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"16 And Pregnant" Couple

We Cleaned Up Our Act

9/24/2011 4:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Joshua and Ebony Rendon -- the couple from "16 and Pregnant" that had their child taken away after authorities found their house was covered in feces and garbage -- have done some Fall cleaning and now want their kid back.

TMZ broke the story ... children's services officials went to the house earlier this week after someone complained about the living conditions.   The couple was arrested and charged with child endangerment.

 Joshua -- who is in the military -- faces discipline which could result in discharge.

But now, after cleaning the house, they say it's all good. 


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They didn't just get the kid taken away from having a ****ty (hahaha) house. That little thing called illegal drugs played a part.

1124 days ago


wow they cleaned the room. BUT whats gonna happen when their kid pulls the cord on that big tube tv and it kills her when it falls? am i the only 1 who sees this tv hanging off high dresser? omg some ppl shouldnt be parents!

1124 days ago


No child under the age of 18 needs to have a television in their bedroom! Study after study after study have do***ented how too much TV viewing retards children's learning and social skills. The courts should freaking well know this and educate these undereducated parents on this.

1124 days ago


If the conditions were as deplorable as was reported then just doing a cleanup isn't enough. Why did the conditions get so bad that their child was taken away? Why couldn't they have kept the place clean in the first place? And just because they cleaned up the house and want their child back doesn't mean they are instantly going to get their child back.
First they need to be investigated further to figure out why they didn't bother to keep the place clean in the first place. If they were able to clean it up so quick, why on earth would the child be returned and they will go back to their lazy and disgusting way of living just as quick.
It's too bad that the conditions were so bad that a child needed to be removed in the first place. What kind of humanbeings are they to allow all of that garbage to pile up in the first place?

1123 days ago


51% believe that it's OK to have a 50 lb TV on a 2 lb Walmart stick-together shelf in a baby's room? Notice the toddler handy electrical cord (2 X death)? PLEASE READ MANUAL WHILE TAKING BIRTH CONTROL-STAT!

1123 days ago


Is that a 300-pound television on top of a flimsy $20.00 pressboard dresser? Yes, by all means. Let them raise a child. Why the hell does a baby need a television in their room?! Awesome job, MTV, making celebrities out of people who shouldn't be allowed to raise a cat, let alone another human being.

1123 days ago


How dangerous is that huge tv on top of that tiny dresser!?!?

1123 days ago


Well, now that you face a dishonorable discharge, if that happends, you will have BIG trouble finding a job. Lets see where you land with that before getting your child back you sick pigs.

1123 days ago


That T.v. needs to be moved.....why a 2 year old needs a tv that size or one at all kinda baffles me.... they want their child back? Feces spread throughout the house indicates poor hygiene....can you imagine how careless they are when it comes to caring for a child....they cant even take care of themselves, they were living like addicts.... and to return a child like that because they decided to get off their ass and clean the house one time is ridiculous! poor excuse for parents! they probably want the kids because they get financial assistance if they have a child..... sick sick sick!

1122 days ago


I can understand that the reports say they're house was beyond trashed and that's why their child is now in state custody. What i don't understand is why the authorities didn't release the photos of the rest of the house if this was the case. If their side of it is the absolute truth then where's the rest of the proof besides the little piece of paper they have the incident report on. I wanna see how bad this house was before i make a judgement on these ppl!

1121 days ago


Hello? Nobody noticed the black mold allll over the drawers?

1044 days ago
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