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Patti Stanger

"Sorry" I Blasted Gays & Jews

9/26/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger 
says she's extremely sorry for her homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks last night on TV -- telling TMZ, she didn't mean to stir the pot.

Patti tells us, “I am so sorry. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments last night."

Patti appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" -- when she said gay men are incapable of monogamy ... adding, "There is no curbing gay men ... I have tried."

But gay men weren't the only target of Patti's unprompted criticism -- she also generalized, "Jewish men lie."

Bravo is also apologizing for Patti's outburst -- telling us, “[Patti's] comments are not representative of the network’s beliefs and opinions.  We apologize for the offense it caused.”


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j leddy     

People think that they can say whatever racist, bigoted, stereotypical comments that come into their heads and then say, i'm sorry and all is forgiven.No way. You have outed yourself as a bigot and thats where it should remain.

1102 days ago


Until I read this, I thought SHE was Jewish.

1102 days ago


LOL so funny and interesting. Maybe i know one more funny website : ... Do you think it is true or fake ? ...

1102 days ago


Love Patti but not her comments. I have been in a committed gay relationship for 18 years. Patti has been in a long term relationship for how long? Perpetuating stereotypes is not a good option to garner media attention.

Not everyone who says they want a relationship actually does and that is okay. Don't use that to generalize.

1102 days ago


Observations are not racist, homophobic, or anti-semetic. She doesnt have to say "in my experience", for it to be based on her experience. Clearly she is making an observation based on her professional experience as a matchmaker.

1102 days ago

Jay Marks    

She apparently hates Redheads too. Except for Sally on the most recent episode. Maybe she thinks she's being provocative and really doesn't get that she's just like a yappy attention seeking pomeranian.

1102 days ago


She supposedly runs a matchmaker service & dispenses dating & marital advice, yet is divorced several times & can't get a date because she's so obnoxious, arrogant & full of her ugly self. She needs to shut her constantly mouth farting cakehole. Why anyone would be interested in this bigmouth blowhard is beyond me.

1102 days ago


OMG! Enough already! What happened to free speech in this country???!!! Part of her charm is her candor and outrageous comments. If that's how she sees it, so what? That's her opinion. What are we, a bunch of babies that need to be coddled every step of the way? Grow up America!

1102 days ago


only ignorant people generalize!!!

1102 days ago


ok so I can't stand this lady...but really??? I am so sick of the PC crap in this country...oh and before you send me back to where I came from... my parents and several generations back were born in this country. I am just sick to death over everyone freaking out after people say careless comments. Get over it!!! So she said that Jewish men lie... well they do all men lie and most women do too, and most people have fidelity issues at least once in their lives so why is she that far off??? Maybe the gays that she has known have been cheaters??? Hell My parents were both cheaters and liars. Between their marriages there were several liars, who were jews and a couple of cheating closeted gays... I'm just saying what happened to freedom of speach??? I thought everyone got the right to sound like an idiot in this country!!!

1102 days ago


not cable of monogamy. I have been with my partner 6 years jan 4th, and I have friends who have been together 10+ years. she is seriously mistake with her comments.

1102 days ago

Leonard Schwartz    

Hey, Patti! Nice tits!

1102 days ago


Who cares???? She Jewish and gay so she's allowed to say these things.

1102 days ago



1102 days ago


spoken like a truly jewish woman...WHAT A DISGRACE!!

1102 days ago
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