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Pat Boone

Birther Rant Accuses

Prez of Million Dollar Cover-Up

9/21/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Pat Boone is picking up where Donald Trump left off -- going on a videotaped rant ... accusing President Obama of "spending millions" to hide his birth records.

The 77-year-old spewed his take on the birther conspiracy theory to a San Francisco Chronicle camera last weekend.

Not everyday you see septuagenarian, former heartthrobs go off on the President of the United States.


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Paul Lynde    

Pat Boone makes me look butch.

1131 days ago


Typical Old-School racist and nutjob. Get over it Pat Boone, Obama is an American.

1131 days ago


Sounds like he could use a snickers bar...or his diaper changed.

1131 days ago


I can't believe people are still harping on about this issue. Do the people of the United States not trust their security to know whether this man is a United States citizen? How assinine! If you think he is lying then you must all believe there are hundreds of people in on the lie! Honestly, it's time to let go of this stupidity and find something else to b*tch about!

1131 days ago


My my aren't we sensitive about this subject. Careful what you say,by 2013 you'll be eating crow.

1131 days ago

George Orwell    

He has the truth on his side..ObaMao has spent 2million $$ fighting the release of his long form b/c. The one produced by him for public download has been proven to be a forgery.. by simply using adobe acrobat, anyone will find it has multiple layers, non matching typewriter key strokes and digitized signatures from computers that didn't exist at the time his b/c was issued..thanks to wnd dot com for all that info..and also for exposing ObaMAOs' ss# generated in Conn..even though he has never lived there..this man is a fraud.
Somewhere in Kenya, a small village is missing their idiot.....indeed.

1131 days ago


Mr. Boone, you are nothing but a racist.

1131 days ago


Maybe I missed it, but did TMZ post anything about Tony Bennett saying 9/11 is America's own fault? Or is there selective news on this site?

1131 days ago


Pat Boone needs to go on another journey to the center of the earth ... (and don't come back!!)

1131 days ago


Where there is smoke, there is fire.

1131 days ago


For all the people that want to put down the messanger, maybe it is time for you to shut up and do some research. You would find that this is a big cover-up. There is far more proof of his birth in Kenya than any birth in the US. His birth certificate is from a hospital that did not exist at the time of his birth and refers to a countyry that was not in existance. There is more that one video in which Obama says he was born in Kenya. This little phony has been getting away with destroying America, the muslims strike again.

1131 days ago


Pat Boone, you just need to crawl back into your hole.

1131 days ago


I just had this conversation in the last week. This did not start with lunatic birthers, Tea Party members or Republicans. His grandmother in Kenya was interviewed and she said she remembered the day he was born in Mombasa. She has given conflicting statements when Kenyan authorities interviewed her though. That's where all of this started. She is an old lady, so her memory may be great, then again her memory may not be all that good. She has given 3 different accounts of his birth.
By the way, the Presidency is a temp job! People shouldn't get so riled up. "Leader of the Free World"? Hardly. We put them in for a four year trial. If they do okay, we give them another four. Then it is over and onto the next person voted into office.

1131 days ago


Poor Pat, he made big bucks ripping off the black man by making his music white. Now he can't stand see a black man in the White House. What a loser.

1131 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

Boone is a loon - I'm surprised he is still allowed to run loose. Some hate & rage considering this freak claims to be a "Christian" whatever that even is these days

1131 days ago
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