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"16 & Pregnant" Arrest Report

House COVERED in Feces

9/21/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The home of the  "16 & Pregnant" family that was raided last night by child services was covered in dog and human feces ... this according to the arrest report obtained by TMZ.

Police executed a search warrant on the property after someone called the Department of Human Services, complaining about the living conditions in the house -- and according to their report, "Every room inside the residence had human and dog feces on the floors, walls, and clothing."

The report goes on in horrific detail:  "The house was full of flies and in some areas, maggots" -- and police claim they also found evidence of "synthetic marijuana."

The "16 & Pregnant" couple's daughter was taken away by DHS -- and animal control even stepped in ... rescuing three dogs in the house.

Josh Rendon and Ebony Jackson were booked on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and drug possession.


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Did anyone read the "synthetic marajuana"? WTF is synthetic weed???

1097 days ago


Are you people retarded? It's not MTV's problem or responsibility. They aren't currently being filmed. 16 & pregnant only films a couple months before birth and a little bit after. They don't follow them for life. How would they know about the conditions of the house NOW? Don't be so idiotic. It's the kid's fault, not MTV's.

1097 days ago


she is selling avon? haha must not be cut out for selling CRACK

1097 days ago


He can kiss his job in the AF goodbye also. How horrible for their child!

1097 days ago


i agree with the trash,if u give trash money, you get trash with money

1097 days ago


Thank god, if not for this show, maybe this baby would have died.What most of you don't seem to realize is that child neglect and abuse is not specific to teenage moms and dads, rather is is spread across the board and becomes worse during hard economic times. You people need to get educated and channel your anger into something/someone/some organization that will do some good instead of wasting your energy on some stupid comment board.

1097 days ago


This is definitely not the first I have heard of a home covered in human and/or animal feces. Tag along with a cableman one day and see what comes up in a persons home. anything from floors covered in human feces a foot deep to roaches is mass quantities it looks like a moving carpet, and yet where are these stories where children are sitting on the floor next to feces and bugs? One word - Nasty.

1097 days ago


In the police report....why does it say that Ebony weighs 505 and is 130 tall?? I hope the police did not fill this out....scary thought

1097 days ago


Uhm, court date on the paperwork is 06/10/2011... That paperwork is not recent.

1097 days ago


Only ones to blame is MTV and the chomo's tha*****ch junk like this. yes you are a pedi if you watch this junk.

1097 days ago


The poop got on the walls from them allowing their child to play in it. The dog feces is on the floor from them being too lazy to pick it up. Josh admits to it. They made a typo error on the weight. Big deal. What matters is that there is a little girl who got saved. It is as bad as you think it is. Those are actual police reports that are on public file that you can call and get yourself. Nothing is falsified, everything that it written there is true and happened. Jocelyn is safe now and whatever happens to the parents serves them right. I hope that they learn from this and become better people for it. For those of you that think that housing gets inspected on LRAFB, then think again. DORMS get inspected and the housing is owned by an outside agency and no one comes in for inspections unless they have a reason to do so. The reason why they were detained at a Jacksonville jail is because LRAFB doesn't have the facilities to house inmates and since it was a child abuse issue, it becomes the county's job to step in. It even says on the police reports that the Jacksonville police assisted the LRAFB OSI in this matter. They don't hold someone in jail for years the instant they are caught with pot. I'm sure they bailed out (since being military affiliated) and have a court date to go to determine what really happens to them. There are your facts. They are nasty, raunchy people who need help and I can only hope that our justice system makes sure that they get it.

1097 days ago

cara lukowich    

Please stop glorifying these people!!!!

1097 days ago


how could you have put your child through that for 2 years her smelling all the feces thats just nasty,i hope after you both clean your self up plus the place where you live that human services will will do an up keep to make sure it dont happen again

1097 days ago


STOP F*&)ing writing stuff about these low-lifes!!!! MAYBE then instead of googling themselves and spending their unprotected sex earnings on K2 and plastic surgery. They will grow up and blend in with the rest of trailer trash society. WE DONT CARE.

1097 days ago


The military will definitely have something to say about his arrest. They add their own punishment. I'm not surprised with a name like Ebony. Those people all live like animals! Fact of life so don't rag on me for my opinion on it.

1097 days ago
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