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Conrad Murray Jurors

The Low Down

9/24/2011 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained the questionnaires from the jurors who were selected to sit in judgement of Dr. Conrad Murray in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.  Here are some highlights.

Juror #127  Mexican-American female, 54 years old, property manager, she has a daughter who was an alcohol and drug user 5 years ago, and she thinks famous people -- notably Paris, Britney and Lindsay -- are treated differently in court.  She loved MJ's music as a girl.

Juror #145 White male, 45, partner in management consulting firm, wife is pediatric nurse at a hospital, he's served twice on a jury before (murder and rape cases), watched "This is It" on Netflix.

Juror #61  White female, 57, unemployed, worked in past for Red Cross, divorced, listens to NPR, followed the OJ Simpson cases, her younger brother uses drugs, served 5 times on a jury.

Juror #70  White male, 54, college professor of animation and art, created characters for motion pictures at Disney, followed OJ trial, convicted of DUI, thinks celebs are not treated the same by police and can bend rules.  MJ fan.

Juror #44 Cuban/Mexican-White, watches History Channel, "Pawn Stars," "Sons of Anarchy" and "Modern Family," listens to Howard Stern, family members with alcohol addiction, served on a civil jury, fan of MJ, especially "Thriller."

Juror #49 White female, 43, head of communications for international marketing firm, watches NCIS and Hawaii Five-0, and motor sports/speed channel, worked in medical marketing, juror in criminal child sexual abuse case involving incest, does not think cops are more lenient with celebs.

Juror #100 white female, 48,  paralegal for 30 years, watches Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, watched Casey Anthony trial, brother is an EMT, people of wealth and fame treated differently in court system.

Juror #52 Mexican male, 51, USPS letter carrier, watches Law and Order, wife is back-office medical assistant, fan of MJ.

Juror #99 Hispanic male, 42, school bus driver, father was addicted to alcohol, father-in-law died from alcohol abuse, served on a jury, MJ fan.

Juror #38  Hispanic female, 36, customer service rep, filed for bankruptcy, listens to Ryan Seacrest on radio, watched Casey Anthony trial because it involved a child, former employer is a doctor, father was an absent alcoholic, shot in a drive-by shooting in 1993, on a DUI jury, MJ fan.

Jury #128 African American male, 54, technical director for TV, cousin is a judge and another cousin who's a lawyer, his dad died of alcoholism, juror on 3 cases, loved the Jackson 5 as a kid, now likes Jay Z.

Juror #108 male "Wasp," 32, book seller, watches So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, girlfriend, in U.S. Army National Guard, grandparents attended AA, brother got DUI recently, thrown from a horse once, juror in civil trial, trained actor, MJ fan.


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bring back recent posts this going to be televised??? just when I felt like getting my spring cleaning out of the way...and its fall! LMAO..

1093 days ago


Of course most of the jurors are MJ's hard to find someone who didn't love the man and his music. The few haters in the world are always here wasting their lives on, even more obsessed with MJ than the "rabid" fans, LMAO.

1093 days ago

some guy    

Shouldn't being a Jackson fan automatically disqualify you from being a juror? Can they be trusted to remain impartial?

1093 days ago


All these are MJ Fans! Goodbye Doc.

1093 days ago


Jackson was a druggie for a long, long time. He had a long list of enablers; doctors, staff & family included.

1093 days ago


"Dr. Murray will walk. Doctors are the biggest drug pushers in America. Their Godfather is Big Pharma. There is no way they will allow a pusher to go down, because it will put every other Doctor Pushier in jeopardy.

1093 days ago


The prosecution does not need MJ fans to throw the murderer in prison and take away his license.......but it sure is nice to see
"MJ fan"
"MJ fan"
"MJ fan"
When I saw their ages earlier I had a feeling. Most of them are right at that age that they remember Michael's music, it made them happy, and are probably still dancing to it.

1093 days ago


Thank you Phantom

1093 days ago

Chuck Taylor    

I think WASP is being used as a derogatory way in this post. So I guess we can start using ***** again on here. How can you get to use any term that some people might find derogatory and yet be so damn adamant about *****

1093 days ago


okay you can say "the public has a right to know" but hot damn tmz, doesn't this list seem a bit stalkerish on your part? even if the trial will be televised and we see the people of the jury, having a who's who list of semi-personal details online would freak me the fvck out if i was one of them....

1093 days ago

This Is It    

How can one claim MJ was an addict when his autopsy report came back saying that his organs were clean and in good shape?? The answer to that question escapes me everyday!! Clearly he was not an addict!!!!!

1093 days ago


I hope someone get's all over TMZ's ass for posting this type of information. Not nice.

1093 days ago


How many people dismissed Michael as a freak, a plastic surgery disaster before his death? He was a sick, tormented man child that CROWNED himself "king of pop" during ( I believe ) an MTV awards show where his nose was literally falling off his face and he was high as hell. How soon we all forget the press that no " king of pop" title was awarded????? It was everywhere! Then, for years he couldn't sell a freaking record, did publicity stunt ( marriages, hypobaric chambers, dangling hotel ledges

1093 days ago


Based on what I read here, he's screwed!

1093 days ago
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