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MJ Fans

Shut Up or Beat It!

9/21/2011 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Some Michael Jackson fans who want to see their brand of justice meted out against Dr. Conrad Murray just got a stern warning from the judge's staff -- they'll be thrown out of court if they don't shape up.

Dr. Murray was in court today on some pretrial matters.  At one point the lawyers and Judge Michael Pastor went into chambers for a chit chat.  While they were gone, some MJ fans were staring Murray down and giving him dirty looks.

Murray then complained to the bailiff, who walked over to the fans and made it clear -- if they do it again they'll be thrown out of the courtroom.


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Michael Jackson's Son to Make First Solo Appearance
By Karen Nickel Anhalt

Thursday September 22, 2011 03:25 PM EDT

Prince Michael Jackson (left) and Michael Jackson's Bad album cover

Robyn Beck/Getty,
FacebookTweetIn his first solo foray into the limelight, Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince Michael, will be in Berlin for a Nov. 10 auction in support of a cause dear to his late father's heart: helping disadvantaged kids.

The 14-year-old will be there for the sale of his dad's handwritten composition of the hit "Bad." All proceeds from the auction will go to the Tribute to Bambi foundation, which supports organizations in Germany that aid needy children.

"Prince Michael Jackson will walk the red carpet and present the manuscript on stage surrounded by children," a spokesperson for the event tells PEOPLE.

The teen is expected to arrive with an entourage but without relatives. "He won't be traveling alone," says a source close to the event, "but he won't have any family members with him."

In 2002, when he was 5, Prince Michael visited Berlin with his father, sister Paris and brother Blanket for the same event. (Staying at the Adlon Hotel on that occasion, Michael memorably dangled baby Blanket over the balcony before adoring fans.)

In previous auctions for the charity, Michael's glittery jacket and an autographed guitar went on the block, in in 2002 and 2009, respectively.

Those wishing to bid on the "Bad" manuscript may do so online between now and Nov. 10, at United Charity.

Asked to predict how much the manuscript might fetch, a spokeswoman laughed and said, "Hopefully, a whole lot!"

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Conrad Murray jury selection will be quick

The judge in the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor is allowing lawyers only half the usual time to question potential panelists as they cull the pool.

If, as is often said, trials are won or lost in the selection of jurors, the fate of Michael Jackson's doctor may be sealed Friday when a pool of prospective jurors is narrowed to a dozen.

That jury is expected to spend about five weeks hearing testimony about the music icon's final days and the culpability of Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson's $150,000-a-month personal physician who gave him the surgical anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid.

The approximately 145 potential jurors are already well-known to both sides, thanks to what the judge in the case has called "the most complete questionnaire ever" — 32 pages of questions about their background, job history, views of Jackson and exposure to the media coverage of his 2009 overdose. In an initial screening earlier this month, every potential juror said they had some knowledge of the involuntary manslaughter case against Murray.

Because the questionnaire is so thorough, Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor has said he will allow attorneys only half the normally allotted time to question the would-be jurors as a group in court.

With less than a minute per potential juror, lawyers are likely to have decided beforehand "whether they want to keep them or get rid of them," said Richard Hirschorn, a veteran Texas jury consultant.

Murray's defense lawyers retained an unidentified jury consultant to help evaluate the questionnaires. The prosecutor's office has used such consultants in the past but elected not to this time.

"It's very lean times for public prosecutors' offices," said Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office.

In evaluating the questionnaires, experts said, both sides are likely to home in on the questions they care about most. Hirschorn said prosecutors might focus on what jurors wrote about their experiences with doctors and prescription drugs. Particularly revealing, he said, was the question, "Has a physician ever refused to prescribe a medication that you specifically requested?"

"That's the prosecution case in one sentence — Murray should have said no" to his famous patient, Hirschorn said. People who have been turned down by doctors may be more critical of Murray's acquiescence: "I'm putting them on the jury 99 out of 100 times," he said.

Questions about how closely they followed other high-profile legal cases, including the recent Casey Anthony murder trial in Florida, might draw close scrutiny also, said Richard Gabriel, a jury consultant who worked for music producer Phil Spector's murder defense. He said jurors interested in true crime stories covered obsessively by such cable news hosts as Nancy Grace "tend to be pretty pro-prosecution."

Justice, on such programs, "has become code for conviction," he said.

Attorneys might also zero in on potential jurors' experiences with drug and alcohol addiction, the subject of three questions. Hirschorn said people who have dealt with substance abuse would probably be more open to Murray's claim that Jackson begged for propofol and gave himself the fatal dose.

"If they know somebody who has been addicted, then they know that person will do whatever they have to to get drugs," Hirschorn said.

Legal teams typically rank jurors from one to five based on their answers and information turned up by Internet or public searches. In court Friday, experts said, both sides are likely to focus on the jurors they rank as ones — the worst for their case.

"It's not a matter of picking the people you want. It's really a de-selection process: getting rid of the worst of the worst and hoping the ones that are left can be fair," said Hirschorn, who worked for the defense in the William Kennedy Smith rape trial in the early 1990s.

Both sides can excuse 10 potential jurors without giving a reason. Additionally, they can ask the judge to remove anyone who shows bias.

But Howard Varinsky, the jury consultant for prosecutors in the trials of Scott Peterson and Martha Stewart, said the short time for questioning jurors in Murray's case will probably hurt lawyers' attempts to tease out bias.

"It usually takes about five, six … minutes" of questioning, Varinsky said. "When you've got one minute, you can't do it. You're handcuffed."

The limited time also constrains follow-up questions, such as in the case of jurors who check a box identifying themselves as Jackson fans, Gabriel said.

"You don't know if that means 'I've seen every concert and own every album' or 'I just really liked "Thriller,"'" he said.,0,7904537.story









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Defending the Victim in the Conrad Murray Trial

Should Michael Jackson be blamed for his own death? Jury selection is underway and opening statements are set to commence in the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial. International headlines are shouting, "Michael Jackson drank propofol moments before he died!" These questionable pronouncements allude to the defense theory that Murray's legal team is expected to soon present in a Los Angeles courtroom. Symptoms of a "blame the victim" syndrome are already showing.

While sensational, it should be of no surprise that Murray's lawyers may argue that Michael Jackson took his own life by either injecting himself with propofol or ingesting it. Story-making is surely nothing new when it comes to the King of Pop. Turning the tables on the voiceless is also now in vogue with high-profile criminal defendants. It worked for Casey Anthony, why shouldn't it also work for Conrad Murray? While "blaming the victim" may be a tempting and ultimately effective defense strategy, it is morally suspect when based in fabrication and driven by unsubstantiated factual claims.

Although attorneys are charged with representing their client's best interests in court, ethical boundaries can be crossed in their dogged pursuit of that goal. As seen before, a clever defense lawyer can twist scraps of evidence, public perception and ingrained social stereotypes about a victim and the alleged crime into a convoluted narrative that lacks any element of truth. This unscrupulous practice can become the legal weapon of choice when the only objective is to place just a shred of reasonable doubt in the mind of one impressionable juror. It is a weapon that can be lethal if taken too far, denigrating the victim with each cut and ultimately corroding justice to its bone.

The Casey Anthony saga is just one recent, glaring example of where such defense tactics went overboard in the courtroom. Anthony's legal team introduced an outlandish explanation of the victim's cause of death and leveled severe accusations at family members during their opening statement. All of their distorted claims eventually went uncorroborated during the trial. In the process, the victim's memory was soiled and witnesses' reputations were destroyed under the guise of an impassioned client defense. The judicial process is only cheapened when such machinations run unchecked in a court of law. The Conrad Murray trial also risks running amok if precaution is ignored.

While millions of trial observers thought Anthony's defense theory was pure fantasy, it stuck in the minds of the jurors who ultimately acquitted her. As Casey Anthony enjoys her freedom, Caylee Marie Anthony will never able to tell us whether she actually climbed up that ladder into the pool and drowned. Her cause of death remains a mystery. Similarly, Michael Jackson will also never be able to tell us how he departed from this earth. When it is only the words of the accused against the silence of the deceased, who is there to defend the victim from false accusation and innuendo?

While it may become easy for some to forget, Dr. Conrad Murray is currently the individual on trial, not Michael Jackson. Use of the same Machiavellian strategies that were employed to defend Casey Anthony will need to be corralled and monitored vigilantly by judge, jury and the viewing public as the Murray case proceeds. The disastrous obfuscation of truth that occurred in Orlando only a few months ago can be prevented from repeating itself in Judge Michael Pastor's courtroom.

Unfortunately, Murray's legal team seems to have already taken more than a few pages from Jose Baez's playbook. In several pretrial hearings, it became evident that Murray's attorneys had intently studied the dynamics of the Anthony trial and the procedural factors that would ensure a favorable outcome for their client. They referenced the global media attention that the Anthony proceedings garnered and the potentially harmful influence of commentary from legal pundits as a way to rationalize sequestering jurors and preventing the trial from being televised. Judge Pastor made the intelligent decision to deny these requests which would have placed unreasonable restrictions on the freedom of the public, press and jury. Complete transparency is one positive step toward preserving the rights of the victim during this trial.

If Conrad Murray's legal team is planning to use a "blame the victim" defense strategy, their opening statement and witness questioning will likely conflate negative perceptions and stereotypes of Michael Jackson into a twisted theory of death. Attempts were already made by Murray's attorneys to drag Jackson's financial affairs, physical and mental health, as well as past legal battles into the vortex of controversy. Witnesses were expected to testify for the defense on these salacious and highly irrelevant topics. Judge Pastor wisely ruled to exclude many of these witnesses, arguing that their testimony lacked sufficient probative value in addressing the primary legal questions of the case. A thorough examination of Dr. Conrad Murray's medical practices, ethical choices and standard of care is what really needs to take center stage in a court of law at this time. Michael Jackson's past has no legitimate place in this present trial.

Asserting the appropriate element of judicial control through the pretrial phase, Judge Pastor has made a strong effort to prevent the impending court proceedings from devolving into a tawdry examination of Michael Jackson through unnecessary character assassination. He has attempted to act fairly toward both sides while also standing firmly to protect the victim. Pastor will continue to play a pivotal role in the coming weeks by ensuring that the prosecution and the defense act within the boundaries of professional ethics and follow proper trial procedure. It is also imperative that he clearly impress upon the jury their important role, responsibility and obligation in seeking the truth even through all of the smoke and mirrors.

Ultimately, it will be up to members of the jury to keep all that is stated at trial by the prosecution and particularly the defense, in its proper perspective. Inflated proclamations are just hot air if not grounded in provable facts. Jurors shouldn't be distracted by such hyperbole. They must think critically and logically about whether the hard evidence that is presented in court actually comports with the claims made by the lawyers in their opening statements and witness questioning. It is only then that justice can be properly served without the victim ever being victimized again.

This article is also featured on The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

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myra morris    

seriously if that is all they give him he really should feel luck grow up man and get over it. You need to tell the truth of what happen in that room so this trial can be over with all ready. So the children and his mother doesn't have to go thru this hell along with the fans . You know what you did so fess up JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL RIP OUR ANGEL AND MAY YOU GET THE PEACE AND JUSTICE YOU DESERVE LOVED MISSED BUT NEVERFORGOTTEN

1090 days ago


"All go to school" ignorance is not bliss.The sooner you realize that MJ fans include doctors,lawyers,professors and other professionals,the better off you will be.
Does your educational background include graduate studies in psychology,medicine,law? Perhaps you are the one who needs to return to school.Your definitely need to work on your boorish behavior--try etiquette lessons.

1090 days ago


While they were gone, some MJ fans were staring Murray down and giving him dirty looks.

Good for them,he deserves it.

1090 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Let me point out to all you stuper fans, Conrad Murray has not been convicted in a court of law, therefore is completely innocent. It's your logic not mine.
I believe he certainly had a part in MJ's death and should pay the penalty for taking the money to give a drug addict exactly what he wanted.

1090 days ago

juan lopez    

now this has got to be the most fitting chapter in this whole saga. to tell the fans to shut up or beat it has a priceless ring to it. especially since it concerns the idiots that post here on TMZ. the fans here are absolutely stoooopid!!!!!!

dont worry losers. you all know who you are. you are on here every-other day to make it look like you have lives so that you appear to do things in between, like careers, jobs, families, vacations, whatever. but its apparent, you have no lives outside of this saga. you all sit around waiting for the next hot topic and post. typical tabloid junkies. hahahaha...yeah, this topic is for you, and you know who you are.


1089 days ago

troy yvette    

For two years i have waited to see justice for MJ . Finally it will happen. Conrad Murray, 'DON'T DROP THE SOAP'

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troy yvette    


1089 days ago

troy yvette    

SOOOOOOOOO Conrad Murray dosen't like MJ fans staring @ him. I heard he likes salad. I'm sure when this is done he will get all of his salad tossed!!!

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