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January Jones Birth Certificate

I STILL Won't Name the FATHER!

9/24/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The January Jones baby daddy mystery continues ... because the actress left a big, fat BLANK SPOT on her son's birth certificate in the space where she's supposed to name the father.

TMZ obtained the document, filed Friday with the L.A. County Dept. of Public Health, which shows January's son, Xander Dane Jones, was born on Sept. 13, 2011.

Several famous studs have been rumored to be the father -- including "SNL" star Jason Sudeikis, super chef Bobby Flay, "X-Men" director Matthew Vaughn ... and "Seeking Justice" co-star Xander Berkeley.

So far, mom continues to remain mum.



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Maybe because she knew vultures like you would go through her records and it's none of your business?

1091 days ago


lot of woman-haters on this thread. shame.

1091 days ago

who dat    

TMZ needs to do more stories on this and less on the party crashers. 3 out of 4 known guys that were bangin her are married. Bet there are 3 or 4 more tmz hasn't uncovered yet.

1091 days ago

george martini    

OMG! Is she running for president too?

1091 days ago


I believe it's Sebastian Shaw

1091 days ago


I have never seen or heard one good thing said about her. Even the 9/10 yr old (little boy in recent film) co-star knows her schtick and had neg things to say about her. I have heard her be casual about 'sex with randoms' as she called it on the Jimmy Fallon show (I believe it was his show) WOrd is she has little talent, is a slut, and has a horrible attitude and disposition. Wow, what an ungrateful and sour person she is!

1091 days ago


i bet she really doesnt know who is the dad. poor little bastard.

1091 days ago


The kid has a right to know who their father is. What an idiot.

1091 days ago


I read somewhere that the reason she's staying mum is because he's the guy that's married to Claudia Schiffer? It'll come out eventually. I feel bad for the baby.

1091 days ago


I can't believe she didn't want TMZ to know her baby's Father's name. Oh, unless it's nobody's business but her own. They didn't obtain the birth certificate, they obtained the hospital record. Only She can request the birth certificate and the child later. If she doesn't want the public to know her business, why would she list it on a public do***ent.

1091 days ago


I don't have a problem with her not wanting everyone in her business, but at some point in time, her son is gonna ask her who his father is. What's she gonna say then?

1091 days ago


It's really nobobdy's business who the baby's father is. My son's father isnt on his birth certificate either. I didn't deny him that privilidge, he abandoned me while I was pregnant. I had no legal right to add him to the birth certificate because we weren't married and he couldn't be bothered. My son is not suffering because a piece of paper doesn't list his dad as his dad. So really people, unless you know the whole story you really have no right to think your opinion matters. Just because someone is a single parent doesn't mean they are a horrible person... and just because a woman is in charge of her own sexuality doesn't mean she's a whore. Who this woman has sex with is her business unless she is screwing your partner... and even then if the relationships these alleged baby-daddy are in are so effing great, they wouldn't be screwing other women. A woman cannot asexually reproduce... you cannot force someone to be a parent... and in a lot of those cases its better that the dad isnt there because all its going to do is mess up your child. A piece of paper doesn't make a dad... time, effort, love make a parent whether it be a biological parent or an adoptive parent.
I had two parents in my home and I ended up more screwed up than some of my friends from single parents homes... get off your high horse people, you aren't effing perfect either... how many of you judgemental jerks have a perfect life with perfect kids? Just saying, doesn't matter how many parents you have... one good parent is still better than two crappy ones any day of the week... and a parent who doesn't want to be there is not a positive and healthy role model for your child anyhow.

1091 days ago


gee I'm sure her son will thank her some day. NOT!

1091 days ago


Really, guys? Just because she named the boy Xander that's conclusive evidence that Xander Berkeley is the father? Because it would make both of their world's so much better if she named the kid after Xander, who is married to Sarah Clarke? From what can be gathered, she's kind of a bitch, but I don't think she'd bring that kind of trouble upon herself, especially if he was, in fact, the father. Too obvious. Besides, people name their children after other people they know in their lives quite often.

1090 days ago


January, tsk tsk. for shame

1090 days ago
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