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'Modern Family' Star

Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A Meal?

9/22/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez


3:30 PM: Multiple sources close to Sarah have contacted us to say she is absolutely NOT anti-gay ... and she had no idea about Chick-fil-A's non-culinary practices. Mystery solved.

On television "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland, 20, has two gay uncles, but in real life she just attended the grand opening of a new Chick-fil-A restaurant in Hollywood ... an evangelical Christian owned corporation which has been accused of being anti-gay.

Although Chick-fil-A has responded to the homophobic allegations by saying they "serve and value all people," they also routinely contribute to anti-gay organizations like Focus on the Family.

Pro-equality groups aren't happy about the fast food chain's latest outpost and are planning a protest in front of the new Hollywood location on Saturday.

While Sarah may not be aware of the chain's practices, TMZ contacted her rep but have not heard back.


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Stupidest TMZ piece ever. F off.

1129 days ago


Lately, within the last few months, TMZ has started turning the corner to out of touch. The stories have gotten sillier, the "breaking news" is a bunch of third rate rumors passed as fact around here.

Its getting to the point that I'd wager they will soon see major slippage within the next few months in terms of readership.

1129 days ago


I love TMZ. But good God!! The more I read stories like this one (fabricated stories by the way), the more my IQ level drops. I guess if I stop eating at McDonalds and Wendys then that means I have something against redheads.

1129 days ago


File this one under one of the dumbest stories ever published on TMZ. Really? She's anti-gay cuz she eats at a Christian restaurant that donates money to Focus on the Family? Ridiculous. And you're obviously trying to poison the public against Chick Fil-A because they dont support your beliefs. Your agenda couldnt be any more blatant. BTW the food at Chick Fil-A is great!

1129 days ago


Remember when TMZ used to have really good stories that got hundreds of comments?

I don't know if they changed writers, or if people are ambivalent to the new design, but the trend is not good.

Come on TMZ, get your game back on.

1129 days ago

The Gangsta of Love    

ENOUGH: Firstly, because someone practices a traditional
Judeo-CHRISTian Faith, DOES NOT automatically make them a "Homophobe" - ironically a word made-up to belittle and minimize a person with a "different" belief.

Secondly, many CHRISTians -including myself- realize what
two CONSENTING-ADULTS chose to do in private, is between them and The Most Divine Creator. Be sure: parades, marches, demands for purported "rights", and teaching young-children in school that Homosexuality -what YOU do in YOUR
bedroom- is a "Good" thing, is both extremely superflurous and highly-offensive to many. After all, you don't see the "Men who really love Big Breasts" parade nor "march".

Finally, I-F anyone, is so secure and so comfortable with
THEIR "lifestyle" CHOICE, then live and let live. Again, no need to boycott, attack, or belittle others, FOR YOUR CHOICE.

P.S. I use to like Chick-fil-A. Now, I LOVE IT!
NOW, The Christ King YESHUA, be magnified!

1129 days ago


WHO THE HELL CAME UP WITH THE TITLE OF THIS STORY?! That is just nuts asking if she is Anti Gay. I eat at Chick Fil A all the time with my GAY friends!!!! This one is pushing it TMZ. Get a grip with your stories and your titles. That just put you back about 50 years saying something SO STUPID!!!

1129 days ago


I went to the grocery and bought food to make dinner for tonight but I've changed my mind, I'm going to Chick-fil-A instead. I hope this young girl sues the **** out of TMZ for this.

1129 days ago


I'm offended by anyone who has a problem with "Focus on the Family". Spend a few minutes on their site and explain to me where there is a problem. How this is even "noteworthy".......I'm not sure.

1129 days ago


really, tmz?

1129 days ago


I wish that sandwich was my weiner

1129 days ago


I can't believe this. Geez .Its a restaurant for "Gods" Sake..if they have beliefs, good. That shouldn't be a basis for news, or make it wrong for someone to eat there. What has this world come to? This is the very first time I ever typed a comment on any media site, because quite frankly its a bunch of pagan crap, but I just had to jump on this one... I feel truly sorry for this world.

1129 days ago


Whooo the hell cares?? Chick-Fil-A is freaking yummy!!

1129 days ago


Couldn't careless about gay or straight people.

1129 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Who cares? She has a right to eat wherever she wants, without have to answer to TMZ. I don't like them because they're closed on Sunday.

1129 days ago
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