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George Clooney

Elisabetta NEVER Sent Me Angry Texts

9/29/2011 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney -- ElisabettaGeorge Clooney is doing something he almost never does -- commenting about a report on his romantic life ... in particular, one that claims his ex-gf sent him angry text messages about his new gf.

The report in the current issue of US Weekly ... claims Elisabetta Canalis fired off a series of angry texts to George when she found out he was dating Stacy Keibler.

But George tells TMZ, the story "was completely fabricated in order to sell magazines. I never comment on my personal life unless it affects others...and this lie affects others."

George added this challenge to US Weekly, "Since I would be the only actual witness, I ask you to correct your story immediately, but that would assume you cared at all about telling the truth."


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who dat    

Of course she sent the angry texts. EVERY woman is angry when a guy finds new tail/ (beard)

1122 days ago


Funny...all the people that actually know Clooney find him a nice guy, a hard worker, a film talent and easy to be around. Now, you people, who've never met him and have only seen his work on your $100 TV...have nothing good to say about him. That shows you how really f*cked up this site is. You losers would probably complain if you were hung with a new rope.

1122 days ago


She seemed so aloof and angry on DWTS I was glad to see her go. Can't imagine what he saw in her except she was a female escort.

1122 days ago

BB in CA    

US Weekly: How bad is it when you have to make up **** to sell your magazine? Stop lying to us please and apologize to George.

1122 days ago


I don't know much about his girlfriends but I do know that he doesn't look well in the latest pics that I've seen of him.

1122 days ago


I don't know much about his girlfriends but I do know that he doesn't look well in the latest pics that I've seen of him.

1122 days ago


Whatever....Everyone knows he f!ck and forget.

1122 days ago


How Clooney could have endured that shallow twit for 3 years is beyond me. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she did it and he's covering for her so she doesn't dish about what a turd he is.

1122 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

isn't it obvious it was a fake relationship to get her publicity and be a beard at the same time?????

1122 days ago


Dude, I'd be jealous, too. Stacy Keibler is FINE!

1122 days ago


The whole mystery man routine is such an act it's unreal. He has no idea what truth is. He's lived in a bubble most of his life. He's an actor. Hello? An A C T O R. And not an entirely effective one. He's mediocre, at best. AT BEST. Hey, Clooney, get off the high horse, start walking like a man and not a chick, and screw something that has a brain. Stop trying to emulate the greats of the profession (I use that word loosely) Stick to TV, soap operas. You play the same guy in every film. About as much range as a toaster.

1122 days ago


Gee, George, since you're suddenly so big on telling the truth when it affects others, why not tell everyone about how Canalis and her associates hacked the cell phones and emails belonging to you, your friends, and loved ones. I guess that would take some balls, though, as then you'd have to admit that it was only a publicity contract. Instead just take the coward's way out as usual.

1122 days ago


George if you wanna set the record straight fine but theres no reason to act all bitchy and sarcastic about it to the paps. They can burn you as well as save you in the public opinion. Lay off the attitude and maybe they will try to correct the misunderstanding.

With that comment i'd be like f it its not my problem if i was the paps. If you want something don't lace it with insults. Seriously.

and George your love life isn't that interesting that anyone really cares that much. Please stop exalting yourself as if you dieing tomorrow would be the end of the world. Easily another trainwreck lindsey,etc waiting in the helm.

Your not exactly that interesting and your pretty much scandal free. In hollywood your virtually a saint by pap standards. So maybe chill on the attitude.

Love your work and you seem like a cool guy to chill with and have a drink.

1122 days ago


He is getting older but act as though he was a hot boy, amen!

1122 days ago


I like Elisabetta betta.

1122 days ago
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