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'Modern Family' Star

Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A Meal?

9/22/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez


3:30 PM: Multiple sources close to Sarah have contacted us to say she is absolutely NOT anti-gay ... and she had no idea about Chick-fil-A's non-culinary practices. Mystery solved.

On television "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland, 20, has two gay uncles, but in real life she just attended the grand opening of a new Chick-fil-A restaurant in Hollywood ... an evangelical Christian owned corporation which has been accused of being anti-gay.

Although Chick-fil-A has responded to the homophobic allegations by saying they "serve and value all people," they also routinely contribute to anti-gay organizations like Focus on the Family.

Pro-equality groups aren't happy about the fast food chain's latest outpost and are planning a protest in front of the new Hollywood location on Saturday.

While Sarah may not be aware of the chain's practices, TMZ contacted her rep but have not heard back.


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Georgia Latina    

Seriously TMZ??? Get a grip, who gives a damn where she eats and why? Also, the organization called "Focus on the Family" does just that, focuses on the Family, it's not a "Gay Bashing" organization. Give me a break! My brother and best friend are gay, I understand the issues firsthand, I'm for equality and treating everyone the way you u want to be treated but that's a two way street! We ask everyone to be tolerant and accepting of everyone's life, religion, sexuality, etc. but that tolerance doesn't seem to extend to Christians. So tired of the hypocrisy.

1129 days ago


I'm not anti-gay and I like Chik-fil-a.........but one thing that always chaps my hide, if you're into s&m, if you're into beastiality, bondage, plural marriage, extreme promiscuity, adult baby (okay that ones gross), or name you're sexual practice of choice THOSE things are LIFESTYLE choices (which hey you're free to make) but being gay, out of all the sexual people and practices you prefer, is not a choice (unless you're bi I guess) it's how you were born. What if you'd felt the need for bondage to be sexually's either all a choice or no e of it's a choice and we have no ability to control and decide who we are. I'd rather have the power to decide than to be helpless. And no matter what the GBLT community says minorities (most) think you're full of it when you start comparing yourselves to them.

1129 days ago

Lynet Witty    

the DUMBEST accusation EVER! Who the **** gets chik-fil-a with the intention of saying "I'm so anti-gay, I'm going to Chik-Fil-A?" No one, they go there because their food is good. DUH.

1129 days ago

anti gay?    

Really? You attack a restaraunt for having a stance on Gay Marriage? TMZ has turned into a bully pit for the gay agenda. Sorry but its stupid, and gay! BTW I still call stuff gay all the time. And you cant stop me. And if you disagree, your gay! I am from the south, the guys down here dont wear make up, and they dont shove things up their butts. So dont assume the world agrees with your ignorance.

1129 days ago


I used to work at chick fil a and its a profit money grubbing corporation who uses godly values to cover their dirty work good food thats about it I worked with people who were openly gay for some strange reason they abruptly left either that or they got fired plus the employees would spread rumors about people being gay for instance me thats why I left that immature anti-gay establishment but im not gay!! F those godly values no one cares they just want their stupid food


1129 days ago


why are you guys obsessed wth all this gay BS. get over it and move on with ur gay self

1129 days ago

Katie Perry's Mini Bar Snatch    

Nice to see TMZ helping enforce the nazi gay thought police agenda. Heaven forbid any celebrity eats someplace they like without taking into account whether the lesbians/gays will be offended. Gay people don't you think you have flipped the script? Before the straight crowd wanted to control you -- now you want to control the straight crowd to tell them how to think and act? H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-S

1129 days ago


those who scream for tolerance are the most intolerant of them all. A gay website trying to destroy a business because they don't believe as they do. Ah, isn't that what they are supposed to be railing against? Huge double standard in my opinion. And less than 3% of the population should not have majority say so.

1129 days ago


This is what the world is coming too...cuz the girl likes a chicken sandwich..she might be be honest I have eaten a few chicken sandwiches from the place, and not only didn't know they were rumored to be anti-gay..but I didn't give a ****...just get my order right, by the way theres a rumor out there that Colonel Sanders was anti-black

1129 days ago


Get a life you gay people. We don't care about you. Go away

1129 days ago

Ya Mon    

Gay Agenda = hatred! period.

All thi*****e because this chicken sandwich company makes food for Republican and Christian groups?

You cannot strong-arm the Majority! You own riduclou*****e agenda will put a bigger divide between people you want to hear beefs. Thi*****e tactics show your front is weak.

1129 days ago


"Pro-equality groups" are the worst haters anywhere. This alleged story is just more proof of that.

1129 days ago


"EAT MORE CHICKEN", is what Chick-fil-a says. I see this as free publicity for Chick-fil-a cause after reading this, it made me want some & by golly did I go get some!

1129 days ago


I'm sick of to many blacks crying racism and the gays are getting just as bad ..Good lord people just relax...

1129 days ago


Dear Sarah: It gets better. One day you will not be singled out and bullied for just being a sweet 20 year old. Wait a minute, I forget the rules Harvey. They cannot Bully our kids but we CAN bully theirs?

1129 days ago
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