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Michael Jackson's Death Photo

Frightening Intentions?

9/27/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It seems the prosecution wanted to give the Michael Jackson death photo a murky, gritty treatment before it was presented in court this morning -- because it was clearly touched up to look as daunting as possible.

It appears the photo is NOT the original pic -- because now it includes a tattered border, a morgue-esque green hue ... and the word "Homicide" printed over MJ's body in a grainy, police-style font.

The prosecution used the photo as the background for a slide-show presentation in court.

Compare the pic to a cleaned up version of the photo (below) -- is the murky photo more likely to shake the jury?


We gotta ask ...


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Why are you showing this pic, and even several times, TMZ??? Oh sorry, $$$ of course!!!

There are many who are offended by it. At least they should be. This is to speculate in the ugliest form of voyeurism, not an attractive feature of mankind. It shouldn't be encouraged.

1125 days ago


Okay, the cleaned up version is worse as far as impact goes. But I gotta ask, how did he get into a hospital gown if he was pretty much DOA? However, it kind of looks like it could be a large t-shirt too.

1125 days ago


This is less shocking than Nancy Grace's big fn nipple

1125 days ago


DUH PEOPLE...he's wearing a hospital gown because he was wearing PJ's when he was "sleeping" and I'm sure the dr's cut them off so they could gain better access to his chest area (the dr's at the hospital DID try to get him back)...AND re. his hair..the medical examiner had to remove the wig (it was attached to his own hair).

1125 days ago


I wish I'd never have had to see that photo. It's shocking, depressing, heartbreaking and disturbing enough – but when you aren't prepared it makes your blood freeze.

I've already posted it on another board but feel the need to repeat it: What moments can be more private and therefore deserving more protection than those of deepest suffering, of the last minutes a person spends on this earth or of the time when he just has left. What a sacrilege to hurt someone's dignity like that. I'm lost for words.

1125 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

This picture...why would a dead person be propped up? Why would a dead person have his legs covered? If the sheet or blanket had been covering his whole body and they pulled it back for the photo, why is his arm on the outside of it?

1125 days ago


@MOI: Ethics in the US? Have you read a history book lately?

1125 days ago


TOTALLY INNAPROPRIATE! If this is indeed his death photo, NOONE should be able to see it except for the lawyers, jury and judge! Disgusting, completely innapropriate and disrespectful! I don't give a damn if you're famous or not, the public has no business seeing this!!!!! TMZ, you have officially become one of the s***miest tabloid website available!!!!!

1125 days ago


The clean version is worse to me because it is SO clear. It's very sad to see it in whatever version you look at it. MICHAEL JACKSON is dead. THAT IS SO SAD.

1125 days ago


Add me to the number of people who never wanted to see this photo. Come on, TMZ, you could require clicking on "more.." to get to the part with photos of a dead Michael Jackson rather than hitting us in the face with it when we come to TMZ to catch up on gossip, and nothing more.

1125 days ago


Look, Jackson was an addict who like a crack whore was going to do whatever it took to get what he needed... so I dont feel bad for Michael... just the Dr. was the stupid weasel who gave him what he wanted and he died as a result.
Guilty of negligence resulting in a death..manslaughter.
Is the Dr a s***bag? Yes but so was Michael.

1125 days ago

liss from Germany    

sad so sad really really sad.........

1125 days ago

liss from Germany    

two years we never saw a picture(ok-faked pictures) of our dead Michael- I was really shocked and sad again, but than i thought-why now? Why they show now this picture?-it makes no sense to me, because everybody knows he is dead- or(is he) not?

1125 days ago


What's going on with the sheet? Does he have post mortem wood? Or do I spy Macaulay Culkin under there?

1125 days ago


Powerpoint always makes the background template pic lighter. Otherwise it would overpower the main slides. Also, the font isn't a "police" font, but just Courier. C'mon TMZ, you're trying to make something out of nothing. The original pic is way more creepier because you can make out the details.

And, I like pie!

1125 days ago
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