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John Travolta

The Magical Hair Growth

9/21/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0921_travolta_x174John Travolta has once again done the impossible and grown a full head of hair in a matter of days!

The follicle-challenged 57-year-old showed off his bald forehead in Calabasas this weekend (left), but just a couple days later the "Battlefield Earth" star was rockin' much longer and darker locks in Burbank on Tuesday (right).




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I wonder who's vajayjay he shaved to make that toup.

1105 days ago

crock crap    

TMZ you are off your rocker. LOOK at the SIDES of his head where it's clearly still his REAL hair. Shaved on the "weekend" GROWN in 2 days??? come ON. who cares about the top you are posting a FAKE picture , SIDE burns don't grow in 2 days, not even in a WEEK!

1105 days ago


Donald Trump needs to call his hair weaver. I think John looks good both ways.

1105 days ago


Oh, so what. He's a decent guy, loves his family and well, I'll ignore the Scientology, but these days we all add a little sumthin' to take a few years off.

1105 days ago


MR. POTATO HEAD seems to have competition with JOHN "potato-head" TRAVOLTA.

1105 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

Why is this news worthy? Hollywood makeup artist can pull this off in an hour.

Stacey ann Dolenti

1105 days ago


I used to really like Travolta. I could have cared less if he had hair or not. But what I can't get next to is the creepy alien Scientologist thing he has going on (ever notice how they all have 'that' weird look?). Plus they seem to all lose their personalities once they join the cult! They just turn into mush and look like aliens.

1105 days ago

The Business    

John Travolta is bald. BFD. With or without hair he's an awesome actor and an amazing person.

1105 days ago


WHO CARES if he has hair or not!!!! He's still an awesome actor, dancer, father, husband and so on.. Hair does NOT make the man.. I know it's just hard for people to accept since he had all that hair when he was younger. Just remember, he got older and so did we!!!!! We can't all be young looking forever even though we'd all like to be thin and have a full head of hair.. He's not comfortable without hair just like most actresses aren't comfortable without makeup.. It's ok John, I still love you..

1105 days ago


I agree, a bit too dark John, lighten it up a little next time you dye it.

1105 days ago


I think he looks great, either way. Unfortunately, celebrities have absolutely no privacy. Give the man a break.

1105 days ago


he should at least get the Grease 'do back :)

1105 days ago


So women can get silicone boobs, lipo, facelifts, botox, hair extensions, lip injections...but John Travolta can't get himself a rug? Double standard here, I think...

1105 days ago


I love John Travolta!! The man has been through the loss of a child, so it wouldn't surprise me i****e along with stress caused his hair loss. Call me biased, but I don't think he deserves to get picked on. Not knowing him personally, but his public persona makes him come across as a good guy.

1105 days ago


Really like the show for the most part and find the general kidding around between the staff to be entertaining. The best part of the show is the "voice" behind the crazy pieces - you know what I am talking about. The two parts I hate - that overrated long haired dude that rags on everyone because he thinks he is something special. Hey dude, your less accomplished than that rug you ragged on that sits on Travolta's head. The black dude from Louisiana, which is where I am from, is what we call a douche bag - get rid of him too.

1105 days ago
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