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Michael Jackson's Death Photo

Frightening Intentions?

9/27/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It seems the prosecution wanted to give the Michael Jackson death photo a murky, gritty treatment before it was presented in court this morning -- because it was clearly touched up to look as daunting as possible.

It appears the photo is NOT the original pic -- because now it includes a tattered border, a morgue-esque green hue ... and the word "Homicide" printed over MJ's body in a grainy, police-style font.

The prosecution used the photo as the background for a slide-show presentation in court.

Compare the pic to a cleaned up version of the photo (below) -- is the murky photo more likely to shake the jury?


We gotta ask ...


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I'm not convinced this photo is authentic. I am a registered nurse and have worked in the emergency department for several years. Believe me, when a patient arrives in cardiac arrest no one takes the time to dress them in a hospital gown!

1123 days ago


the so call doctor is quilty,he just cared about the money,he knew it was wrong he should of never given it to him outside of the hospital,even if Michael was a drug addict murray shouldnt of given him this crap I cant believe they r even wasting tax payers money to have this trial he is quilty give him the injection already!

1123 days ago


This photo was used for court purposes to prove a point, geeez Harvey, bring it down. That's disrespectful!

1123 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

This must be a photo taken before 6/25/09. Nothing wrong with sleeping with your mouth open. It happens to everyone.

1123 days ago


His beautiful body and doll face, rotting in the ground. Michael, dead. I can think of a bunch of other people who ought to have that fate, and whose loss wouldn't do anything but improve the planet. Michaels soul lives on, but he put so much work into his appearance and was such a masterpiece. Its a waste. A waste of beauty. His soul and body combined, but yes I loved that son of Katrine.

1123 days ago


This has got to be a first. I agree with TMZ. The second photo looks like michael. I just dont understand why the photo needed to be seen (period)! Murray was there, and several others saw the condition of Michael's body. Why show this to the public? The photo will not change who murdered michael. The photo will not change the findings of the Coroner. Perhaps the prosecution and defense have the same boss afterall....hmmmmm

1123 days ago


I distinctly recall reading the description of Michael Jackson upon admission to the ER as "essentially bald with a scarred scalp and sparse, thin hair". Does not describe what is shown in this photo(shop)graph.

1123 days ago


Jackson Family Cries As Michael's Dead Body Shown To JuryJackson Family Cries As Michael's Dead Body Shown To Jury
Posted on Sep 27, 2011 @ 06:30AM print it send it
Splash NewsBy Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter and Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor

Michael Jackson's family cried at the image of his dead body on a gurney in the hospital that the prosecutor showed to the jury during opening statements on Tuesday.

Janet Jackson was visibly moved to tears when the photo of her brother's lifeless body was shown observed in the courtroom. His other sister LaToya shook her head and appeared stunned.

The photo of Michael showed the lifeless King of Pop on June 25, 2009 wearing a hospital gown on a gurney with tape over his nose. It was juxtaposed next to a picture of Jackson on stage the day before, June 24, 2009, rehearsing for his "This Is It" tour.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

As the prosecutor played the tape recording Dr. Conrad Murray made of Michael speaking about the tour on May 10, 2009, his brother Jermaine Jackson whispered "No, no, no," to the family.

The matriarch of the family, Katherine Jackson, had tears in her eyes throughout the proceedings.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

Dr. Murray's defense team will be presenting their opening arguments Tuesday and will be Live streaming the proceedings.

1123 days ago


The media is disgusting. This picture is a disgrace. It's disrespectful and unnecessary.

1123 days ago


As a nurse I can say that in cases like that they take the clothes for evidence after being photoed and do dress them in a hospital gown.Sorry it's not fishy just standard.

1123 days ago


FAKE as sh*t!

1123 days ago


FAKE as hell this photo,along with the audio of drugged MJ. Come on ppl.

1123 days ago


TMZ, get a grip! That photo speaks for itself, loud and clear...touched up or otherwise! It is what it is. Either "version" you look at, the end result is the same...this is the tragic result of Dr. Conrad Murray's negligence. Besides, isn't it somewhat hypocritical to call the prosecution out on a tactic that you guys yourself use all the time, and that is practiced by every tabloid/medialoid outlet out there? C'mon, TMZ, can you honestly say you never intentionally printed the most unflattering photos of MJ in your stockpile to accompany stories about him, so as to emphasize his image as "Wacko Jacko?" You guys have been doing that for years, and now you want to call the kettle black on this? It does not matter if this pic is tinted or the word "homicide" printed over it; the image in the second photo is every bit as sad and graphic as the first, so what is the difference? Either way, it delivers the same, powerful message.

1123 days ago


More than anything I think the picture shows that there is one thing common to all of us. At some point in some way we are all going to die. Death has been called the great equalizer since the rich and famous can no more avoid it than anyone else can. While I was never a fan of MJ the manner of his death was unfortunate. The clear picture has the greater impact as it seems to communicate these things better. It is sad to see him laying there alone like that with no family around. He almost appears pushed into a corner and discarded. I am wondering why if he was DOA did they feel the need to redress him in a hospital gown?

1123 days ago


Well his hair is straight in pic, it was curly the night before and his fingers are too short, this is a fake

1123 days ago
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