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Why 'Men' CRUSHED 'Dancing'

In the Ratings War

9/20/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The "Two and a Half Men" season premiere DESTROYED "Dancing with the Stars" in the ratings -- and the Charlie Sheen hype machine ... not Ashton Kutcher ... is to thank for it.

And, Harvey thinks Chaz Bono is "the heat" on "DWTS" -- and Chaz proved it by unveiling his TOPLESS man body for all to see. Plus, West Hollywood bans fur sales -- so we go live to ritzy Rodeo Drive .... where an uninformed fur-lover states her case.


(3:40) Ashton Kutcher's big debut on "Two and a Half Men" -- seriously mixed reviews.
(6:30) How did "Men" kill "Dancing" in the ratings?
(9:01) Why no "Metta World Peace" last night? Mike has some inside information.
(11:20) Chaz Bono -- "the heat" on "DWTS" -- and he proved it by unveiling his topless body for all to see. 
(19:30) Elisabetta Canalis shoved George Clooney down our throats ... and Dax is the only person defending the move.
(21:30) Charlie's getting over $120 mil from Warner Bros. for "Men" -- and in related news ... Brooke Mueller went shopping.
(30:40) West Hollywood BANS the sale of fur -- so Jason breaks down the brutality that pelt animals suffer in the name of fashion.
(37:02) We go live to Rodeo Drive -- where Harvey opens a pro-fur woman's eyes about the industry.
(45:01) Just face it ... fur isn't worth it.


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2.5 men premiere: The character reactions to Charlie's death were totally far-fetched and not believable - even the actors seemed to know that what they were doing was totally out of character.

Come on, Bertha, Alan, his mum and especially Chelsea wouldn't make fun of him had he just died a horrible death like that... morbid storyline - with fake canned audience laughter... Embarrassing for the whole cast !
the script was about as convincing as George Bush as president... painful to watch the cast having to play sooo out of character... their reactions to Charlie's death were a cringe festival of note!! An insult to the fans and viewers... i hope they discontinue this terrible patchwork of a show!! waiting for charlie's anger management show now...

Lorre's obviously trying to hurt Charlie Sheen with the ridiculously unrealistic script to 9.1.... and all he achieves is alienating both the fans and the cast. Charlie's death...was like Mr.Lorre's sick wishful thinking...
- slightly out of character for the '8year stalker' Rose.. she'd drug him or kidnap him or tie him up or whatever â?? but murder him????? Nobody cares that Rose obviously pushed him in front of a train??? sure ... it's like all the actors were ordered to 'poo' on 8 years of great acting ... what a disaster...

Charlie Sheen has a couple of divorces, drug abuse & being fired from his job etc. to blame for his behavior... what reason does Chuck Lorre have to write a season 9.1 script that contradicts 8 years of 2.5men?? So unprofessional!!!

Thumbs down... Season 9 is a blatant slap in the face, not to Charlie Sheen, but to the audience!!!

1067 days ago


DWTS, what a great show. It just needs some talent!

1067 days ago


Long-time watcher of T1/2M. Ashton Kutcher was a natural and I think Lorre stacked the deck for Kutcher and against Sheen by having Kutcher naked in front of a live audience and debasing "Charlie Harper's" remains. Lorre also plugged himself by bringing on Darma and Greg. Sure Sheen was an a** hole but there are two sides of every story and Lorre showed a little of his real self on the show!

1067 days ago

mike holly    

There is no difference between wearing leather or fur. do you have leather shoes, watchband, belt

1066 days ago


Two and a Half Seconds, that was about how long it took to see Two and a Half Men was not as funny as it should have been. How many times does Ashton need to get naked and have comments made about his Kutcher? P L E A S E , how "I Love Lucy" was the ashes in the air? Who wrote this, a 14 year old boy? I will try to watch it again, but if this is what we get I guess I'll look for reruns.

1065 days ago


Kutcher is a one trick pony. The show will be cancelled after 2 seasons? Why? Because CBS will think it can somehow be turned around.

Everyone else who remained on the show, especially Jon Cryer and that fat ugly kid, are A**holes. Rot in H***!

1064 days ago

Michele Pester    

Horrible! No chemistry at ALL! Not funny very LAME.
Kutcher was not funny at all. Storyline horrible.
I will NOT be watching BUT will continue to watch repeats of the past. If this show is to survive? you better bring back Charlie.

1061 days ago


In BRAZIL we want Charlie Sheen BACK ! I hate the new two and a half men. Ashton Kutcher is not funny.He's a good actor, Brazil love him but ... In another kind of movie.

Charlie Harper + Alan Harper = Perfect !
Alan Harper + Walden Schmidt = TERRIBLE ...I HATE THEM.
Charlie Sheen is the most funniest actor that I've ever seen.
I have the two and a half men collection on dvd. All the seasons but the new one, I won't buy. I hope that Charlie Sheen come back to the show.

Sorry my english is so bad. I'm from Brazil and I have to use google translate.I'm sad and disappointed with the new show.

1058 days ago
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