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Lindsay Lohan

Sucking Face ... WITH A DUDE!!!

9/28/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Philipp Plein and Lindsay LohanThe Lindsay Lohan sexuality meter is leaning towards "MEN" again ... because last night, she was spotted in a lip lock with a DUDE in a funky jacket.

The guy is actually fashion designer Philipp Plein -- and while he and Lindsay are getting pretty close lately, we're told the two are NOT dating ... for the time being.



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She is looking more and more like her mother and I mean that in a bad way. She looks as old as her mother too. WOW! Drugs doesnt do the body good.

1118 days ago


BRW Why dont you block both of them, if you dont want the drama?? I know I would. I wouldnt give either one of them the time of day. Do you like the milo drama?

Oh is ILG right will you and Andy be the only ones on Radar today?? Just wondering

1118 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

OK everyone, The Twitter thing was just supposed to be fun! One thing I learned first hand, if that much drama happens around/due to a Lohan just on twitter, it has to be even more insane in person. Just Wow and No!

1117 days ago

Ellie G    

BRW, Good luck on your move! I am a Mn./Ia. girl and I have always wanted to see the east coast.

1117 days ago


Ok! funs over ya'll better take a look at them photos of her out partying in Paris last night......

She looks absolutely shot to hell, some guy is letting her around like she's either blind or is eighty and they afraid she going fall on her face and frankly by the way her arms and legs are deteriorately and I mean wasting away she's starting to have that Amy Winehouse look about her...No not her face she's wearing such heavy makeup you really can see it but you sure in hell can see the puffyness in her face and chin....she is really on a down heill slide heath wise......
My question is .......WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSE TO CARE FOR HER......SHE NEEDS RECUSING FROM HERSELF PEOPLE GET OFF YOUR ASSETS AND GO GET FOR for god's sake. or you may be bring her home in a body bag.....Sorry people....!
Sorry but a friend and follow teacher daughter was killed last evening in a car accident because she was talking on her cell phone and pulled out in front of a Power company truck...died instantly ....talking to her fiancee on the cell....don't drive a talk on the cell phone folks it deadly.......

1117 days ago

AGENT smith    

Mi LO was answering questions this mourning on radar's facebook page. Does anyone know where I can read a text of the questions and answers?

1117 days ago

Alan Carver    

In September 2011, Plein attended the Milan Fashion Week in Italy with American actress Lindsay Lohan and they hosted a conference speech to introduce her as his new collection's face. - Wikipedia

Well here is one way to kill your clothing line! That is too bad that Phillipe couldn't find someone else WITHOUT a criminal record to be the face of his clothing collection! Just sad!

1117 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Talk about tweeting

1117 days ago


Yikes guys...don't put your twitter names on here! Not a good idea!

1117 days ago

Chinonso smith    

Oh what a romantic scene in the Bar.Its a very Lovely and Happiness scene between each other .
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1117 days ago


If you think we are hard on Lindsay this was post on celebitchy....
and the picture wer so big and in focus and not photo shopped. you can see every bruise and mark on her ...Gone on Smith and tell me how wonderful and sexy she looks....

Throughout the week, we’ve been keeping tabs on Linnocent’s “boyfriend” situation. As soon as she got to Milan to work as a “model” for Philipp Plein, she and Philipp began looking extra friendly, and they were photographed hand-in-hand and all cuddled up. Some of you think he’s gay. I disagree. I think he’s straight, and he’s a Euro-cheeseball who wants to make a name for himself as an international player by “romancing” Linnocent. It’s his money, so whatever. Allegedly, Lohan’s getting $500,000 to model and “date” him. And then on Wednesday night, Linnocent showed up in Paris, looking like an escort and once again, walking hand-in-hand with a sketchy Euro dude, this time a “businessman” and club owner.

If all of this seems like the whirlwind, jet-set activities of an international call girl on the run, ding ding ding, you win the door prize. Linnocent was likely “escaping” a situation in New York City, where it seemed like her long-time john/boyfriend/lover Vikram Chatawal was attempting to put their arrangement on the backburner. Page Six reported last week that Vikram’s (admittedly estranged) wife came into town, and was upset to see a crackie escort living in her home (Vikram had installed Linnocent in his apartment). Anyway, Star Magazine has some interesting details about Vikram and Linnocent’s relationship, including Linnocent’s alleged claims to friends that she is NOT in fact an escort.

1116 days ago

Ghost Rider    

ketjo, I just saw all that good stuff on celebitchy and the link that showed lindsay doing coke lines in the window and I really hate to admit I ever felt for this disgusting coke whore.

1116 days ago


You have to look on other sites to find out what she's up to cause TMZ ain't doing nothing but fuff on her and giving the folks a story a week just to keep the straid going....but it really looks like other sites are getting really tired of her antics also by the overwhelming disgust and negative feedback on the comments they are getting...
It's almost a total 100 % negative comments now on any site a hell of a lot more then Lohan Inc can every pay off thats for sure....
Now I'm sure our friend Red Cloud will be on her quoting twitter numbers again soon and inflated google hits but don't her realize that people ain't "following her because they like her and think she wonderful but because they like to follow the daily train week of her life and feel better about them selves because even they have better morals and sense then she does...."
And Smith with be on here to point out my warped view of Miss Lohan but if anybody has a warp view of things it ain't me...Like my old granny used to joke to us kids " if'n ya'll can't stand the stink...then get out of the shythouse "....cause Lindsay Lohan is standing hip deep in the stuff right now.....

1116 days ago

Red Cloud    

REALITY: Lindsay Lohan is well-respected and loved by many well-respected actors, directors, producers, musicians, average Janes and Joes, and many others.

FUN: You're having dinner at a restaurant in NY or LA and sitting at the table next to you is THE REAL Lindsay Lohan. She's with a couple of others and everything is ok. In walks, let's see...many to choose from!!!...Meryl Streep. Meryl and Lindsay look at each other with real surprise and happiness on their faces, approach each other, embrace, exchange pleasantries, sit down, chat for a few minutes, and then "move on". During all of this, neither Lindsay or Meryl chuck the most fleeting glance at you. Do you know why??? I'm sure you know why. It's because you don't matter.

How will non-fans feel when L is on the big screen in Gotti and other movies???? How will you feel????????? It's gonna happen. Heh Heh!!!!!!!!

gone, gone, gone...........

BTW, She's shaping up. Pizzed??????? Big difference between no and a few years ago.

1116 days ago


The pictures of Lindsay doing blow with the overweight ugly 39 year old hotel owner in NYC are very disturbing. I'm looking forward to the verbal ask kicking the judge is goig to give her at the progress heaing. WTF maybe this stupid biatch needs to do a year in jail.

1115 days ago
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