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"16 And Pregnant" Couple

We Cleaned Up Our Act

9/24/2011 4:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Joshua and Ebony Rendon -- the couple from "16 and Pregnant" that had their child taken away after authorities found their house was covered in feces and garbage -- have done some Fall cleaning and now want their kid back.

TMZ broke the story ... children's services officials went to the house earlier this week after someone complained about the living conditions.   The couple was arrested and charged with child endangerment.

 Joshua -- who is in the military -- faces discipline which could result in discharge.

But now, after cleaning the house, they say it's all good. 


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looks like the tv could still fall onto the baby

1127 days ago


If the baby pulls on the cord the tv could fall on her & possibly kill her. It make sme very nervous!!!!

1127 days ago

Bonnie and Clyde    

well look at you, you know what a rag and soap can do. You need to be kicked out of the f**king military you worthless P.O.S.

1127 days ago


That TV is a death trap.

1127 days ago


The TV in the baby's room is about to fall.... that TV could kill the kid and shouldn't be up that high !!!!

1127 days ago


Sterilize both of them and take the kid and pets away. If they pull this sh*t again, lock them up with no food.

1127 days ago


That TV on top of the dresser is a death trap for small kids!!! get it off the dresser before it falls and crushes your child!

1127 days ago


If they found synth weed in his house, he will be gone. Zero tolerance, even for faux weed. It's a dumb way to lose your livelyhood. Now he will go from a paying job with free medical, dental,housing, and 30 days paid vacation a year to working at 7/11 cleaning up spilled slurpees. Tough to raise a family on that.

1127 days ago


Cleaned up? did anyone take a close look at this picture? A regular TV, sitting on top of a flimsy, barely standing set of shelves, and partially hanging off the edge. This room is NOT safe for a child. Garbage may not kill the child, but a TV falling on his/her head might.

1127 days ago


I could have sworn I read that they were also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia on a military base? THAT is the bigger issue here. It won't be so easy for them to get their kid back. There is evidence that one or both of them are drug users and their place was in horrible condition which anyone would assume would be due to being a drug addict. Anyway, they are about to lose their only source of income - the military - once he is discharged and kicked off base for his conduct. They won't have a pot to piss in and won't be able to support themselves - there's no way they'll get their kid back any time soon. There's a huge **** storm about to blow in for them and it seems they're clueless about what the real consequences are for this. If only it could be as easy as just cleaning up the place.

1127 days ago


They need to take that huge tv off of that dresser!
Its going to fall and land on the child's head!
What dopes for parents!

1127 days ago


Any toddler could pull the television cord and that TV would topple right onto them. If it's not secured to the wall and on a steady base, you're asking for a visit to the ER -- or worse. Where's the covers for the electrical outlets, too? Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. Lesson number one: clean does not mean safe!

1127 days ago


I pray the first thing the social worker says is to move that tv. And yes, unless a child is disabled all children do climb something at some point in childhood.

1127 days ago


I pray the first thing the social worker says is to move that tv. And yes, unless a child is disabled all children do climb something at some point in childhood.

1127 days ago


Look at that picture! That damn tv is going to fall on the little one! Not a safe enviroment. One trip on the wire, or tug on the thing it is on and the child is possiably injured for life! Don't give them thier kid back.

1127 days ago
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