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Michael Jackson's Son Prince

I'll Testify ...

With Strings Attached

9/27/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's eldest son Prince -- an eyewitness to the horrific scene in the bedroom where his father lost his life -- does not want to testify in the Conrad Murray trial, but he's telling family he'll do what needs to be done to get justice for his departed dad.

Sources close to Prince tell TMZ ... the 14-year-old is "nervous" and worried that if he's called to the stand he might get flustered and "mess up." 

We're told if Prince is called by prosecutors ... Katherine will ask her lawyers to request that the entire courtroom be cleared during his testimony.  Judge Michael Pastor almost certainly will prohibit the media from training a camera on Prince, but it's unlikely he'll clear the courtroom.

As we previously reported, Prince is on the prosecution's witness list, since Dr. Murray summoned Prince to the bedroom for help during the emergency.  When Prince arrived, he dissolved into tears.

The trial starts today.  We'll be livestreaming opening statements.



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1088 days ago


Murray said yes.
End of Story

1088 days ago


Its really shameful that the prosecution wants to call Prince to the stand. I do not think this will help their case at all. If anything, it will make Michael Jackson a more sympathetic character to the jury, because they will see him a father, not just as a pop star. This could be very damaging to Prince. If Murray is not convicted, Prince may end up feeling guilty that his testimony was inadequate.

1088 days ago


and whatever happened to this concert? When I read the headlines on this article, I thought the strings would have been poppa joe wanted the kid to be paid!!!

1088 days ago


Isn't his dad going to testify also (Dr Klein)?May he can seek some parental guidance from pops.

1088 days ago


Dr. Murray may have been negligent, but he is not a murderer. The Wacko Jacko fans need to get over it.

1088 days ago

Gsharon 710    

First they have to prove that MJJ is indeed dead. The Emergency workers described a man that cannot be identified as MJJ by a drivers license. Is no one concerned about this medicine found and MJJ's stomach and how it got there. Are you so wanting Murray to be charged that you cannot believe someone else was in that house and security tapes were removed? No reason for the Doc to have done that or the knowledge of MJJ's home at that time. You don't think it is crazy that people Michael fired shows up and claims his money business right before he "died?" Dr. Conrad already said he gave MJJ the medicine and anything anyone else says negatively about Conrad is going against what MJJ believed in. "Everyone deserves their right to a fair trial." I think the first thing is to prove it was indeed MJJ by DNA or Fingerprints. You have no one from the hospital who witnessed MJJ that has spoken about it, you have hundreds of slip ups. Who can actually say that the man we know to be MJJ is the man we have seen pictures of for the last few years? With just nose surgery, this man's features changed big time. So much doubt, so many wanting justice and that's fine, but give this man his chance in court as you would want for yourself or your loved ones. MJJ was great, or IS great, but still a human with possibilities of human errors. I hope none of you are ever chosen for a jury trial.

1088 days ago


Michael was a junkie like Anna Nicole.

1088 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Let see if I can refresh all of the minds of the, irrational, emotionally challenged, pedophile loving, Nancy Disgrace following, rode wet, mental midgeted, MJ minds out here.

MJ was a drug addicted, pedophile with an identity disorder who allowed himself to OD! NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY,NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY,NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY,

1088 days ago


Man quit being a biitch... justice this justice that... even if justice is served it makes no difference... HE'S DEAD... THERES NOTHING THAT CAN BRING HIM BACK... This world is better off with child molesters like him.

1088 days ago


JUSTICE AND MERCY FOR THE GOOD DOCTOR MURRAY! MAY GOD BLESS, PROTECT AND GIVE YOU GRACE AND STRENGTH FOR WHAT LIES AHEAD. MAY YOUR GOOD NAME AND REPUTATION BE RESTORED. MAY GOD PROTECT THE DOCTOR FROM THE CRAZY INSANE EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE PSYCHO MJ FANS! And btw why would Prince be afraid of "messing up" with his testimony? All he has to do is tell what really happened. Sounds like he's been coached and had to memorize a script or something.

1088 days ago

juan lopez    

Nothing is true. Everything is permissible.

please folks, dont forget about the elusive, proverbial "with strings attached" clause. LOL

this is his FATHER that he will speak for. to worry about "messing up" or "nervous" should be the last of his worries. unless perhaps, its a script hes reading from. but then again. who really knows?

wow, "Sources close to Prince tells TMZ"...

this is amazing stuff.

Nothing is true. Everything is permissible.

1088 days ago


Where is the live stream? :|

1088 days ago


I don't believe this article for 2 reasons:
1. The prosecution either needs Prince or they don't. If they needed Prince, Prince would have been notified before the trial starts, not after the trial begins.
2. Katherine has zero say in the courtroom. The judge makes all the decisions because it's his courtroom.

Either TMZ is making this stuff up to get hits on their site or the source is dumber than dirt.

1088 days ago
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