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Dumping Pain-In-the-Ass Home

9/22/2011 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has had it up to here dealing with her beleaguered Orange County home -- vindictive neighbors, endless mortgage troubles -- so she's decided to cut her losses ... and put it up for sale.

A rep for Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she hasn't paid her mortgage in three months because she doesn't want to live there anymore -- and the place is scheduled for foreclosure next week.

According to the rep, Octo's going to try to sell the home before the bank takes it -- but if she fails, c'est la vie ... Nadya just wants to get the hell out of there. Credit score be damned.

The rep says Octo had the place appraised recently for $500,000 -- pretty good in this economy ... but the bad news is she still owes $450,000.

Nadya's list of grievances is endless -- but the rep tells us, Octo simply can't justify the $3,500-a-month mortgage payments ... especially when the place is in utter disrepair (video above).

We're told Octo's already got her eye on a few (more affordable) places nearby.


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I didn't WANT to watch, but I did. Then I noticed, she was complaining about her "vindictive" neighbors. I have news, if your neighbors are upset, its because of YOU. Your destruction of the property is bringing everbody's property values down. The noise is horrendous and they should be able to live in peace in houses they are paying/have paid for. When is CPS going to step up and take these kids? Are they waiting til they all become jailbirds? Insofar as the smoke detector is concerned, that was done by an adult, NOT by a child.

1127 days ago

There's a problem here    

This is what happens when someone with a totally disregard for responsibility in any form is enabled by whoever is footing her bill, be it the entertainment people who get stories and pictures, or just fools who think if they throw money at her eventually something good will come of it. Nothing good will come of this either for that insane woman or her band of little thugs. The best thing that can happen is CPS steps in. Foster homes aren't the best environment but it would have to be better than living what that crazy b1tch.

1127 days ago


"Octo simply can't justify the $3,500-a-month mortgage payments ... especially when the place is in utter disrepair"
Translation - "I never could afford the huge monthly payment for this house and now that my kids have totally trashed it," (remember - it was BRAND NEW when she moved in!) I'm gonna stop paying my mortgage & hurt the property values in my whole neighborhood!"
And where, pray tell, does she plan to live now? A 24 hour Walmart? lol

1127 days ago

all about the money    

Someone needs to contact CPS to do a welfare check.

1127 days ago

And thats the truth    

What I want to know is, why did child services visit Mariah Carey because a nurse had told her that drinking a beer would help her nurse her baby, but they do not do anything about this waste of space. The kids are probably starving for attention that is why they are damaging the house. If you watch 19 kids and counting, their kids are the most disciplined and respecful kids I have ever seen. It is like night and day.

1127 days ago


Dat a gal Nadya! Glad to see she's taking my advice and getting the hell out of there. Screw the neighbors and that house. I always said that place wasn't worth a half a million dollars and it had problems to begin with that needed attention and repairs. But that it was larger then the Whittier home.

I hope she finds a nicer, better and larger place that's more satisfying and affordable for her and her kid's and I hope she has better and nicer neighbors.
Team Nadya! :D

1127 days ago


If she's smart she would've saved enough money to outright purchase a new home. Isn't the US real estate market on a down turn?
She should get rid of this house and find one far away from nosy neighbors. It's time for the paps to leave her alone.

1127 days ago


No. No no no no. When she moved into the place it was described as something akin to a mansion. By TMZ no less.

1127 days ago


LOL y'all leave Nadya alone! She's handling her business and taking care of her children's the best way she know how. At least she's not running away from her mistake like many pathetic parents out there I read and hear about on the news... abandoning, neglecting, murderering, abusing, starving, raping and molesting their own kids.

So what she has holes in the bottom of her walls, so what there are writings on the walls. Toys everywhere... I don't see her gas, electric and water was ever turned off. Her frig is always full of food. She's trying, can't be easy for a single mother of 14 trying to provide and raise her kids all on her own with no help WSE.

If you all were expecting Nadya house to be a perfect home that would pass white gloves exspection with 14 little ones running about then you all are the ones that is crazy. LOL

1127 days ago


All new windows, new appliances, a beautiful custom nursery with murals, new flooring, baby proofing and complete paint job inside and out. This was just a little of what people donated when she moved in. Her oldest child is only ten. This is not normal wear and tear for a house with very small children, not even 14 of them.

1127 days ago


Octotrash is at it again. When she moved into that house she was counting on someone to buy it for her. It would be impossible for someone with no income to afford $3500 a month for a house payment. Now she will be whining that her and her kids have nowhere to live. She should have thought about how she was going to support her six kids she already had before she went on to have eight more. She shouldn't have assumed that some tv network would give her a reality show simply for having more kids than she could afford. She made her choices and now she has to live with the consequences of those decisions. She brought this on herself and it is her responsibility to deal with it.

1127 days ago


She's a peice of trash and should be living in a dumpster.She the perfect reason for abortions. shes doesn't deserve children and should have been fixed at birth.She should have been an abortion along with the s***b bag doctor that knocked her up.

1127 days ago

Lue Blackwell    

With 14 children what do you expect? There is something mentally wrong w/this woman. The state need to step in before something fatal happen to her children. I saw her on Dr. Drew-I feel sorry for her-but she need Psychiatric help.

1127 days ago


I remember when she moved in that house. It was in perfect condition. She and her family trashed it.

1127 days ago


I hope she finds a nicer, better and larger place that's more satisfying and affordable for her and her kid's and I hope she has better and nicer neighbors.
Team Nadya! :D
Larger? Nicer? Better? If she can't afford her mortgage payments, she can't afford the rent for something, larger, nicer, and better.

And just who, in their right mind, would rent a larger, nicer home to someone with 14 children under the age of 12?

Can't say I blame her for the strategic foreclosure, even Suse Orman says to do it, but she'd better have a good "Plan B".

1127 days ago
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