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Ashton Kutcher [PHOTO]

Partying SOLO on Anniversary

9/29/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher partying soloTMZ has obtained photos of Ashton Kutcher partying his face off on his 6th wedding anniversary last weekend -- problem is ... Demi Moore was 3,000 miles away.

Sources tell us, Ashton -- who married Demi on September 24th, 2005 -- was burning the midnight oil at FLUXX nightclub in San Diego early Saturday morning ... while Demi promoted her new Lifetime movie in New York.

But they're Ashton and Demi -- plenty of couples spend their anniversaries apart ... partying ... with strangers ... right?



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Could all be an act to get some "sheen" cred for the show.
this show will crash and burn, but i suspect lorre will keep it going, out of pride.
Ashton is acting like Kelso all over again.

1086 days ago


Come on...what did you expect Demi?....he's in his prime with hot fillies throwing themselves at him, meanwhile you're muttoning up quite nicely. You got way more mileage out of this than you should have. The only reason he hooked up with you was because he spend his pre-fame teenage years vigorously mastebating while watching you in striptease. Unfortunately you are just no it anymore while he has a good 20 years left. Its a market economy love.

1086 days ago


Uma, this article was not about me. Your comment that "you must be a real piece of work" because I am left penniless by my husband is uncalled for. You do not know anything about my life or situation and it was a cruel and uncalled for comment. I have worked all my life and raised 2 daughters on my own. I got layed off at the age of 56 and have sent 2000 apps. out with no response. Have you checked the stats for unemployment lately. Not to mention I just wiped out my savings to pay for my fathers nursing home for 6 months before he died 2 weeks ago. How is your 401K doing? My comment was that it is such a cliche' May/September marriages. You took it upon yourself to post a vicious comment to a fellow poster. Nice work jerk. Glad your life is perfect. If any one is a piece of work its you. By the way, I am now taking care of my 80 year old mother who gets a social security check of $800 a month. Stick it up your ass. I was a loving wife who just happened to be the bread winner in the marriage until I lost my job. There are virtually millions of us out there that have been wiped out by this economy.

1086 days ago


I think the story could be made up --like sooo many other celeb headlines --but I find it interesting that His Wife Demi hasnt tweeted about it or released a statement --in the past she's shown her teeth being removed, and has made visible shows of effection of some sort when similar rumors broke out --- she seems to enjoy being transparent --I'm gonna wait n see ---if His Wife comments before believing it...

1086 days ago


he doesn't look like he's partying-more like catching a buzz. i hope all of this is more media lies. they are two good human beings who have entertained me lots throughout their acting careers. if there is some truth i hope it's worked out. wish both the best.

1086 days ago


Ashton looks like a poor homeless fellow, and soon might be,(homeless that is). These Hollywood marriages rarely go to the "until death do us part".......unless some unforeseen, unfortunate incident takes place. The relationship appears to have run-out-of-zing.

1086 days ago


Really? Looks like he is missing Demi to me.

1086 days ago


Does anyone find it sad that demi's doing lifetime movies now and what in the heck is ashton's doing directing a lifetime movie idc if it is with your wife if I was his agent I would smack him.

1086 days ago


Fool me once,shame on me, fool me twice shame on YOU!Divorce him and take half of his 2 and half money!


1084 days ago


He is only 33. He got married very young, six years ago. He has never spread his wings. In your 20's you are trying to decide if you want to get married, what kind of person you wish to marry and be with your entire life and what you want to do with your life. I don't believe he ever took time to smell the roses.

1083 days ago


Ashton you suck ass buddy.Not only have you hurt the woman who loves you, you hurt the girls too .Enjoy endless NEW ass, and remember !!!! You get what you give. I hope a case of Herpes surrounds your patheti*****tle member. P.S. I will Never watch anything with you in it.

1082 days ago


someone her own age??? like Bruce Willis or Clint Eastwood who are legendary womanizers? We forget here that both of them dont mind to show naked on screen. They are not the epitome of modesty and privacy. But Ashton loves Demi and could give lessons of faithfulness to Bruce Willis, Arnold, and all those men "her" age or older. Demi must learn the most beautiful virtue in a woman : forgive. Ashton is younger and some mistakes are really peanuts in comparison with such rare type of love. Paul Mc Cartney has married and nobody asks him to marry someone his age. The bride looks very happy.

1076 days ago


all these yrs. I've watched 70's and movies u were in, and have had the biggest cruch on u. What I've read recently about u having sex w/22 yr old girl, even worse...on your 6th anniversary to Demi...sickens me. I have admired her and her movies many years and what u did was so disrespectful, selfish and unworthy of your vows u two made to one another when u married. Worst part about it ashton, is that now u have created "doubt" in the relationship. The wise wizard said..."it is your actions that show who u truly are.

1073 days ago


Dude, what's up with the hat all the time? It looks stupid. Are you balding?

1022 days ago
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