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Michael Jackson's Death Photo

Frightening Intentions?

9/27/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It seems the prosecution wanted to give the Michael Jackson death photo a murky, gritty treatment before it was presented in court this morning -- because it was clearly touched up to look as daunting as possible.

It appears the photo is NOT the original pic -- because now it includes a tattered border, a morgue-esque green hue ... and the word "Homicide" printed over MJ's body in a grainy, police-style font.

The prosecution used the photo as the background for a slide-show presentation in court.

Compare the pic to a cleaned up version of the photo (below) -- is the murky photo more likely to shake the jury?


We gotta ask ...


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I'll ******* tell you WHATS WRONG...Printing this photo you insensitive pieces of ****. Evil.

1129 days ago


very creepy

1129 days ago


I don't care if it was "released". Your publishing it here is beneath contempt. Is this a way to honor this artist's legacy? His privacy?

1129 days ago


It seems the prosecution wanted to give the Michael Jackson death photo a murky, gritty treatment before it was presented in court this morning -- because it was clearly touched up to look as daunting as possible.

Sorry guys but i don't agree.

This is a real pic and Michael doesn't look like a hospice patient as someone testified in January.

1129 days ago

Khate sucks    

I don't believe this is him....when the paramedics arrived, they said it was an old BALD man.....he clearly has hair here!

1129 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

They definitely took some time to fix him up a bit before the photo, fans should be grateful it's not a picture of how he actually looked at the time he was officially pronounced dead.

All the stuperfans like to come here and bitch about TMZ and the content but why do they visit? It's because they love to be outraged and if they didn't they would stay on the fan sites. If you don't like what's here, don't come.

1129 days ago


Does anyone really believe this is an actual photo? MJ's legs are much longer than those showing in this picture. Nice try prosecution... anyways - what a horrible thing to show in the court room with Michael's family present. What if his children had been there -

1129 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Reality check.
The photo is authentic. Michael is wearing a sleep cap and the gown would have been placed on him in order that the family could view the body.

Maybe this photo should have been shown to the jury, maybe not. But either way, the world was not entitled to see it. It is the ultimate invasion of privacy. An intrusion into the life of a very vulnerable man who spent his whole life trying to avoid cameras.

Now, it's plastered all over the media.
God knows what his family must be feeling. His mother could not bring herself to view his body at the hospital. My heart goes out to her.

Michael did not deserve this. He should have died in the arms of someone who loved him, not in the company o*****reedy, self serving doctor.

1129 days ago


it hurts me so much to see that picture :( R.I.P MJ, love you forever.

1129 days ago

Something To Say    

Well dead is matter how murky the photo. If they had altered his looks in some way i would say that would not be fair. In my opinion making the photo dark actually makes it harder for the jurors to see. The bottom photo is much more clear so we can feel how a family member would walking into a room and seeing him dead at the hospital.

1129 days ago


Lets be truthful, Michael was a junkie most of his whole life, when all else failed because he was into drugs for such a long peorid of time ..he had to resort to exstreme measures...this doctor did what he wanted only because he was in debt, he had no intentions of killing michael, that was not his plan...he new michael was a sick junkie and just helped him sleep....never thinking something would go wrong...michael did something before hand.....he was so out of it he didn't realize what he was doing and this doctor got the blame....same old song ...look at elvis presley....same thing ...nothing worked on him anymore and he just kept trying more and more until his heart blew up.....they think they are infalable celebrities, but they are only human in body ......margie...

1129 days ago


The real strange stuff:
Murray tapes Mike under influence of same medication /alkohol.....just want normal friends /doctors do to you

Murray orders a huge stash of anaesthetic to his girlfierd's house instead of his clinic.....standard procedure for doctors.....yeah, right

and obiously Murray calls Mike's assistant instead of 911
That is what common sense makes you do when someone needs imediate medical attention

1129 days ago


He looks peacefull.. I love you Michael

1129 days ago


Please do not called to say that it is he or is not he
TMZ is trying by all means to clarify the picture just to say they have the best picture
poor TMZ

1129 days ago

PRO US    

This is it!

1129 days ago
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