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Charlie Sheen

Settles with Warner Bros.

Over 'Two and a Half Men'

9/26/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's now official ... Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. have settled their bitter "Two & a Half Men" dispute.

A rep for WB released a statement claiming, "Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre, and Charlie Sheen have resolved their dispute to the parties’ mutual satisfaction."

As TMZ reported ... Charlie will get $25 million almost immediately, mostly for work he already performed and profits he has already earned.  And, as sources told us, Charlie will get around $100 million in profits from syndication of the show over the next 7 years.

Warner Bros. and Charlie have agreed to dismiss their mutual lawsuit against each other.

We love happy endings.

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No Avatar

en Todo Momento!!    

maybe charlie will receive his ration of propofol from WB as well, in due time! i'm sure he can't wait!!!

1090 days ago

Paul Negulescu    

Maybe Charlie was "winning" considering he generated 125 million in personal income on his way out.

1090 days ago


He Charlie? Can you spare a few bucks? I'm going broke jus*****ching two and a half man.

1090 days ago


$100 mil over seven years? yeah i'd say that's enough money to bury himself and brooke mueller in a mountain of coke...

1090 days ago


25 million.
no more.
no 100 million
just the 25 mil, the rest is sheen lies

1090 days ago


Here's how it works, folks.
Just the 25 million, Sheen "sources" made up the 100 million, there is NO 100 million.
Now about the 25 million, he has already spent most of that BEFORE he even got it, getting into huge debt.
He will basically have almost nothing, but he has enough to buy more coke for him and Brooke (not enough to hire any more live in hookers) for a while, then he will crash and burn so much worse than ever before.
Run from Sheen. Run fast and hard.

1090 days ago


LOL...Charlie didn't win anything OVER what was due him. He go that and over a 7-10 year period he will get his syndication money plus profits. This is all due him. The others in the cast will also get syndication money though not as much as Charlie. I figured he wouldn't continue to sue once he got his money from the show.

Now watch the real Charlie come out AGAIN.

1090 days ago


LOL All that drama, threats, and bullsh*t from Chuckles and he only got what would have been coming to him anyway. He knows how much he lost better than anyone.

1090 days ago


I am actually really happy to see CS in better spirits the past two month or so. All the crazy gone, the two unsavory women out of his life and those really bad shows he was doing live, gone. He grew up a bit and I think that it's good for everyone all the way around. Maybe he got rid of some of the riff raff friends he had hanging around too. Good luck Charlie. You will so sorely be missed on MEN but you have so much more to give in future projects. Hang in there.

1090 days ago


Now Charlie can go blow more money on Drugs and whores.
I really hope Charlie is happy with his big pay off,too bad money does not buy morals, values,happiness and love.

1090 days ago

northern gypsy    

wow...if C.S. is walking away with that kind of $$$...
can you imagine what the big boys a squirreling away !!!
only in lala land are such thing possible...

1090 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

$125 million!! God must hate people who live a straight clean life....

1090 days ago


The real story here is Sleezy will get what he was owed for the episodes he taped and nothing more. It will be interesting to see if any of the staff or crew that were screwed out of their salaries will get any of that money. Money which Sleezy indicated was part of the reason for the original suit. Doubtful to say the least....

1090 days ago


He deserved every cent. Did you see the show tonight? HORRIBLE. Charlie pulled every character in the show together and without him - nothing works.

You pull the thread and the whole sweater falls apart!

1090 days ago

lets dance. put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

1090 days ago
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