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"The X Factor"

Fishnet Shirt-Wearing Contestant

Part of Polyamorist TV Pilot

9/24/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Siameze Floyd -- who exploded on the "X Factor" stage this week in a fishnet t-shirt -- has two huge secrets he didn't share on the show ... 1) he was raised in a polyamorist family, 2) he and his FIVE parents are putting together a reality show.

If you were lucky enough to catch Siameze's "X Factor" audition Wednesday night (below), it's probably not surprising ... but the promo for his family's new show -- tentatively titled "The Fabulous Floyds" -- is hilarious.

Sources close to the Floyds -- comprised of patriarch Eric Floyd, his four wives, his young daughter, and his son Siameze -- tell TMZ, several networks have already expressed interest in the show.

The show will follow Siameze and his family -- documenting their lives between L.A. and Las Vegas, where they live.

Fun fact: Siameze's biological mother -- and Eric's wife #1 -- is Wanda Dee, a platinum-selling singer from the '90s group "The KLF."


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I tuned out at the fake nudist / hurl inducer, and I ain't never goin' back.

Sorry Simon. You blew it. And the ratings back me up.

1092 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Its amazing what you can find on the web *shudder*.

1092 days ago


KLF? All aboard for moo moo land!

1092 days ago

Mr. X    

KLF....also known as The Timelords, Justified Ancients of Mu Mu...and many, many other names...

1091 days ago


the way siameze acts says a lot. anyhoo, he and his family are supposed to be rip off artists. i did a search for the fabulous floyds and came up with this website:

1091 days ago


I tuned in to the show midway through, watched that train wreck for about a minute, and will never go back. You have GOT to be kidding. Me. On what planet is the ability to grow out your hair and wear a transparent shirt talent? Simon, you blew it, big time.

1091 days ago


That's not a woman. It's a Man Baby!

1091 days ago


Isn't that the "hide yo wife hide yo kids" guy? What an ugly SOB. just because your mom slept with 5 different guys and had you doesn't mean your family is a polygamist buddy.

1091 days ago


That guy looks a LOT like Rihanna !

1091 days ago


Ok, um. I, too, thought this guy was a woman at first. When I saw his act on stage, I then got the impression of someone going through a gender identity crisis. Seriously! I think he needs to change his overall style and look in order to be taken seriously as a "megastar." Lose the womanly hair, makeup, see through shirt, heels, and the gigantic codpiece/sock thing in his pants... because as of right now, he's coming across with the "if Michael Jackson raped Prince, this is the result we would have" kind of thing.

1091 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

The global collapse freak parade continues unabated coming to a lowlife household who would even consider watching this freakshow. Watching 20 minutes of the X factor shows where THIS Nation is headed, celebrity false messiah false GOD collapse. I wouldn't let 99% of those contestants NEAR me much less in my home virtually or otherwise. ********* freaks galore. The one one worth a damnnnn was the guy left over from the 80's at the end of the show and even he was a homeless crack addict.

1091 days ago


I bet his bung's the size of a silver dollar.

1091 days ago


Hey, I was actually at the X-FACTOR auditions @ USC earlier this year in L.A. and I saw this SIAMEZE guy,who I understand is Las Vegas’ youngest headliner @ The Las Vega******on Hotel & Casino, where he is hailed as ‘The Godson Of Rock & Soul’ (; and I gotta tell you, his performance audition was bananas!!!! He came out dressed in skin tight blue jeans & a blue fishnet shirt & matching blue high heels and he performed an original remake Dance / Funk version of the old Rick James classic; “GIVE IT 2 ME BABY” (

OMG, this boy was HOT!!!! He first sang a 1 minute acapella gospel opening that sent shock waves through the crowd because who knew he could sing his ass off! And then by the time the musc kicked in, this guy sang, dance, excited & ignited the 3,000 of us into an absolute frenzy… kicking, leaping, spinning, sliding, twirling, leaping and prowling on the stage like some kind of Sex Rock God! When he finished, L.A. Reid had to demand that the audience simmer down because we were on our feet for a well deserved standing ovation for 3 minutes. That’s when L.A. said; “FIRST OF ALL, IT’S A TESTAMENT TO HOW GOOD YOU ARE TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PERFORM FOR 10 MINUTES… WE’VE NEVER LET ANYONE GO ON THAT LONG”! And then Simon said, “I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYBODY WORK HARDER IN AN AUDITION IN MY LIFE”! Cheryl Cole was in absolute awe of him and said “THIS COMPETITION NEEDS YOU” and Paula Abdul was ’spellbound’ citing that “WATCHING YOU WAS LIKE SEEING A YOUNG PRINCE ALL OVER AGAIN”!

More accurately though, this guy SIAMEZE was more like ‘The Love Child Of MICHAEL JACKSON & PRINCE’! LOL!

They put him through of course and his Mom & Dad, I understand were celebrities Producer, ERIC FLOYD and international Pop/Dance diva and ‘Voice Of The KLF’, WANDA DEE. And his grandmother was American Idol’s ‘Vocal Coach From Hell’, PEGGI BLU! Now that’s what I know about SIAMEZE and me and my girlfriends can’t wait to see him when X-FACTOR U.S. stars airing on FOX-TV this year. He truly has “IT”… The X-FACTOR! I don’t know where he’ll place on this show, but I do know that whenever he takes his place up onto The World Stage & the masses discover his awesome performance power, he will ROCK & RULE!

1091 days ago


that explains it!

1091 days ago


As far as his family dynamic goes, it's their business how his parents live and interact with other consenting adults, after all, what they eat, don't make me fat or any of YOU either! LIVE & LET LIVE! I read some of the nonsense online about them (all from one obvious demented and disgruntled source), and I have enough intelligence to recognize real **** from bull****, and it's obvious with all of the great things that this family has done ( and amazing shows that they've put on around the world, it's obvious to me that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and one woman with sour grapes obviously decided to post untrue besmirching things about them just because she probably couldn't get her way in 'Those Fabulous Floyd's' household, I suppose. Bottom line is, not since THE JACKSON and THE OSBOURNE's have we been treated to a more multi-talented, fascinating and thoroughly entertaining family like this one. MORE POWER TO THEM! ~

1091 days ago
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