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Patti Stanger

"Sorry" I Blasted Gays & Jews

9/26/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger 
says she's extremely sorry for her homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks last night on TV -- telling TMZ, she didn't mean to stir the pot.

Patti tells us, “I am so sorry. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments last night."

Patti appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" -- when she said gay men are incapable of monogamy ... adding, "There is no curbing gay men ... I have tried."

But gay men weren't the only target of Patti's unprompted criticism -- she also generalized, "Jewish men lie."

Bravo is also apologizing for Patti's outburst -- telling us, “[Patti's] comments are not representative of the network’s beliefs and opinions.  We apologize for the offense it caused.”


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All Jews lie, they say Jesus was a Jew when that's a lie and then say they're Jews like Jesus when that's not even possible because he never had children, and then they deny and don't observe any Christian Holidays and most Jews openly admit they hate Jesus! Jews are of the synagogue of satan!

1128 days ago

frey silverstar    

She may be getting smaller in the waist but her head is getting bigger by the minute. F*ck you Patti, whoever? How can you make a discrimating statement against any minority, who the hell do you think you are. And yeah, all Jews save their pennies and all guy gays like Lady Gaga. Thanks for showing America how dumb you are. I used to think you were alright. And you said that in front of Andy Cohen?, Cant wait to see the clip. Your rude too. And you looked fat on Days.

1128 days ago

michael heller     

All you fools that call for Patti's dismissal are forgetting we live in the U.S.A. We should be able to voice our opinions without being arrested or fired. We can voice our concerns; however, we don't have to agree with her. What has happened to common sense? America is getting dumber by the minute.

1128 days ago


If someone called me a heterosexual I would not be angry; because I am. If a queer (look up the defination before you protsest) said anything negetive about that I would not care; that is their right. She did not get up into someones face; wag her finger; and tell them off; she was giving an opinion. I thought we had freedom of speech but queers do not want the rest of us to have that. They want us all to be queer. As far a Jewish men lieing; she would probably make that quote about any man but I figure she felt free to specify Jewish men because of her being jewish. It seems only straights, law-abiding or people that are proud of their race have to apologize for almost everything they say and do. Be they yellow, black or white they are precious in his sight; remember that song, so be proud of who you are.

1127 days ago


america's so sensitive. worry less about crap like this, and more about helping others.

1115 days ago


She's always generalizing and discriminating. Remember her red hair phobia? haha... She believes in astrology and discriminates others based on that stupid dogma, too. Think outside of the box for once, Stanger. Oh, and for your own sake, learn how to have some class.

1114 days ago


You are a total piece of garabage Stanger! You probably had no choice BUT to apologize after you had your rant! I'm sure Andy Cohen doesn't want you around anymore anyway!

1113 days ago



My boys and I really enjoy watching your show. We have always laughed at your straightforward approach to dating, until last night! My youngest son and I both have red hair. I must say, your degrading comments about red heads is uncalled for. My son just looked at me last night when you were making all those comments and said "really mom, girls don't like boys with red hair?" I remember all too well the feeling when I was growing up of people making fun of me because I had red hair!! You have more of an impact than you realize and I really felt compelled to write and let you know. Making fun of something that cannot be changed (at least when you are a child) certainly does not enhance your position in anyone's eyes!

1094 days ago

M.B. Robinson    

Please provide the address for me to contact the two brothers on the show who owned a T-shirt company. One was in jail for drugs once and the older brother came out better with his date.

1067 days ago


Would like an e mail address so I may contact you

Thank You

1021 days ago


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897 days ago


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896 days ago
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