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You CAN Put a Price

On Her Children

9/25/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It may have seemed like a funny bit -- Octomom's kids working at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last year to help her out with the mortgage -- but TMZ has obtained documents that show the kids really were paid to do the show ... just not very much.

According to the contracts filed with the court ... Nariyah, Caleb, Elijah and Amerah (the four that appeared on the show, see below) were paid $464.00 each for the episode that aired in September 2010.

The docs state that they would each get paid $112.50 for the first two re-runs of the show, and $75 each for airings 3-5.

Octomom recently said she's giving up the home, so it was all for naught.


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African Queen    

@Ginny Who the HELL is Natalie???? Are you talking about NADYA? The kids' mom?

1091 days ago

African Queen    

Poor babies! I feel so sorry for them. In spite of everything, they are very cute. The "director" was SO adorable, and so were the foot massager and the Geraldo look-alike. God bless and protect them.

1091 days ago


I cannot get why there is so much negative comments about a woman trying to raise her kids. how many welfare mamas do you think have more children i hear no shouts there. Leave her alone,

1091 days ago


Leslie, You don't understand why people are fed up with her? Just for starters try this one: A $2 Million dollar hospital bill paid for by the State of California taxpayers for delivery and Nicu care for 8, count 'em 8, premature infants, conceived through IVF by a woman who already had 6, count 'em 6, children at home that she couldn't support.

At one time, 3 of the first 6 were on some sort of disability, and one of those has autism. Some of the side effects of IVF can be autism, cleft palate, etc. So, there was obviously no concern on her part about the continued use of IVF and its affect on her children.

That they are here now, and she is dealing with it is commendable. However, who in their right mind has continued IVF treatments when they already have 6 kids? IVF is supposed to help infertile couples. Octomom isn't even married now, and her "sperm donor" gets a walk on supporting these children because of her selfish agreement with him.

I've left a lot out. But this is just for starters.

1091 days ago


realist, that bill is stamp and marked paid in full! Personally I think Nadya over paid and the government owes her now.

Unless you forgot 15 employees were busted for going through Nadya's personal medical records. Her first pro-bono publicist along with Nadya and her children lives had been threatened, for nearly three years she's been harrassed by the public, main stream media and paparazzi, her home has been trashed with toilet tissue all over the front lawn, car van window has been busted out throwing her child carseat through it, her website has been hack into and vandalized, flat tires and that's just some of what she had to endure. Because we didn't even touch on the stalking and harassment nor did we touch on people trying to set her up and take her kids away from under her nose or the time lost running back and forth to court.

Yeah, that hospital bill is mark PAID IN FULL far as I'm concern. Government Wastes Another 500 Million Dollars of YOUR MONEY... and you're more concern about a three years ago 2 million dollar hospital bill that's already been paid. Personally, I don't think it total to 2 mil n e way.

Like I said above, there are millions if not billions of single parents out there with 9, 12, 15 kids surviving off welfare and disability and the only reason you and I don't know about them is because they didn't have 8 babies at once like Nadya Suleman. We are approaching 2010, when exactly are we going to move on from 2009?

THE MONEY IS GONE, GONE, GONE! You can't beat it out of Nadya, you can't kill Nadya for it. Either way you're not going to get it back. So what, we'll just harassed her verbally on TMZ and other message board website for the rest of her life? LOL IT'S OVER!

1091 days ago


Team N. That bill may be paid in full, but who paid for it? Not Nadya.

I can't speak for the vandalism. It is not something that I approve of or would do. BUT, as long as Octomom is in the public eye, she and her children are going to be subject to public scrutiny. If this is a problem, then she needs to stay out of the public eye.

And stop engaging in hyperbole about millions, if not billions of single parents. What about Sperm Dad? A comment you conveniently ignored.

What about the possible, and in her case, probable negative effects of IVF on unborn children? You ignored that also.

She has put this all out there for the public. For money, fame, whatever. You sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

1091 days ago


And one more thing TeamNadya - - My remarks were directed to Leslie, not you. Butt out!

1091 days ago


TeamNadya: less than a minute ago

Oh that's not fair, many comments I left directed towards someone else and you butted in and I didn't tell you to butt out! :(

1091 days ago


BTW TeamNadya, If you want to butt in, at least address the issues raised. this you did not do.

1091 days ago


TeamNadya: 4 minutes ago

realist: 31 minutes ago Team N. That bill may be paid in full, but who paid for it? Not Nadya.
The hell she didn't pay, realist. She's still paying...
Paying? With what?

Stay out of the public eyes? She never put herself in the public eyes to begin with.

No, perhaps not, but she's doing it now, isn't she? And has been for a couple of years.
What about the sperm dad? He's not under any binded contract to support, raise or even see any of Nadya kids.

Exactly, and that's because Octomom wanted to keep the kids all to herself. Like I said, Selfish. And he was an idiot to agree to that. Some Azzhole, beating his meat in a lavatory, ejaculating into a specimen cup. What a picture! There's Dad, kids! Get a mental picture of that.
What about it? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Nadya failed quite a few times prior to being blessed with octuplet's.

Not talking about success or failure here. Talking about the potential for birth defects from IVF. 3 out of the original 6 had problems, at least at first. One has autism. Do you really not see the potential for future problems? Jonah has/had a cleft lip and palate. One of the side effects of IVF. He also had spadi-something or other. Do you know what that is? The kid's urethra did not extend to the head of the penis. It exits from another opening. This requires surgery to close and extend the urethra to its proper place. Imagine that. An operation on a kid's penis so he can even pee properly, and yes, little girl, this is also a side effect of IVF. Look it up.
And no, you are not reaping anything. That was a biblical quote. I should have put it in quotation marks. But then I think other people get it. It refers to Octomom.

1091 days ago


There ARE laws to protect children, thanks to old time actor Jackie Coogan I believe? The money is supposed to be put into a special account. How much you want to bet this stupid broad spent their money? Put her in jail for theft, put the children in loving adoptive homes, and maybe, just MAYBE, they will have a chance at some sort of normalcy. The biggest fear I have? A child is basically formed to be what they are going to be by age five (in general terms), CPS needs to take them NOW.

1091 days ago


Remembering Paul Newman on the 3rd Anniversary of his passing:
"The Day Paul Newman Died" a music video tribute by Larry "Video" Webb

1091 days ago


moussamaiga je suis ivoirien

1091 days ago

Peta Vale    

Yeah we get it....they weren't paid much...

1091 days ago


Why is DFCS waiting till one or more of these kids are severely injured or dead before they do anything. We just saw inside that "house" and it is obvious those children are left with no supervision or disapline..or more and care. That was a beautiful home when Octopig got it..and now its a disaster. Who would pay $500k for it?? Obviously she is saving money instead of paying her mortgage so she can buy another nice home to destroy...or shes going into HUD housing..which I would not be shocked if that is exactly what she is doing...frikken welfare queen!!! She wont give up those kids because they are her little money makers...who would look twice at her without them?? Funny how she finds money to keep her surgeries up to date...and lips bloated...she is disgusting!!

1091 days ago
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