvey opens a pro-fur woman's eyes about the industry.
(45:01) Just face it ... fur isn't worth it.


No Avatar


People make a living doing rich prick........Eskimos can raise silkworms you misinformed ****.....Get off your high-Porsche

1130 days ago

Mike Saunders    

You are forgetting that fur animals are rodents. They aren't dogs or cats or dolphins. It's like worrying about the treatment of rats in a dumpster.

1130 days ago


Maribel may very well be the dumbest person on Earth.

1130 days ago


I have a home kill butcher living behind me. People bring there animals to him to be butchered and I can hear the animals in distress for days untill they kill it ,its horrible.they know they are at the slaughter house.

1129 days ago


I love Chaz and Charlie sheen.

1129 days ago


No Fur! It feels so much better on the animal. Just pet it.

1129 days ago

J Blouse    

2 1/2 men sucked last night. None of those characters would have behaved that way if Charlie really died and it was a tasteless attempt by Chuck Lorre to take cheap shots at Charlie and even his family. Those of us who actually watched the show all these years knows that he never caught STD's (his brother always lamented about it) and Rose would never kill him and his mother would have not done that at the funeral (the reception maybe). It was one cheap shot after another and it wasn't funny. I used to laugh out loud and I didn't laugh once last night. The laugh tracks are all that saved the show.

1129 days ago


Charlie, drop Brooke Mueller NOW! There is no way you will stay off drugs with her

1129 days ago

who dat    

No more fat mike on tmz. He can't tell ANY story without waving his arms around like a tard. Send him back to his forklift job.

1129 days ago


I have not been a Two and a Half men fan, bu*****ched. Disgusting dialogue, in my view, and Ashton is still not a compelling actor. His own personality is much more appealing than his acting roles. I tivo'd Dancing and watched it with pleasure.

1129 days ago


27 million people wanted to make sure that Sheen was really dead. In the box. Bye bye.

1129 days ago



Brutality is a functional part of the cycle of life. Get over it or wear a darker shade of lense.

Ever see pictures of the very large constricter that was killed - from the inside - by a large alligator? Oh wait. TMZ posted them.

If the brutality of nature disturbs you - talk to your therapist.

Did you ever get your seats in your car recovered? Oh Wait, you feel somewhat removed from that incident, don't you.

1129 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Of course it was the Sheen hype machine. Anyone who thinks kutcher can carry the show is blind.

1129 days ago


ashton is hot- and did a great job.

1129 days ago


I enjoyed Men and will be watching it next week. Ashton and the rest of the cast were great. People act like they can't think beyond Charlie's role in the show. The new character is just that a new character. Charlie is gone people so get over it and he's not coming back. Give Ashton a chance he was good.

Have never watched DWTS and won't be watching it just because they have a transgender on it.

1129 days ago
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