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Ashton Kutcher [PHOTO]

Partying SOLO on Anniversary

9/29/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher partying soloTMZ has obtained photos of Ashton Kutcher partying his face off on his 6th wedding anniversary last weekend -- problem is ... Demi Moore was 3,000 miles away.

Sources tell us, Ashton -- who married Demi on September 24th, 2005 -- was burning the midnight oil at FLUXX nightclub in San Diego early Saturday morning ... while Demi promoted her new Lifetime movie in New York.

But they're Ashton and Demi -- plenty of couples spend their anniversaries apart ... partying ... with strangers ... right?



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2 1/2 men is finished. The rest of the cast cannot carry the show and Ashton Kutcher is cannot replace Charlie Sheen.

Seems Kutcher's life is having the makings of a MEN episode - but without the humor - much like the show now.

Perhaps Kutcher should not be so quick to burn bridges with Demi, he will be out of a job soon enough.

1031 days ago


He looks miserable and people watching. Until the papers are filed, don't count the marriage as over yet. Neither of them have made any statement, and you know they'll do it on Twitter. He seemed to grow the beard out for his character, and they're still in the middle of doing this season of 2 1/2 Men. Demi has that Five movie on Lifetime her and Aniston are producing.

1031 days ago


I see people are threatened by a younger guy dating/marrying an older woman. Get over it! It's happening everywhere. It's no problem for a young woman to date an old goat who can't get it up anymore but God forbid when a woman wants some young fit energetic man. Divorce happens ALL the time no matter what the age difference or who's older and who's younger.

1031 days ago

He's probably the only person watching the new Two and a Half Men also

1031 days ago



Implode....Explode....either way, it won't be pretty!

1031 days ago


Oh, Good Lord. I posted the link to the story on Fox News Entertainment section yesterday about Demi & Kutcher poss breaking up over his sleeping with some twit from the bar - and she has hired a lawyer - on that stupid Lohan fluff story reported here yesterday (TMZ isn't reporting Lohan and her excapades with a married man or anything else she's doing - can you say Dina "I'll Sue You're Pants Off" Lohan?). I do not know what has happened to you, TMZ, but Entertainment section has had this story abt Kutcher & Demi for a couple days now as well as everywhere else BUT here. I only stopped by to see if TMZ had actually reported anything yet. I'm, obviously, spending my time elsewhere where you can actually find something out. UK Mailonline has far more info than TMZ on Lohan for sure. Kinda sad to see this site failing. I hope they get their poop together cuz it used to be fun here. Now it's all pretty much people you've never even heard of.

1031 days ago


Ashton has been back for the Iowa football games without Demi and she's normally always with him there!

1031 days ago


He's been back for the Iowa Football games alone and Demi was ALWAYS with him.

1031 days ago


Oh, come on....what were both of these knuckleheads thinking anyway?

He was a baby, she was using a car seat for him last year! She was way too old for him from the start, what if he wants children? She has no buisiness attempting to have children this late, and she has spent the better part of the last 10 years or so, doing everything and anything to stay young looking so she can hold onto him or the nay-sayers will say....see, told ya so, I knew it wouldn't last!I knew he'd want a younger woman...and who knows maybe this was just a fluke and they are happy as ever, but, I suspect not. As he gets older he is going to want certain things from life, and with a wife THAT much older, I think he knows he that he isn't going to get those things...we'll see.

I would never want to be in Demi's her peer, a 40 something gal, the last place in my life I would want to be is where Demi has put herself, desperatly trying to stay young looking, that is time consuming, who wants that at our age? We get much smarter girls as we get older, we just get better! Demi is the exception to the rule..she married him because her young daughters thought he was "hot"...just one reason she shouldn't have hooked up with this kid....besides, he is a bit of obnoxiuos man, he acts like a 7th our age who wants to hang out with the guy from Punked? We are beyond that, I guess Demi isn't..

1031 days ago


A hole
S impleton
H airy
T arnished
O verrated
N uts

1031 days ago


Poor Demi. She was once one of the top female movie actresses. Now she's doing Lifetime movies.

1031 days ago


It was bound to happen sooner or later, it happens to the best of us. Two ppl just not totally compatiable. Ashton can & probably would like to have children one day & Demi may not be able to give him that. I dont see age having anything to do with separation or divorce. Hopefully they wont fight over who's is who's & who gets what & can stay friends & keep peace. Fighting over money & materials is not worth the friendship they can have & keep.

1031 days ago


Yeah this Sara Lea is 22 or 23 y.o. and she is now looking for a deal to sell her story. Ashton is fu... up big time. She doesn't want him she wants the money like $ 250.00 for her story. Demi you don't want this LOOOSER. Find a decent man you dont want this one.

1031 days ago


Charlie Sheen wear*****s like that...

1031 days ago


He is looking like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz

1031 days ago
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