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'16 and Pregnant' Star

Could Be Booted From Military

9/22/2011 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Life is about to get very real for reality star Josh Rendon... he could be kicked out of the Air Force.

TMZ has learned the "16 and Pregnant" star is currently under investigation by the military for his conduct leading up to his arrest earlier this week on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and drug possession.

A rep for Little Rock Air Force Base, where the incident took place, tells TMZ ... Rendon could be court-martialed, or face other administrative action. In other words, he could be discharged.

If he gets kicked out of the military, Rendon and his wife, Ebony Jackson, will lose their home -- because they live on the base.

On Tuesday, police raided Rendon and Ebony's pad, after someone complained about living conditions in the house. Police found the place covered in feces.

The couple's 2-year-old daughter was taken away by the Department of Human Services.

TMZ spoke to Rendon. He had no comment.


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Don't boot him. Just cut his rank, revoke his housing and send him to a war zone. That would be fitting punishment.

1091 days ago


I live on LRAFB and my husband works with this idiot. No one is surprised at all. The state of the house WAS blown out of proportion, but it was still trashed and not a good place for a small child to be. Hopefully he gets discharged. We have too many hard working, good guys losing their careers over MUCH smaller things lately.

1091 days ago


He should be forced to wear a diaper over his uniform until he can properly learn to pick up after himself and his child.

1091 days ago

oh! i thought he was 16 and pregnant. ya know, like that pregnant guy a while back.

1091 days ago


Good. Boot him out and make room for someone deserving of the position. There is currently a wait list to join the Air Force.

1091 days ago


How about letting Human Services do their job and you, tmz, just worry about fixing your screwed up site so it works once in awhile. But, in general, these 2 dirtbag nitwits shouldn't have a dog much less a kid. Reality tv just keeps getting lower and lower on the food chain.

1091 days ago


One of the reasons why teenagers need to keep they damn closed! Stop having babies, ON PURPOSE, because you think its cute. Even though they were in a relationship, had goals & graduated, they were still teenagers & had the brains of a teenager & apparently still do. I remember when the mother of the child gave an interview & said that the ppl in the neighborhood didn't like her because she was a "teen mom" but was it really because of that? hmmm

1091 days ago


The dumbass was in base housing? The hell? If you're a target of a drug sting at base ******* housing, you're screwed. I know the air force is the most lenient of the military, but he's still screwed.

I wasn't air force but I can guess at least busted down to private, brig time (or whatever they call it in the air force) and an OTH discharge. Hopefully he gets hazed properly. I know if I were his NCO that bastard would be police calling the grenade range at 0200, while I killed beers.

1091 days ago


Star? Nobody should be considered a STAR from a show like that. What is wrong with you people?

1091 days ago


Wow, he's hot. He can **** me and get me pregnant ANY time he wants to!!

1090 days ago


Man, I just don't get it. What is "covered in feces" like, where? I find it sooo hard to believe that anyone would step over human poop everyday lol I feel like this must be slightly exaggerated

1090 days ago


ok i have seen alot worse in some base housing and the only time they usualy inspect is when you first move in and when you move out..that is where they get ya..they charge an arm and a leg for repairs that were not even done when u first moved in the place...yes u get free housing but it shows up on your stub as pay and no you do not get free healthcare you pay for that crap look on ur stub again..also i know when we were at ft campbell half my hubbys section were big time into drugs and his co knew about it and told them dont get busted or you will have extra duty..hell one of the guys was always so high they finally just made him stay in quarters all the time and if he left he had to have someone with him...he prob will be discharged now cause it was made so back to it being clean..i know i keep a very clean house..but i also know in one of our houses it did not matter how clean i kept it, we always had bugs,,i remember coming home from a 3 day weekend before and my counters and windows were covered in termites,spiders(brown recluse) and flies and ants..and it took housing 2 weeks to come and take care of that time we hired someone on our own to fix the prob..

1090 days ago



1090 days ago


very very sad

1085 days ago


I hope his A** gets kicked out, seriously you can't take care of your child, your own flesh in blood, how in the heck are you gonna take care of you wingmen and be part of a team when you don't care for your child ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And drug charges dude your in the fricken military for one, two you have a CHILD, your honestly worthless to me I would never ever want to be stuck on a c1-30 with your a** and if i ever see you in battle man imma chew your ass.

1017 days ago
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