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"L-Word" Star

Southwest Airlines Booted Me

... Because I'm Gay!

9/26/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Leisha Hailey -- who starred in "The L-Word" -- says Southwest Airlines hates gay people ... and claims that's the reason she got kicked off a flight today.

Leisha just unleashed a flurry of tweets to her thousands of followers -- claiming a flight attendant booted Leisha and her GF for kissing on the plane ... because SW is a "family" airline.

Leisha is now demanding a public apology from Southwest -- calling for her fans, and gay people everywhere, to boycott the airline for its "homophobic" policies, writing, "They don't like us."

A rep for Southwest tweeted her back with a quick apology -- asking for Leisha to contact the company privately so they can sort out a solution. So far, no official word from Southwest.



No Avatar


Screw those lesbos.

1122 days ago


People are getting tired of the "gay and lesbian" group feeling like they should get what ever they want and when they don't they cry. They should act like the rest of society, that's not to say some "straight" people don't cross the line, same rules for all

1122 days ago


Homophobia strikes again. Looks like anti-gay bigots just have absolutely no souls, and will go out of their way to make the lives of gay people hell, because they can't come to grips with their own personal issues surrounding the "gay" issue. Very sad, very pathetic.

Southwest better have a damn good explanation.

1122 days ago


Don't go playing the gay card until you are sure that was the real reason you were booted.

1122 days ago


It could have happened on any airline. I'll fly SW any chance I can. They have the best safety record. Same sex couples should stay in their closets!

1122 days ago


Were their vaginas exposed?

1122 days ago

Dan Leamon    

This is a sign of the times. When oddball humans command the normal people to bow to their rights to be weird, we've evolved to accomidating everyone even when they're wrong. Go back into your closet and quit whinning.
Call a spade a spade and a queer a queer.

1122 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

One good earthquake would finally separate CA from the rest of us! And if it sunk afterwords, what a dream come true.

1122 days ago


"A rep for Southwest tweeted her back with a quick apology -- asking for Lei*****o contact the company privately so they can sort out a solution."

Money all about Money, keep your hand, lips, tongues and what ever else you were swapping to yourself and you would be fine. RESPECT you want it you have to show it. I will make it my point TO fly Southwest every chance i get now. Gay or Straight i can't think of a airline that would allow that. Lets hear from the Witness What were they doing?

1122 days ago


gays are so hypocritical. They want to be treated fairly but use the 'I'm gay' excuse to get things their way. Tsk tsk tsk

1122 days ago


It is a family airline like the US is a family country take your perverted anti US anti religious crap and get out you are SICK UGH

1122 days ago

scott l    

I keep hearing about this kind of crap from Southwest. They seem to have some kind of Morality Police attitude there about a whole bunch of things. I wont be flying with them again.

1122 days ago


Seriously, if it was just a kiss and they weren't publicly making out, then SWA is out of line. HOWEVER, if they were publicly making out and asked to cool it, and they didn't, then they deserved to get booted from the flight. Last thing I want to do is be stuck in a giant can for a few hours next to or within seeing distance of 2 people, straight or gay, making out like a pair of cats in heat.

1122 days ago


Homophobes are a disgrace, hypocritical, hateful, immoral and classless. These people simply hate others for their sexual orientation, think the worst of individuals with same-sex orientation, regardless of cir****tances, and will ALWAYS run to the side of anti-gays even in clear-cut cases of discrimination against gay people. Gay/lesbian people do nothing that straight people don't do but homophobes attack them because of their twisted ways of thinking and hate. Anti-gays bring absolutely nothing positive to society and the world and make the lives of gay and many straight people also, living hell, for absolutely no reason, unprovoked, and undeserved.

1122 days ago


No, they don't like you. They don't like you for the same reason 75% of the people in America don't like you. Because you think you should be able to behave as obnoxiously as you want, in everybody's face just to prove a point and that everybody should just sit back and watch it silently.

Sorry, but no. I have been flying since the 70's and have not yet seen even a heterosexual couple making out in front of everybody on a plane.

I will likely pick Southwest specifically in the future. Learn some manners and grow up Leisha. You're no different than anybody else. Nobody wants to watch 2 women, or much lees 2 men kiss on a plane.

An airline, believe it or not, has the right to enforce standards of behavior on its flights. PDA is apparently does not meet their standard of conduct.

Leisha, why don't you just be honest and admit you're trying to push your homosexuality on everybody. There are many of us out there who already know what this is really about.

My advice, grow up and shut up. Most of have never even heard of you, so get off your high horse.

1122 days ago
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