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Simon Cowell

I Want to Beat "American Idol"

9/21/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921_simon_cowell_goingliveSimon Cowell is out for blood tonight on "X Factor" -- telling TMZ, he wants to beat "American Idol" (and every other show for that matter) in the ratings department.

The big "X Factor" premiere isn't competing head to head with "Idol" -- but Simon still wants to outrank his big competition, telling us, "You don't compete for the silver or the bronze ... You may not get the gold, but you die trying."

When we asked how X will measure up against similar singing competitions -- Simon responded, "It's definitely going to be better than the other shows."


As for what to look out for tonight -- Simon says the show is full of "nutcases" ... and one audition is especially terrifying.

Oh, as for what Simon thinks of "American Idol" without him -- well, he says, "It's not my cup of tea."


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Seriously whats the point of this show? Ok we get it, singing is a wildly beautiful and amazing talent to is mastering a classical instrument or even a guitar. I just don't get why TV producers are so fascinated with the contest concept and have to keep pushing it on the public in this lame form. You want to make it as a singer? How about start at the bottom taking gigs in seedy bars and steadily hone your craft as you work your way up. Don't sell out on one of these shows. How many have gone on to success after winning American Idol? I can only come up with two. This isn't about finding talent. Most know the voting on these shows is somehow rigged. You heard Cowell, he's in this for ratings, and of course to make boatloads of cash (like he needs it). The talent is an afterthought. These found a cash cow with these shows, and pardon the pun but they are going to milk them dry here in America. Its complete BS and the American media jumps in with both feet.

1092 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

It's the same old, same old. Just a rework of American Idol and Simon, it's over for you. I couldn't care less what you think anymore - heard it all before. L A Reid is good though, Paula, forget it!

1092 days ago

Professor Chaos    

This show sucks even worse than Idol.
People eat this crappy karaoke nonsense up though. This show just seems even dumber. I'm sure it'll get good ratings tonight and then dip the next episode. Probably won't take over crappy Idol though.

1092 days ago


Last night he was on Piers Morgan spouting off about his health regimen of three smoothies every morning, including a spinach one. Today he's on TMZ tape with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. What a moron!

1092 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Simon really should wipe that sour puss off his face and thank all of us Yanks for making him rich and famous for essentially being a game show host famous for making cranky comments and yuk-yuk-yuk laughing at the silly people for even trying. But even he should admit that 'American Idol' is a much better title that the 'X-Factor.' The latter sounds like a show for boys fascinated with science fiction. Maybe I'll start saving my boxtops for the secret X-Factor decoder ring.

1092 days ago


LOL...after making off money on American soil. Now what-else you would expect from this snake.

1092 days ago


Saw the show. The people they put through were not that great for the judges to stand up and give a standing ovation. It's such a put on. It will be the same thing again with Paula and Simon carrying on with each other again just like they did on American Idol. Personally, I think American Idol is much much better with Jennifer, Steven and Randy. They are down to earth people. Also, Simon says, he wants to beat Idol, the show that helped make him what he is today. He is nothing but a rich snob.

1092 days ago


This show is edited so poorly and stupidly. Its like one giant 2 hour sob story. AI's auditions are much less sappy. There was of course chris medina but its not like they slow motioned the judges and his singing for effect.

1092 days ago


...never have trusted a man with no friggin lips.....

1091 days ago


Anyone able to sit through that big piece of crap? I turned it off after Paula Abdul threw up, and if I had a buzzer, that ugly no talent pimply dude in his pajamas never would have made it to the point where he was able to undress.

Absolutely HORRIBLE.

1091 days ago

billy cema    

American Idol has become Country Music Idol. Some of the weakest voices I've heard belong to the country singers on that show. And they all sound the same to me.
Besides we keep hearing from past contestants that the show is fixed. The voting measures are suspect, etc!

1091 days ago


Simon Coweller, or whatever your name is, I just want to BEAT You, as you are an arrogant, British prick. So glad i don't live in LA.

1091 days ago


I'm really looking forward to the premier it's about time it seem like they have been promoting it for about a year

1091 days ago


hey simon go back to england......

1091 days ago


Mr. "Vagina Head" has shown some real originiality with this show -- NOT. Unbef******lievable.

1091 days ago
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