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Conrad Murray Trial

You Be the Judge!

9/27/2011 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


You heard the opening statements -- now as the testimony fires up, we gotta ask ...


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1033 days ago


61% say Murray isn't a bad guy..okay, so a doctor administers propofol to someone WITHOUT a prescription, and don't forget propofol is meant to only be administered in a hospital.. wow, Murray is a bad guy for doing what he did. He should go to jail not only for killing MJ, but for administering propofol itself.

1033 days ago


Is MJ partly responsible for his death? No. The way I see it is if I go to the doctor and ask for a medication, I sure hope they will either dispense it responsibly or not at all. If I go to a doctor and "demand" something that could possibly harm me or cause my death, I would expect them to say no. And if I was desperate and offered a ridiculous amount of money to hire a medical doctor to drug me up, knock me out and continually monitor me during "treatment" so that I don't die - I sure as heck expect just that. Michael wasn't some street junkie shooting himself up with illegal street drugs in a back alley - but Conrad Murray sure isn't too far off having the morals of a common drug dealer.

1033 days ago


Trial of the Century......
Okay so FINALLY the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY has begun and I have one simple request:
How many times are you IDIOTS going to tell us that you don't care? Okay so we accept that you don't, now please do us all a favor and go contaminate some other board. I'm sure you'll fit right in with any of the many IDIOTIC stories that have nothing to do with this Trial so you have my permission to WITHDRAW.....Toodles!
Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let's talk....
First, let me say this: there are many people on these boards YAKKING about how Michael is responsible--BASED ON WHAT? FYI--even if he did BEG Murray to give him the Propofol, you do realize that it is STILL CRIMINAL for Murray to have aquiesced (given in....sorry, I often forget who I'm talking to.) You people have GOT to stop making this case a stomping ground for your PREJUDICE against Michael Jackson, and simply look at the FACTS of the case. And the FACTS show that MURRAY IS GUILTY because he administered the WRONG substance, in the WRONG setting, without the RIGHT equipment, and then left his patient, and when he went into distress, Murray failed to call 911 right away, and proceeded to LIE to every Medical professional he came into contact with.....
NOW with that in mind, let me hear you tell me Michael has ANYTHING to do with this TRAGEDY.....
Okay so to my Michael Supporters let me say those Opening Statements were UNREAL! Of course, I'm not really referring to the Defense who reverted to type by blaming Michael and Klein...why don't we go ahead and blame Sarah Palin and the Michellin Man while we're at it? But the Prosecution held out on us with that recording of Michael's "Sedated" voice that they got from Murray's IPhone, dated 6-19-09. Murray's team maintain that Michael got Meds from Klein or someone else, but if that's true, Murray should've picked up on that and refused to give him any other meds. Instead, he ordered MORE Propofol and Benzos after that date....Oye.
And it's funny that the defense wants to use the TIRED story that Michael was pushing for the Propofol because that in itself CONVICTS Murray because it says that he KNEW Michael shouldn't be given the Meds, but he CAVED in and gave it to him anyway. Also, he keeps saying he tried to WEAN Michael off of the Propofol, but that statement tells us that he considered Michael to be ADDICTED to the Meds, and it's ILLEGAL for a doctor to give Meds to a KNOWN addict....there goes THAT part of the defense....
As for Ortega's story about June 19th, I had read that Michael had the flu around that time and was probably taking something for that. It would also explain the chills he was having, and the Coroner's Report mentioned he had a slight case of Bronchitus as well.....
HOWEVER, I have a HUGE problem with Ortega's ASSumptions that Michael needed Psychological help. He's not a Doctor, he's a CHOREOGRAPHER for Heaven's sake! And he has the GALL to say Michael was "abusing drugs"? Was he REALLY a witness for the Prosecution? All we needed from him is to verify that Murray was supposed to be in charge of Michael's health, and that he even created a brue over Ortega sending Michael home when he was ill in his last weeks when they had that meeting with Michael, Ortega, Murray and AEG execs.....
Thing is, where did that email come from? I don't recall hearing it mentioned in the Prelim. Not saying I couldn't have missed it, but I find that odd. One thing we have to remember: Ortega was an employee of AEG, so while I believe SOME of what he says, I'm not sure about the rest. I think his testimony may have been carefully constructed to make sure he and AEG come out smelling like a rose when in reality, they're culpable as well. The fact that they claim to have noticed a so-called "deterioration" in Michael tells me they should've called Murray on the carpet and demanded to see some records. And if Ortega supposedly thought Michael was abusing drugs, why didn't they confront him with it?
And then there's also that NAGGING statement the Coroner made that Michael's body showed NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE. If he had been "abusing drugs" as Ortega claims barely a week before he died, it would've showed up in the Tox Report, but it didn't. The Coroner also stated that there was NO OTHER SUBSTANCE FOUND IN MICHAEL'S SYSTEM besides PROPOFOL and the BENZOS....
I certainly hope the Prosecution have STRONGER witnesses than Ortega turned out to be. Not that it would make a difference for Murray because the fact that he gave Michael a stack of Benzos, then topped it off with Propofol in an IMPROPER setting, WITHOUT proper Medical equipment, and then LEFT him to make calls, urine, and emails....and then when he found him in distress, he called everyone BUT 911--who he LIED to when they finally did arrive, and later lied to UCLA ER staff as closed. The only reason Murray didn't throw himself on the mercy of the court is because his defense knows people in this country will swallow anything the Media tells them about Michael.....sad.....
I do realize that Ortega's testimony hurt Murray, however, I have an issue with either side--Prosecution or Defense tarnishing Michael's Reputation in order to prove their point. There is NO PROOF that Michael took ANYTHING but what Murray gave him that day. And I'm STILL waiting for Murray to prove that he had been giving Michael Propofol for 6 weeks. I'll buy the 2 weeks, maybe, but not six. Bottom line, we have NO IDEA whether ANYTHING Murray says is true and that's the crux of this case. Too much of it is based on what MURRAY told the LAPD in that first deposition--the same time frame where he had LIED to the EMT's and UCLA we REALLY think he wouldn't LIE to the LAPD? C'mon Now!!

1033 days ago


I hate to see Dr. Murray so hurt,he is a good Dr. and a good person check his record. he cares about his people richor poor he came across town to take care of a medicare not rich one person and go back to his hospital for his majority ther is no way he would give Michael meds and no*****ch him. I beleive Michael gave himself meds and the Dr. did not know what it was. I love Michael also and I think it was an accident on Michael,s part. check The Dr.records. Hold your head up Dr. Murrary God loves you and so do I you don.t remember but you save my life. the spoil mother you call me the first time you met me.

1033 days ago


dr. murray and michael were friends not just dr. and patient,mj trusted and believed in him. dr. murray did not intentionally contribute to mj's accidental death. he did not want to loose his friend. michael was dr. murrays boss
he had to obey his orders, the dr. was negligent but a murderer he is not. the mistake he made was leaving mj alone after he sadated him,but even if he had stayed with him it doesn't mean that mj was going to live, the drug killed mj not the dr. unfortunally mj was addicted to drugs. if not dr. murray some other dr. would have given him the's extremley painful even now for all of us that cared and loved michael so much. I have a large picture of mj on the fire place mantel and every time I look at him a sadness comes over me. I love mj his music,his dancing, I play his tapes and cd's and it's overwhelming. machael, may you rest in the lords arms for ever.

1033 days ago


it has been claimed that a movie producer stated that after seeing john belushis drug intake it would be wise to make as much money as possible off belushi before he kills himself with drugs

1033 days ago


michael had problems-was partially responsible --but as a medical professional -conrad murray should have never given michael this drug---that,s part of the oath, ethics & conduct phase of him being in the medical profession--a real friend show have helped michael check into rehab and gotten help---so conrad murray needs to accept responsibility and make a plea deal--par

1033 days ago


No proper resuscitative and monitoring equipment, leaving to make phone calls, incompetent CPR, delayed 911 call, no mention of propofol to medical staff.

It shouldn't be a question that Murray's negligence played a significant part in Jacksons death.

1033 days ago


The facts of the case are undisputed. The coroner has determined that MJ died of propofol intoxication. Propofol was being administered by Dr. Murray to MJ when he died. Dr. Murray was responsible as a physician to monitor MJ during the propofol administration. He failed to provide proper care as evidenced by the fact that MJ is dead.

The prosecution will try to throw up some smoke try to make you look at other things but in the end these facts are undisputed.

1032 days ago


It only take a second to do something you regret for the rest of you life. Sorry Dr. Murray but you should have paid attention to your duty as a physician.

Every boy knows what the right thing to do is ... but it takes a man to do it.

1032 days ago


You people are morons! He`s guilty because he took an oath to care for people, not fill them full of drugs. He was negligent and therefore he`s guilty. The Dr. does not take orders from the patient, he does what`s right for the patient. MORONS!

1032 days ago


Nancy Grace on Dr. Drew - Conrad Murray Was Under Charged

1032 days ago



1032 days ago
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