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Pat Boone

Birther Rant Accuses

Prez of Million Dollar Cover-Up

9/21/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Pat Boone is picking up where Donald Trump left off -- going on a videotaped rant ... accusing President Obama of "spending millions" to hide his birth records.

The 77-year-old spewed his take on the birther conspiracy theory to a San Francisco Chronicle camera last weekend.

Not everyday you see septuagenarian, former heartthrobs go off on the President of the United States.


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how do any of you know his ss#? you say he stole it from some dude in ct? let's see the proof? do you think they posted his actual ss# online for the world to see? prove it, show me barack's actual ss card, the one he carries and let's see...otherwise anyone can put anything on the web...blah, blah, racism by any other name is still racism...barack should have run on the gop ticket anyway, he is repeating bush's lame policies and bowing down to the repuglicans anyhoo, so the fact that conservative religious people HATE him when he is constantly giving in to their tactics prove that this is all racism and nothing more...puke festival at pat boone's house, you conservative twits are on the guest list and he is your new leader!

1074 days ago


I find it the height of hypocrisy that a man who built a career out of stealing music from Black musicians and passing it off as his own original work would have the unmitigated gall to accuse Pres.Obama of deceit.

1074 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I love me some Pat Boone--especially his folk music Jesus freak era--but enough is enough with the birth certificate issue. Our President is Mr. Obama and those who want a new one can go to the polls in a couple of years. In the meantime, I'll be hoping Pat has some goodies to hawk to his friends like me. Man, I wish I had the dough for that gold he's pimping.

1074 days ago


I now understand why the Zodiac Killer hated Pat Boone in one of his mysterious letters in the late 70's that was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle... wait...

"The 77-year-old spewed his take on the birther conspiracy theory to a San Francisco Chronicle camera last weekend."

Well then, maybe Pat Boone IS the Zodiac Killer!?

1074 days ago


Birthers are idiots but I'm glad they waste their time on this stuff so the actual intelligent people can work on fixing our country. Obama did not "hide" his birth certificate, and these people are wasting the presidents time with non-issues.

1074 days ago

Maria Pastras    

Alzheimer's takes another....

1074 days ago


Oh my Dear Americans, the rest of the world watches you and wonders where your sanity went...This man is a nut. Obama was born in the USA. And the twin towers went down because of the jets that flew into them. The whole world isn't one big conspiracy. Please shake your heads a little and realize you've been scammed by conspiracy theorists. Love you USA but you need to shut these nuts up (without, of course, prejudicing their right to free speech - just find a way to shut them up!).

1074 days ago


Pat Boone is another person trying to disrespect OUR President. Whether he likes it or not. And SO WHAT if you can't prove that he was a the editor of the Havard Law Review. He is still a graduate of that institution!!President Obama is his leader. And for the comments stating that the young people of this country voted in an unqualified president STFU. What exactly makes you qualified huh? Doing things to empress the "right" people. Get over yourselves. God forbid there be a Mexican president white folks will fall the hell out!! No one can rule this country that THEY stole but them if you let them tell it. If a damn Native runs for president they'll probably find a way to say he/she is also not qualified!

1074 days ago


Yeah, the Christians (also known as Republicans) will not shut up again until they have another Christian (also known as Republican) Government, but the last laugh is on them, because if Obama would have lost the election, that would have meant that John McCain would have won the Presidency, but John McCain was not even born in the U.S.A. He was born on an Army Base in the Panama Canal. You can spin that with your double-talk all you want, but the bottom line is.....John McCain was not born in the U.S.A. Americans are basically brain-dead.

1074 days ago

billy cema    

Pat Boone sold more records than many teen idols. Yes, I saw that nude shot he did as a prank in college. And the shower scene. Can't say much for his butt, though.
He did cover many black artists like Fats Domino, Ivory Joe Hunter and Little Richard. He had huge bestsellers from this. Some of those records still sound good today.
Black artists covered white artists' records from the beginning. Some made no. 1 on the bestseller charts with covers. An example is The Ink Spots, with "To Each His Own".
There was no howling over it back then.
As for the birther stuff, I'm with the people who want to see the proof; solid evidence! Maybe Pat Boone can write about this after he gets unimpeachable proof of the alleged big lie.

1074 days ago


Holy s--t, do they ever quit? Mr. Obama is the Potus, show some bloody respect. Nothing in this country will ever get better unless people respect this man and stop all the BS.
All this infighting is not doing this country any good. We look like A-- H---s to the rest of the world. We elect a president, then spend all the rest of time trying to destroy him. This is so counter productive to this country.
Obviously he was elected by the people in this country, so why can't we all get along and support this president? He came into office carrying alot of mistakes made by previous presidents. "United we stand,devided we fall"! Remember that?

1074 days ago


At least someone is still calling the guy in Washington a fake. Nobody wants to stand up to him or his boys wil get him to shut up. If you knuckleheads vote him in again, we are goners. Osama will definitely get us. I do not believe Osama is dead. I wanr proof.

1074 days ago


I am PISSED that TMZ has taken part in this conspiracy and claimed that Pat Boone is alive!!! That guy has been dead for years.

1074 days ago


As a juvenile I liked a few songs sung by Pat Boone. But - hopefully I am wrong - is this the same Pat Boone who showed up in leather and wearing pieces of metal somewhere in the 90's and therefore lost his job with Gospel America?
If that's true, he probably became senile around that time.

1074 days ago


I cannot believe this is still up for debate. This was put to rest a long time ago. Now, ol' Pat needs HIS rest and medication. Would someone please help him to his wheelchair and put him back in bed, please?

1074 days ago
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