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President Obama

The Real Carmageddon

9/27/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


President Barack Obama proved he's the REAL carmageddon -- by royally screwing up Los Angeles traffic with one helicopter, hundreds of police cars ... and a little fundraiser.

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He will be elected another term!People who comment badly about President Obama are just haters.Realize and realize now he will be re-elected and all of these people must come to reality and get jobs and stop posting negative comments grow up and be adults.Unreal!

1122 days ago


Who's this guy on TMZ with the voice? I love him.... he is so funny. Anyway, back to Obama -- OBAMA 2012!

1122 days ago


HE IS THE PRESIDENT DUMB ASSSSSSES!!!!!!! (to TMZ staff member that came up with that comment that he screwed up traffic.

No he should drive around in a Ford Fiesta like some of you poor bastards!!!

1122 days ago


If he is out raising money at least he isn't in the Oval Office making trouble for America....!
Don't think he is going to help you because you are black either, he don't even like you !
He is only getting votes because the white people think they are being open minded voting for a black man and the black think if they vote for him, he will get them something FREE, well wake up, HE WILL NOT ! He will give you NOTHING FREE !
He is in this for HIMSELF only !

1122 days ago


If the BLACK people are voting for Obama because he is HALF BLACK, and they think he will help them, WELL, has he helped you yet>????? NO, and he won't, he does NOT care about you, he doesn't even like being HALF BLACK , it bothers him a lot, and he has no use for you or anyone that is poor. He is in this for HIMSELF and will not help the poor or the Black people. You need to realize this NOW ! ! ! Don't vote for him because of his color !!! If there was a white spray like there is a tan spray, he would get the SPRAY WHITE in a second.

1122 days ago


What a complete waste of time. He's only here to get $$$$$ from the radical left wing Hollywood trash. He's an embarrasment to the office of POTUS, let alone the mess he's gotten this country in.

1121 days ago


That had to be the biggest waste of money I've ever seen. Even if your the President do you really need a personal army?

1121 days ago


I can't afford my health insurance co pays and food. He spends money like an outsider, which I suspect he is. $50,000 taxpayers paid for his rental on Martha's Vineyard for 1 week.Pay for it yourself President Obama.Plus picking up the tap for Michelle's mother to live rent free in the White House $$$$! Remember his speech about postponing going out to eat and delaying a vacation.We all need to budget...zzzzz. LIAR!

1121 days ago


And Bush did not skrew upt the economy. Quit being so racist! Repliklans

1121 days ago


God I love the way the crazy tea ba@@ers come to this site to spew their ingorance and racism. They claim to hate "liberal" Hollywood, and yet they can't get enough gossip. Shouldn't you be reading the Bible or something??

Kinda reminds me of the politicians who claim family values and then go out and have affairs - or the evangelicals who are caught with small children or prostitutes.

1121 days ago


This is not even a story. It happens with every administration whether democrat or republican.

1121 days ago


To all you Obama haters....Never mind you`re probably the morons that voted those Busch`s in.

1121 days ago


The man makes me sick! How dare he campaign on the Tax payers dollar!

Get back to work s*** bag!

1121 days ago


You dumb, stupid, assinine, block-headed, no brain fools: OBAMA's motorcade CAN and WILL disrupt traffic WHENEVER and WHEREVER he goes -- HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! He's been POTUS for two years counting you uneducated, no-sense-of-history, smelly jerks!! Get it together TMZ---and stop being so damn bigoted -- it shows, ya got me??? Did you point out traffic disruptions when Dub-YA was Prez?? No!! Your show is dumb -- and those clueless idiots sitting in the "gossip-room" have no idea of anything!!

1121 days ago


Wow! You white people really hate that a black man is President... this man is more educated and wealthier than ALL of you that posted comments. Plus he has character and cares about his family. So sorry that he's not a lying-ass fat white bastard that cheats on his wife, snorts cocaine and funds his personal oil company by sending young adults to war. Come-on he's a quality President... white people are just used to other pigs that **** all over each other.

1119 days ago
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