"The X Factor" Fishnet Shirt-Wearing Contestant Part of Polyamorist TV Pilot

9/24/2011 5:00 AM PDT

Siameze Floyd -- who exploded on the "X Factor" stage this week in a fishnet t-shirt -- has two huge secrets he didn't share on the show ... 1) he was raised in a polyamorist family, 2) he and his FIVE parents are putting together a reality show.

If you were lucky enough to catch Siameze's "X Factor" audition Wednesday night (below), it's probably not surprising ... but the promo for his family's new show -- tentatively titled "The Fabulous Floyds" -- is hilarious.

Sources close to the Floyds -- comprised of patriarch Eric Floyd, his four wives, his young daughter, and his son Siameze -- tell TMZ, several networks have already expressed interest in the show.

The show will follow Siameze and his family -- documenting their lives between L.A. and Las Vegas, where they live.

Fun fact: Siameze's biological mother -- and Eric's wife #1 -- is Wanda Dee, a platinum-selling singer from the '90s group "The KLF."