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Michaele Salahi

Accused of Cut-and-Run

9/22/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michaele Salahi
gave a hairdresser the unkindest cut of all -- not paying the bill ... this according to the salon manager.

Michaele and Journey guitarist Neal Schon were staying at a hotel in Memphis last week, when she decided she needed a trim.  According to the manager at Gould's Salon, Chris Blancett, Michaele got her new 'do but then charged the $100 bill to the wrong room in the hotel.

Blancett says his people have been trying to get in touch with Michaele ever since, to no avail.

Late yesterday, a rep for Michaele told us if the famous groupie really did charge the bill to the wrong room, it was an innocent mistake ... and they believe it was all a clerical error on the hotel's part.

A few hours later the salon called and said the tab was just paid up ... by a "mystery woman."



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She looks way too old to be a "groupie". And what does she need a rep for? To tell us all where the groupie is backstage? Hardly a career there.

1136 days ago


of course its the hotel's fault - its never Salami's fault.

1136 days ago


hey, i just drank a redbull and burped. i figured tmz needed another story from a nobody just like these super uninteresting nobodies and the uninteresting things they do

1135 days ago


Why in the world is she wearing a cross???

1135 days ago


I love how she is wearing a cross on her necklace. I'm sure the good lord is very proud of her...

1135 days ago


no no no mo about this ho

1135 days ago


What a mooch. Charging it to the wrong room? Right. She's so stupid she thinks they won't track her down to get their money. Why won't she go away already?

1135 days ago


While this may be news to everyone else this is nothing new to those of us who live in the DC/MD/VA area. This is Michelle's aka "Michaele" MO. The only difference is instead of paying up she didn't have her tubby hubby threaten the establishment with a law suit, bc that's how she rolls. Not too long ago it was a salon in Front Royal, Va, then Rockville MD for 40 bucks. She got a hair cut, AFTER the stylist was done, she said she didn't have the money to pay, told the ppl at the salon her mother would call in with a credit card. Her wedding dress which cost around $6,000- she tried to stiff the bridal store, they took her to court and won. Not sure if the bridal store actually received any payment on the judgement. This woman is a serial GRIFTER and Opportunist.

I mean, Cmon! She left her husband for the "Love of her Life" her so called fairy tale- who waited 15 years for her yet she didnt have 100 bucks to pay for the hair cut?? Schon is worth millions, yet he didn't at the very least give her some spending money?? A credit card?? An expense account?? Is it really a fairy tale or does he have his suspicions about her as well? Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm

1135 days ago


we get it...she's a s*** bag.

1135 days ago


Fact: On the RHODC where you see her being waited on hand and foot at the salon, hair extensions flown in FOR HER prior to crashing the WH- Nothing was ever paid for, NOT A CENT. Yet,she walked around not a care in the world, when faced with the owners of the salon ran up to them hugged and kissed them as if NOTHING ever happened.. Not only is she a NUTJOB she's also VERY CALCULATED, CONNIVING and A SOCIOPATH.

1135 days ago


Forgot the room number she was staying in? I bet she visited so many of them she really couldn't remember the one she started out in!

1135 days ago


wonder why most people who deal with them have suffer a financial misunderstanding

1135 days ago

I am Spartacus    

who? Why do i keep seeing stories on this woman yet have no idea why she's relevant. She must be paying TMZ a lot to have them keep writing stories on her.

1135 days ago


TMZ I am a fan but please enough about this stupid woman!!

1135 days ago


she is famous for that i used to do her hair and she always "had to run to the bank"run to the car" of was going to "call back with her card number because she forgot to bring it" it became a joke to me

1135 days ago
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