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Oksana's Son

Gets Big Settlement

From Mel Gibson

9/27/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson
is paying Oksana's son, Alexander (Sasha) Dalton, $100,000 ... in return for a guarantee that the 14-year-old will not sue the actor ... TMZ has learned.

As we have previously reported, Oksana's lawyers were trying to get Gibson to pay Alexander $500,000, for allegedly terrorizing the boy during the blowout fight between Oksana and Mel on January 6, 2009.  Oksana also alleged Mel once pushed the boy onto a table.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Mel agreed in his settlement to pay the boy the $100,000, but there is a complete waiver on Alexander's part to sue Gibson.


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Rob: less than a minute ago

Glad to see Mel is being forced to take responsibility for his actions. Glad her son is learning that Mel's behavior is damaging and illegal. This is a great lesson her son is learning. The money will help to ensure the psychological damage will not rob him of his self esteen and respect for woman. He will likely get a great college education and not become abusive to women. Hopefully the rest of Mel's children are learning how bad his behavior is and will not repeat it.**********************************************************************************************************************

Wow , How refreshing to see someone NOT suffering from the " O.J Syndrome " - Mel is talented Movie maker , that doesn't mean one should defend his deplorable actions , Even if it's against a Groupie..
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AND YET, mommie dearest continued to have a relationship with MG the "terrorizer", after this alleged incident and continued to expose her son to this "dangerous" man and didnt bother to report this to the authorities. WHY?

EVEN while she was in the thick of negotiating the hush up money for the altered tapes, many months later after this alleged incident occurred, she directed her attorney she did not want to jeoperdize her relation with "terrorizing" MG. WHY?

AND EVEN as recent as a few months ago, wasnt it reported she would take back MG the "terrorizer", on condition he got help. WHY?

If what is being alleged is true, its mommie dearest lack of actions to protect her son that should be questioned, where are you TD?
If her son was abused and terrorized MG, WHY did she continue the relationship with the "terrorizer"...... so she could continue to extort? Nice mommie, money always trumps kids in danger.

Mel called it a spade when he said this kid has issues. No surprises considering who raised him and gowd knows what he has been exposed to throughout his life. Lucia is next.

1086 days ago


Wow....she's even using her older kid to get money from Mel! What a pathetic loser-

1086 days ago


This is dangerous for oksana. If she accepts this measly settlement she will probably never be able to get another dime from Mel. And that'd kill her. 100 k isn't much at all!

1086 days ago


Though I find Mel Gibson to be a horrible disgusting human being that is filled with hate. I find that this woman's tactics & need for money to be equally as disgusting. The fact that the kid can sue & is following in mommy's footsteps sickens me to no end. Where is the kid's dad in all of this? If I were Timothy Dalton & someone put their hands on my kid (regardless of how much I despised the mom) I could guarantee you that Mel Gibson would be having some very expensive (and much needed judging by the photos) dental work. All parties involved turn my stomach.

1086 days ago


man. I agree with some others that she is teaching the kids how to scheme and get money.

I also agree that Mel's staff is cleaning up stuff, he admitted the boy was there when they fought and this way probably was cheaper then in courts. Mom (ox) will get it anyway instead of saving it for the boys education. BUT maybe it will be paid out differently so that the kid can get it when he is older.

Charlie's watch, I repled to you under your message.


1086 days ago


meow: 10 minutes ago
This is dangerous for oksana. If she accepts this measly settlement she will probably never be able to get another dime from Mel. And that'd kill her. 100 k isn't much at all!

It was much more dangerous for the "intimate" details of her relationship with Timothy Dalton to be exposed in "open" court. He would have been forced to "rip her apart" in order to protect his own reputation. Whatever "leverage" he has must be somewhat damaging. It would have been "INTERESTING" to hear it!!! She obviously had a "LOSING" hand and "COULDN'T" risk the exposure.

1086 days ago


New thread


1086 days ago


Awful funny, cannot find anywhere that says she is a citizen of the US, deport her.

1086 days ago


It's hardly surprising that this insane, lowlife would continue to undermine the sanctity of the law. She doesn't heed the sanctity of anything including respect for the children she has to use/abuse rich men. She's setting a horrible and potentially dangerous example for her son by practicing and teaching him the very values that run against basic human rights and decency. I don't know what the son thinks at this time in his life, but this sociopath is an incompetent, indecent parent. It's all so nasty. I see a potential "familial Greek tragedy" in the future of her and her kids. (posted previously)
This "lawyer of hers has certainly proved to be an effective "Igor" to her bull**** games too. What sick stuff!! Is he doing this for free?
She doesn't seem to work so how will she live on 150,000 until 2013? It sounds like the house is free but the goodies that went with it in the previous agreement are gone, so she must come up with living expenses. If so, she certainly knows how to chop off her nose to spite her face. Ugh!!

1086 days ago


Lesson learned: Never marry a Russian prostitute.

1085 days ago


She is a money hungry bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1085 days ago


JUstin: 1 day ago

@THE BEAVER: Yeah , Yeah , Whatever Beaver ..Okay , Woman beater !! Is that better? I like Mel , but am finding it difficult to support a guy that hits women( Yeah , including Gold-diggers and Groupies).. I've no idea how you guys are doing it ..Do you bring yourself to hate the other person more? I mean , How are you doing it?lol

Do you know Mel is a woman beater? Have you seen Mel hit a woman? Robyn would have left his azz, dude, a long time ago, if this were to be true. Robyn wouldn't use the excuse I have no where else to go, or have no money, or can't support myself. Oksana's fake azz picture of her so called teeth knocked out was so fake that it is actuall funny to look at it. LOL. No one laughs in a picture when they just got their teeth broke, dumb butt. Oksana look like a stupid dumbazz, that was just told by doing this fake picture, you can get rich, or a country hick that was told that she just won the lottery, and she didn't even buy a fricken ticket. Anyone that did what Oksana did deserves to be hated. SHE PLAYED THIS MAN, SET HIM, UP, TAPED HIM, TOLD LIES ON HIM FCED UP HIS LIFE,AND IS STILL TRYING TO FIND WAYS TO GET TO HIS MONEY. I try not to hate anyone, but this woman makes me so sick, and "IF" I liked this woman, I really would feel sad for her on judgement day, but I feel nothing, because she knew what she was doing.
You say that you don't know how us Mel supporters do it, huh? Well, I don't know how anyone can take up for a golddigger and act like she is a saint and didn't do wrong here. Oksana did a hell of a lot of things wrong here. I don't see how Oksana can live with herself after what she did to Mel. I know I couldn't. It amazes me how the love of money can make you do such evil acts to get it.

1085 days ago

Lilian Cristina Pires    

This is the same extortion! P q p ******* This woman is dirty, disgusting. There was only interested in taking money out of Mel Gibson and uses the children so disgusting.
Keep an eye on, Mel, you will still be very upset with this vgarista. She has one asset: his daughter Lucia.
God bless you, Mel Gibson, and protect you in this game easy money.
Beware of a close relationship.
I want you to be happy. Always.
Sorry, I do not know English. Use a translator.

1085 days ago


steve: 3 days ago

Lesson learned: Never marry a Russian prostitute.

LOL.. Mel didn't have to learn that lesson. Mel didn't marry her, dude.

LOL.. why do so many call her Mrs. Gibson, or refer to her as Mel's wife (Mel, the wife beater. yeah right!. lol), or ex wife? I guess to keep this bs a going on bad mouthing Mel Gibson, huh? Stupid is as stupud does. LOL

If you all don't have anything better to do with your time, and want to stop showing your ignorance, you can always get a job at The Bubba Gump Shrump Corp. Mama always said.. Forrest show kindness towards those that don't know as much as you do.

1083 days ago

Enough is enough    

Neither Dalton or Gibson ever were married to Oksana!
This gold-digger gets pregnant purposely to get money from idiots in Hollywood that think with their little heads.
No protection needed when you are convinced the gal is on "the pill". She gets a home 2 settlements and child support for years, 18-26 possibly.
Wanna bet, she hooks up with another fool before the youngest gets out of grade school...or she reaches menopause.

1041 days ago
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