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George Clooney

Elisabetta NEVER Sent Me Angry Texts

9/29/2011 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney -- ElisabettaGeorge Clooney is doing something he almost never does -- commenting about a report on his romantic life ... in particular, one that claims his ex-gf sent him angry text messages about his new gf.

The report in the current issue of US Weekly ... claims Elisabetta Canalis fired off a series of angry texts to George when she found out he was dating Stacy Keibler.

But George tells TMZ, the story "was completely fabricated in order to sell magazines. I never comment on my personal life unless it affects others...and this lie affects others."

George added this challenge to US Weekly, "Since I would be the only actual witness, I ask you to correct your story immediately, but that would assume you cared at all about telling the truth."


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i`m so tired of this a**hole and his long list of bimbo girlfriends. i`ve never liked him and never will. marry them or shut the f*** up. george clooney is a first rate a**hole.

1088 days ago


so very say for all envovled in this mass..i just lost my mother and i will say is too damn it will u can!!!!!!!!!!

1088 days ago


The fact is he can do what he wants , when he wants and doesn't really care who or what you may or may not have to say or think.
He uses his name for what he thinks he believes in .From human rights subjects to politics.
He is someone who my at the time think he cares for this person in his abnormal way of thinking and acting. To using them for his own purposes.
Who the H----- ,cares anyway . He is a powerhouse in his own mind. His ego is being fed. Great PR, keeps him in the loop. He is Hollywood, so he's word doesn't mean a whole lot. Even if he has been doing things for the UN . It is all about using his name. Your a humanitarian when it suites you, old man. ( go into the field sometime and feed,cloth and find meds for them )
Mr.G.T. Clooney needs to grow up.

1086 days ago


If you want them to stay out of your personal life keep the ho's off the carpet. You know he kills me when for the past 20 years he has flaunted his personal life(a dozen plus want-a-be somethings)down the red carpet. Women nobody has heard of who is just in it for a free ride to 15 minutes of fame and he's in it just to show hollywood that at 50 he can still pull'em. WTF ever dude! Don't get mad at reporters/paps who would rather hear about your piece-of-ass for the moment then your movies. That right there should tell you that who your banging is more interesting than your movies(which is a strtch because you never really bang anybody interesting anyway),so stop bringing your gf's to the forefront and make better movies that people want to see and hear about. Then mabe your personal life wouldn't be an issue. Your not Hefner and even with him its getting ridiculous.

1086 days ago


I still don't get why he needs to say something about a tabloid story. Its a tabloid thats what they do. Is it really affecting "others" that bad? Are these "other" people on the verge of slitting their wrists or something over this story or are they ready to blow up your Titanium American Express card at the nearest high priced boutique? Please save the chivalry for when Elisabetta really needs it. We all know you were probably a controlling sugardaddy-slash-douche with her so give Captain Save a Ho's a rest. Im sure the "others" could give a sh*t. So go back and curl up next to your 30 year old wrestler and take a nap after getting a quick read of your new subsription to AARP.

1086 days ago


After seeing Elisabetta on DWTS, she probably did send him nasty text messages. She was such a big baby and whiner. I can't believe George is standing up for her. And I don't know why any woman would date him. They know he's going to dump them after a year. Good grief girls. Get some self-respect.

1084 days ago


Who cares! At the end of the day, he's just a name. There are more pressing issues then this Mr.Clooney . For F--- sake.
He is a # 1 A- hole. He does that with class. lol

1084 days ago

justice USA    

Prosecution And Termination Of Dishonest Federal Employees Admittedly Involved In Repeated Serious Felon Crimes.

When there is a contrived situation of federal employees involved in repeated efforts to criminally harass who than falsely implied they knew things they did not, such as someone was reacting to illegal, unfair and dishonest personal attacks.

When for anyone to know, or even imply anything means those federal employees were involved in illegal, felon privacy intrusions, illegal interceptions of private communications, and criminal harassment. As to have implied they knew someone was criminally harassed, as they were involved to think or tell people that someone was reacting based on that.

Those felon employees were involved in illegal efforts to intrude and criminal intent to harm including wanting to intrude on your privacy, tell everyone else all your private matters, and try to mind your business of what they lack any ability or right to ever be involved in. They wanted to imply false things about you and your business to harass, disrupt, and harm. When they were suppose to have been respectful servants of the people. They thought you were criminal, dishonest and senseless things because that is what they were. And their involvements only cost everyone and harmed and brought disrepute to anything they were not kept out of. That is all these situations and their involvements proved.

They don't think people have a right to privacy, to have freedom, freedom from abuses as the constitution, laws and civilian rights provide. They were involved in the illegal violations of privacy, privacy of communications, and compromising the personal safety and security of those whom they were illegally intruding on. People have the right to be free of such illegal, dishonest and senseless criminal efforts to harm. They did not think people have a right to travel, stay, live and be where they want to. This is what they were and what they did and were about.

Also, such dishonest felon employees would have to have been lying to have been implying someone else was reaction based on repeated criminal harassment, personal attacks and established patterns of felon efforts to harm. When the fact is anyone could be reacting to the fact these were felon government employees involved in crimes against humanity, society, the family, the constitution, freedom and freedom from abuses.

Termination Of Dishonest Federal Employees Admittedly Involved In Repeated Serious Felon Crimes.

1080 days ago
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