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Kobe Bryant Church Dispute

Case Referred to Prosecutors

9/21/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

San Diego police are referring the battery investigation involving Kobe Bryant to prosecutors ... TMZ has learned.

A parishioner at the St. Theresa of Carmel Church filed a police report last month against the L.A. Lakers star, claiming Kobe ripped a cell phone out of his hand in church, accusing the man of trying to take Kobe's picture.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the case will be referred to the San Diego City Attorney, but cops think at best it would be filed as a misdemeanor battery, which carries a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail.

Calls to Kobe's people were not immediately returned.

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"I Went To Take A Pitcher
Of Kobe And In Church
Homey Saw Him There Last Week
I Feared Only A Search."

"Kobey Saw Me Snapping Forth.
A Grand No Doubt For Each -
I Whistled At His Purdy Wife.
My God But She A Peach."

"Kobe Think The Wrong Thing.
That Church Is Not Fair Game.
Cash Is Valid All Day Long.
Denial And Then Some Blame."

"I Say I Wuzn't Doing Sit.
I Told The Pastor So.
My Homey Hid Camera 2.
Cuz Home Boy Is A Bro."

"We Went And Cried To The Po-lice.
We Said That Kobe Hit Us.
Our Lawyer's Talking Fitty Grand.
No Longer Are We Por-ous."
Our Lawyer's Talking

1073 days ago

some guy    

Stupid asses... that chick refused to testify. Think I wrote that before.

Go **** yourselves. Wanna give him a lethal injection also?

1073 days ago


First of all your are in church isn't your phone suppose to be put away, the man wanted to come with a picture it seems that he couldn't of waited until he came out he had to take a picture in church how rude, Leave kobe alone I would of have acted the same way some people just don't have respect not even in church how rude.

1072 days ago


kobe lovers get a grip 1st its not a crime to take some pics in public..least not yet... 2ND its still a crime to assault some one.If the case is moving on then their appears to be some proof that he did in fact have a run in with this guy.HOW ABOUT IT MY HAVE GONE DOWN AS THE GUYS SAYS AND YOUR THAT GUY... YOU STILL WHAT TO LET IT SLIDE ...ME THINKS NOT

1072 days ago


Kobe is better than Lebron - they don't want to see him win - They'd rather the guy with cheating tabloids and abusive moms get the shine

Why can't he just pay $50,000 and be set? oh well

1072 days ago


it's so funny what people will comment about, when they don't have all of the facts!!! how can you take sides, when you don't know what happened? is it just me, or are people too quick to judge someone else's situation!! get a life !!

1072 days ago


If this did happen. Then Kobe needs to be stopped. Let justice be served. What will he do next that will finally not be payable by his pocket book?! ...O.J. If he doesn't like the life he has made for himself then move to Zambia or some obscure country. Otherwise, fans, onlookers, its the price of fame.

1072 days ago

john wayne gacy    

it's amazing how the rents god collects on sunday mornings,
just isn't enough without selling out the congregation ......

1072 days ago


Looks like there is no church sanctuary any more, some idiot with a cellphone will be there.

Sanctuary, what a concept.

1072 days ago


If the man involved was trying to take Kobe's picture without asking first, then I really don't think he's got a leg to stand on. Even stars need time "off" and deserved to be left alone when they aren't at work.

1072 days ago

raymond south    

he should'hv went to jail when he rape that girl peice of ****

1072 days ago


If he didn't go to jail for the white girl incident, then he's definitely not going to jail for this

1072 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well it's not like someone was trying to take pictures of some gay person in their church now, is it? he's a celeb. he should be used to people taking his picture.

1072 days ago

PRO US    

Kobe will just buy the guy a big ass diamond ring and the legal case will evaporate.

1072 days ago

PRO US    

Kobe is rich and famous so he thinks or knows he has the right to do whatever he wants no matter what anyone else says. TMZ, how ridiculous can you be even mentioning that the maximum sentence is 6 months? Kobe ain't going to jail for rape or assault or hitting a cellphone out of someone's hand or for yelling some prejudiced obscenity at some gay guy. Kobe is a close to God as an American can be. Get real. Jail is for poor working stiffs, not rich celebrities.

1072 days ago
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