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Dr. Murray Trial

'Abandonment' Is the Key

9/27/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


After some shocking opening statements in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial -- Harvey thinks the whole case could hinge on one word ... "abandonment."

Plus, why Murray's defense team could be shooting themselves in the foot by declaring Michael Jackson was a severe drug addict. And, the audio recording of MJ -- out of it and rambling -- is already having a huge impact.


(1:20) The lowdown on the prosecution's compelling opening statements -- like how Dr. Conrad Murray had over 4 GALLONS of Propofol shipped to him during a two month span.
(4:10) Harvey strongly believes the key word in the case WON'T be Propofol ... it'll be "abandonment."
(12:10) Conrad's attorney argued that MJ caused his own death ... and how "science" will prove them right.
(22:20) The SHOCKING audio recording taken by Dr. Murray ... in which MJ is seriously messed up on drugs.
(27:40) Is it possible to establish MJ accidentally killed himself if Conrad doesn't take the stand?
(42:05) Harvey thinks the defense team is screwing themselves by showing MJ was a serious drug addict.
(43:30) Could MJ have really injected himself in the TWO minutes Murray claims to have been absent from the room?
(45:40) The prosecution make a strong move today by showing a picture of Michael's dead body.

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that tape is unbelivable cant believe thats him why didn't doctor conrad stop and help

1120 days ago


The prosecutor said that Dr. Conrad said that MJ had a pulse when the paramedics did not find one. The defense said that MJ killed himself immediately. It’s a big contradiction and does it show a weakness in the defense?

1120 days ago


Can you guys check your audio? There are other conversations going on that the audio is picking up. Hard to hear Harvey. It may be from Gary and Ryan S. Thanks

1120 days ago


If the word "abandonment" is the key, then Murray is guilty; case closed. The prosecutor showed in his opening statement that Murray was on the phone for 40-45 minutes after he administered the lethal dose of propofol.

Also, how the hell does Murray's defense think Michael would be in any condition to self-administer himself with the lethal dose? Did that even listen to that tape that was played? Michael was barely coherent, if they hadn't put the script of the dialogue up, I wouldn't have known what the hell he was saying. There is no way he would have been in any shape to administer medication to himself. They had better brainstorm another defense asap if Murray hopes to beat this.

1120 days ago

Jim Kendall    

I've not-the-least doubt that Jackson bowed-out, of his own accord. He was worn-out, tired, and morbidly daunted by his final-tour schedule.
It's also testament to his ultimate un-cool-ness; in that he left all in a cowardly-mess, whereby it was likely someone else would be blamed.

1120 days ago


Quoting Harvey- MJ just wanted "a good nights sleep?" Seriously, your statement makes no sense. Does someone get a large dose of a powerful medication and wake up well rested in 8 hours? No way. Think about would take time for it to wear off, realistically the individual would be groggy and altered for hours after waking.

The evidence thus far shows Mr. Jackson was an addict that used his money and influence to get what he wanted. Addicts are manipulative and self-centered, and Jackson had more resources than most. He was not a tragic victim of a sleep disorder, there are many treatments for that. Earth creatures sleep when they are tired enough, we all have that in common. The insomnia was an excuse to get drugs. MJ was privileged and he chose to use his uncommon situation to access harm rather than do good. The man chose to be a father. Did he wake up refreshed to care for his children every morning (as most parents do) after requesting IV drugs the night before? He had personal responsibilities that apparently came second to his addiction to escape. He was not strong enough to do the work achieving sobriety demands, or the humility to ask for help. Many folks with far less support have earned rewarding lives after hard work on themselves. Bottom line: Mr. Jackson has significant accountability in the sad end to his own life, and the pain he caused his family.

1120 days ago


Sleep deprivation causes paranoia, and incoherent behavior. He suffered intense insomnia, and probably was inconsolable at the point of death. God bless his soul.

1120 days ago


It sounds like with all of the propofol being sent and Dr. Murray taping MJ's voice on drugs it sounds like he wanted to get rid of MJ and show MJ did it to himself!!

1120 days ago

Wilma Lemos de Souza    

O que matou MJ,foi ter toda a sua vida rodeada de pessoas que só queriam tirar vantagens dele.Uma pessoa profundamente tímida,triste,com uma necessidade de aceitação imensa,daí tantas mudanças.Todos que conviveram com ele,são um pouco culpado,falsos amigos,médicos,empregados,ex-mulheres e principalmente a família que sempre se manteve cega por conveniência,pois é mais fácil se aproveitar de uma pessoa frágil emocionalmente e com muitos problemas de saúde.Espero que a justiça seja feita,e que futuramente outros ídolos não morram devido à ação imprudente de pessoas que deveriam salvar vidas,que é muiuto mais importante que o dinheiro que ganhariam.

1120 days ago


Well first of all Doc wouldnt be able to do nothing at that stage, even in a hospital he would have died even with all machines in the world. I dont think doctor is the guilty one,but is good for a ''film'', keeps americans thinking at this things.But the first guilty is the provider who sold Propofol to Doc.Something like this shouldnt be possible.You need a special qualification to ask something this drug.Prolly doc didnt knew he already had drugs so he gaved him a normal drug that prolly he gaved him before.Im sure that he wouldnt risk his life to give him propofol on top of lorazepam.And let him in the bed and leave.. well prolly Michael took the lorazepam already as lorazepam is not a very strong drug but doc prolly never thought he will take such a hudge amount of pills.He just did what did before.So doc is just guilty to get such a hudge amount of drugs,but nothing else.

1120 days ago


ENOUGH about Conrad Murray trial. Do we REALLY need an entire page of stories about this? Michael killed himself accidentally, enough said. If this guy hadn't been on his payroll, another doc would have. Can't rely on any of them, really.

1119 days ago


Dr. Murray said he gave MJ sleeping med's. DR. Murray was recorded saying MJ feel asleep, he checked his oxygen level, checked his blood pressure & did not leave the room until he(Dr. Murray) was comfortable. Dr. Murray left the room (with a sleeping MJ) for 2 minutes (according to his recorded statement). Within those 2 minutes Dr. Murray said he was gone the defense attorney wants us to believe that a DRUG INDUCED SLEEPING MJ (Dr. Murray said MJ was asleep when he left the room) woke up, found the propofol, took it then died instantly - so instantly that he couldn't close his eyes... really? ok

1119 days ago


Were available many ways to save the life of Michael Jackson, prevention is appropriate in any case, even with the dependency that was entirely possible, Murray was not the right doctor, and his work as a cardiologist is awkward, do not know CPR properly, is not prepared to respond to an emergency situation, does not care at all health of his patient, the 911 call was TOO late, at no time be left alone after a patient a sedative and much leaving less scope and disposal that kind of medicine, an anesthesiologist is the doctor recommended for this class of substances applied correctly, because Murray agrees to do a job which was not properly trained?
That recording, all that proves is the true nobility and great heart of Michael Jackson under any cir****tances

1117 days ago

wilfred van lowerstein-haupberg    

This is the most elobrate hoax in existance - it is a massive publicity stunt - Mr. Jackson will emerge hail and hardy ready for performing his new video.

1114 days ago


Just like with an alcoholic .. if your doctor knows that you are an alcoholic ... he cannot prescribed you certain drugs .. such as drugs that contain alcohol.
Conrad Murray was VERY aware that MJ was addicted to drugs ... Murray should of suggested rehab to MJ ... and not prescribe any more drugs to him. IF Michael refused rehab, then Murray should of stepped down as his physician. Michael was clearly out of control, Murray should of realized this and treated him as any decent physician would of and got him the proper care instead of pumping all this drugs into him.
IMO, Murray was in it for the money and didn't give a darm about Michael ... IF I read right , MJ was paying him $150,000 a month to be his personal physician.

I think Murray should be charged with murder of the 2nd degree. He was more then just negligent. He was selfish , reckless by his own choosing knowing full well that MJ could die . Murrays actions shoedw that on the day MJ died. Look how long it took him to call for an ambulance ... I think he was buying time to cover up the crime as well as he possibly could.

1110 days ago
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