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Michaele Salahi

Accused of Cut-and-Run

9/22/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michaele Salahi
gave a hairdresser the unkindest cut of all -- not paying the bill ... this according to the salon manager.

Michaele and Journey guitarist Neal Schon were staying at a hotel in Memphis last week, when she decided she needed a trim.  According to the manager at Gould's Salon, Chris Blancett, Michaele got her new 'do but then charged the $100 bill to the wrong room in the hotel.

Blancett says his people have been trying to get in touch with Michaele ever since, to no avail.

Late yesterday, a rep for Michaele told us if the famous groupie really did charge the bill to the wrong room, it was an innocent mistake ... and they believe it was all a clerical error on the hotel's part.

A few hours later the salon called and said the tab was just paid up ... by a "mystery woman."



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The Real JJ    

TMZ just keeps giving this HO airtime, besides we all know she's good at cutting and running.

1092 days ago


This is not new. There was a salon that said she owed them for work done before the White House appearance. Don't know if they ever got paid. Guess she thinks it's a privilege to work on her.

1092 days ago


They will use her for a joke, cheap publicity and toss her back to the street.

1092 days ago


Sure, it could have been a mistake. However, getting out of bills seems to be a pattern with her. It's quite obvious that she's an incredible opportunist.

1092 days ago

Double Standards    

This shouldn't come as a surprise!!! She walked out and left her dying dog. It takes a pretty nasty person to leave the way she did (even though i don't like her hubby either) But what kind of person just walks out on a dying dog? She has some serious problems. Typical sociopath with no conscience imo!

1092 days ago


1092 days ago


If you check her history, as well as her husband, they have a habit of doing things like this.

1092 days ago


She reminds me o*****iraffe because of the neck and because giraffes are a largely transient species with few strong social bonds - aggregations usually disband within hours and wander off towards other opportunity.

1092 days ago


I guess that "t" on her necklace is for "tramp". I can't see what else it might represent for her.

1092 days ago


Wasn't Neal Schon looking for a litte trim too?

1092 days ago


Right, blame the hotel for your little con. Mystery woman my arse, she paid it on Schon's dime. Broad is disgusting.

1092 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Running out of ideas for attention.

1092 days ago


I can't help but think this delusional, attention seeking, basket-case, middle-aged cheater is loving every bit of publicity she is getting....she even has crazy eyes to boot.

Her reputation is in the gutter, she is mucking a married a man, she is a married woman, and all I see is two people so trying to hang on to being a youthful person that they can't see just how bad this is going to go for them....and she is a grown woman who should know way better....we get smarter as we age ladies, so, just look at her as having a retardation. She is not the way, has reproduce? Good Lord I hope not, lets end that gene pool now.

1092 days ago


Must be a drag when you're at the point in your rock n roll career that you'll hold on to a worn out tramp like this. I don't mean to be hateful but that's the cold hard fact. She's simply along for the publicity that she can generate for a has been rock n roll band tryin' to make a few bucks while they still can. The fact that Schon dumped his absolutely gorgeous wife after only two months of marriage for THIS speaks volumes of his character, his deaperation for publicity and the future of he and Michaele's relationship. In a word.... PATHETIC!!!

1092 days ago


Well, now we know who's idea it was to crash the white house. This girl is a fame chaser. I Schon looses his popularity tomorrow, she will be to the next player just as fast. I'm tired of fake people. I will never support this woman as a celebrity. I will always turn off the media and call\write the sponsors and complain. When this is a worthy person (it may be too late as she has married for fame and attention and then disposed of it), maybe I'll reconsider. Quality is as what one hold in thier life whether is be the watcher or watchee. If one holds ideals in fake people, then one will become fake too. If one is allowed to run amok under the pretense of celebrity status, then all that one will make is grief!

1092 days ago
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