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Diehard MJ Fan

This Is Why Murray's Guilty!

9/22/2011 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson fans are not conspiring to intimidate Dr. Conrad Murray -- at least according to the diehard MJ fan who was scolded in court for staring down the doc. Wait til you see her debate the case as if she were a prosecutor.

Plus, our ass-kicking guest Victor Ortiz says Floyd Mayweather doesn't deserve to be champion for sucker punching his way to victory ... and he's dying for a rematch.

And, Victor doesn't blink when we replay his knockout -- but he's TOTALLY taken off guard by his own nearly-naked underwear spread.


(3:10) Diehard MJ fan Erin Jacobs -- who was scolded for giving Dr. Murray death stares during the trial yesterday -- joins us via webcam to explain what REALLY went down in the courtroom.
(7:30) Erin tears Dr. Murray's defense apart!
(13:31) Erin wants everyone to know -- MJ fans aren't lunatics.
(16:10) Ryan thinks Larry Flints tactics against Rick Perry are "super not cool." 
(17:25) Ryan's super cool story about Joanna Krupa's undergarments.
(38:25) Victor Ortiz in the house!
(40:00) Victor explains why he headbutted Floyd.
(41:05) The knockout according to Victor.
(42:20) Victor says Floyd doesn't deserve to be called a champion for winning the fight with a sucker punch.
(46:30) Victor blushes over his underwear pics.
(49:20) Why did Victor go to The Ivy?


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some MJ FANS I ADMIT CAN BE RABID TO THE MAX lol.... i know when to calm myself

some mj fans if they deserve needs to be out of the room.. if they cANT keep control like a regular human being ...

1094 days ago

No comment    

I dvr'd X Factor. It was slow, 2 auditions per 15 minute segment. Lots of commercials. Same ol'stuff. The one 43 yr old woman started awful, got better, and then screeched. The pants guy got way too much air time. Thank goodness for fastforward. Where is the poll Cheryl vs Nicole? I couldn't stand Nicole, can Nicole really sing minus the auto-tune? Should she even be judge on a singing show?

1094 days ago


Jackson had a very long list of so-called Dr.s (only those who could write scripts)Michael Jackson has done this for over 25-30 years.

Conrad Murray, was Jacksons last 'Dr.'(able to write scripts and get propofol)or whatever Michael Jackson wanted. Jackson overdoesed himself, bellied up and it's Murray taking the hit.

1094 days ago

No comment    

Ask this woman if she has a job? Is she on welfare? Who the heck can afford to sit in pre-trial hearings? This woman clearly has problems.

1094 days ago


So Harvey, you dog out Nancy Grace for speaking her mind about Casey Anthony but give these rabid MJ freak fans a free pass? This Aaron (?) lady "knows" everything that happened? Let the justice system do it's job.

1094 days ago


Erin Jacobs is an idiot. She (and all the other rabid fans)think they know the truth of what happened that day, as if they were actually in the room and saw what happened. Just like all the rabid fans she is hopelessly delusional, uninformed and pathetic. What a sad life she and the rabids lead, devoting all their time and energy to someone they dont know, but they think they know him oh so well. Oh well, Erin Jacobs makes herself look like an extreme idiot, as do all the MJ rabids, and the whole world laughs at them and feels nothing but contempt and disgust for these losers!

1094 days ago

Brigha from UK    

I'm very impressed with the spokeswoman for MJ fans. Absolutely agree with everything she said.

1094 days ago


Good to see you back, Charles!

1094 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

The rumor is that Perry is gay and that's what Flynt is after. Btw, Flynt caught Congressman Livingston from Lousiana. From what I remember, he had to step down mainly because he was a hypocrite.

1094 days ago


Follow the money!! MJ may have been murdered. He was worth $50 alive $500M dead. He was in no condition to perform once, let alone for 50 concerts. The makers of "This is it' edited the film to make it look like jacko was capable, but even with their editing skill, he was clearly not capable of puttin gon one song, let alone an entire show.

There should be a deeper investigation here.

1094 days ago


Larry is a jerk. Isn't he up for father of the year when his daughter loses her sexual harassment suit later this year? Why would we expect these people to raise them out of the gutter? I stopped paying attention to folks like this a long time ago...

1094 days ago


Good show today. Harv from yesterday @ groupie slut -

1094 days ago


If they touched gloves, why would a Ref. make them do it again. Also how many times do they need to hug and make up?

1094 days ago


Harvey. What is it like working with Judge Milian?

1094 days ago
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