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Southwest to 'L-Word' Star

Passengers Complained About

"Excessive" Lesbian PDA

9/26/2011 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Southwest Airlines
claims it only kicked a lesbian "L-Word" actress off a flight today after multiple passengers complained about her "excessive" affectionate behavior with another woman.

As we previously reported, Leisha Hailey went on a Twitter rampage hours ago -- claiming a flight attendant booted her and her GF for kissing on the plane ... because SW is a "family" airline.

Now, SWA has released a statement ... explaining, "Initial reports indicate that we received several passenger complaints characterizing the behavior as excessive."

The statement continues, "Our crew, responsible for the comfort of all Customers on board, approached the passengers based solely on behavior and not gender. The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight."

Still, SWA notes, "We are ready to work directly with the passengers involved to offer our heartfelt apologies for falling short of their expectation."


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BS Good job SW. I have nothing against gays or lesbians but I'm sick of many of them believing they are entitle to special treatment. My son paid good money to see Dolly at the Hollywood Bowl. In front of them were a lesbian pair and behind them were several gay guys. The guys were being totally obnoxious and ruining the concert for many including the lesbians. After several people politely ask them to be quiet my son stood up and told them to STFU. Do you know they just continued to talk and even went on saying,"oh look the straight man is yelling at the queers." One of the ladies in the audience called for assistance but when they guy started to come up and noticed it was a bunch of gay guys he let it go. That's BS. It's like crying discrimination now a days. Too many have used it falsely and it like a car alarm going off. Now because it cost my son a fortune to attend Dolly's concert and his Mississippi girlfriend loves her and has never seen her in person was ruined by a bunch of inconsiderate "thinking they are special" gays my son will never go to another Dolly concert. Not all gays are like this but just as the idiot on the plane they expect special treatment. The only thing special is they are stupid and inconsiderate of others. I'm an old lady with my favorite Uncle being gay. My son works in the entertainment business an has several gay friends and it isn't an issue. The issue is inconsiderate people regardless of their gender. Sorry Dolly but it's too expensive to see you only to have a group of your gay followers ruin it for many.

1037 days ago


bottom line. its rude and crude to having that behavior on plane, gay or straight.

1037 days ago


Southwest Airlines stinks anyway. I would rather fly on Jet Blue or Virgin America! Southwest is nothing but a big old cattle car!

1037 days ago


Hey Southwest Airlines - listen up! A lot of your customers are gay and what some narrow-minded homophobic customers were complaining about being "excessive" was probably just some hugging and kissing that they wouldn't bat an eyela***** if 2 straight people were doing the same thing. This is clearly a case of DISCRIMINATION!!

1037 days ago


Even when same sex marriage laws were approved in some states and the military disbanded the DATD rule, it doesn't mean the public is ready to accept gay behavior in public indicated by the complaints brought by the SW passengers and the booing o*****ay soldier in Afghanistan from the members of the audience at the GOP debate last week. Gays should realize that the general public has not adjusted to the mores of the gay community yet when before it was mostly done in private and behind closed doors.

1037 days ago

Jungle Jane    

Was it really one complaint - or several? Were they warned at first, or immediately punished? (Sounds like they didn't leave without an argument.) If ANY couple was making out on an airline, in line at 7-eleven, or at the movies - I would find it offensive. It's always so easy to sneak a kiss unnoticed, ;) so how did she draw so much attention? Why would she continue to draw attention?
All I know, is that I've been screwed over by a few airlines in my day. Deal with it.

1037 days ago


Yes I agree that this may not be a gay issue, but honestly, if it were a guy and a girl and people were complaining..they would get yelled at. But would they be asked to leave the flight? Most likely not.

1037 days ago


Leisha, I agree that we all should be treated the same. I don't doubt discrimination. I've been on flights with heterosexuals being all over each other with no complaints from the staff. I see no reason to fly Southwest. I trust your word. I've had other problems with the airlines.

1037 days ago


No one should be making out on a plane. gay or straight. No one wants to see that crap. well, maybe a few perverts I guess, but most of us dont!

1037 days ago


Hailey needs to stuff a sock in it. She obviously believes that she should be able to indulge in any kind of behavior in public that she feels like just because she's gay & the rest of us should have to shut up and deal with it. She's a pig, a self-centered spoiled child and she is making a fool out of herself.

1037 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Why is it that gay people feel the need to flaunt it in public to let everyone know what we figured out already---you're gay?

I don't want to see two lesbians swapping spit in public...mainly because all the lesbians I've seen are this skank. That's why they're lesbians---no men will have them!

1037 days ago


who is this actress wannabe? excessive PDA's? low class behavior regardless of who it is. just another example of the special privileges the gay community demands, buncha bullies, arrogant and rude . . .

1037 days ago


Where it is a PDA of male/female and PDA of same sex couple, it is often uncomfortable. While I support their rights (and she is going to come out on top in this) I was in a situation where I had my then 4 and 6 year old sons at the front of a train car at a zoo. Backwards facing us were two women that were purposely putting on an objectionable display. My sons were noticing, and asking difficult questions. They were making eye contact with my sons trying to make it worse. So, none of us were on that flight. We do not know what happened. If they over did it, they over did it.

1037 days ago


Well, SWA is the airline of choice for my family. Never had a problem. The PDA, gay or otherwise, if excessive is inappropriate. The attitudes of most of the commenters here is what is wrong with our society today. But ultimately, it's not even their's their upbringing as well...this crap started in the 60's and when women stopped being the important model in their children and spouse's lives, then we lost it all. I believe in women's rights but we are suffering because of it. Women took it over the top. You want to be treated with respect? Act respectful. This actress's behavior was apparently not respectful. Good on ya SWA!

1037 days ago

captn moonlight    

Gay or straight it isn't a spectaitor sport. If it wasa simple kiss then SWA had no right, on the other hand if it was a full on make out session, then Ms. Hailey is in the wrong here.

1037 days ago
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