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Tyrese's Radio Station Ejection

The Blow-by-Blow

9/28/2011 11:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrese Gibson says the program director that kicked him out of a Delaware radio station yesterday was cursing and yelling behind the scenes -- all because the singer took a stand against liquor stores near schools.

Tyrese just called into TMZ to explain the whole situation -- it's pretty intense ... check out the audio. 


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To: The Wraith, john wayne gacie and King of TMZ,
Your mothers should have swallowed the night you were conceived. Racist dogs!

1121 days ago


The PD in D-Ware could be a Iluminati member who not only likes bars need schools but wants them in the lunchrooms.

1121 days ago


bull****. If you believe Tyre got kicked out for what he said. a joke.
freedom of speech. had to been more to it than commenting on liquor stores being near schools. A lot of concerned parents would say the same things about these liquor stores.
This story is only the half truth.

1121 days ago




1121 days ago

Tony Q    

Tyress I have heard enough of your lies. I am the Owner & General Manager of the station that "kicked" you off the air. Now you know full well what the reason was. In case you forgot I will remind you.

When you came into the station I was informed by my staff that you were not in a good mood. You went on the air and said that you wanted to stop and get a Pepsi and a candy bar. I am surprised that you couldn't tell the difference between a convenience store and a liquor store. You preceded to lecture to the audience that they had to do something about this. That liquor stores should not be near schools. This I do not disagree with but in case you don't know, liquor stores as well as schools are controlled by the state. This is part that upset me. It was they way you spoke on the air. You stereotyped your own culture by calling them Homies ect. Almost blaming Delawareans for allowing liquor stores to be there. The DJ on the air said to you that this is not the only station that has this problem, your reply was I don't care I am here now in Delaware.

As far as I know there are no liquor stores located across the street from a school. I have it all on tape, if you need to be refreshed. What got me real upset was that this was a way for you to promoted your event at the University Of Delaware. You were having a book signing and you were also going to perform. You know Mr.Tyress being a black radio station, its hard enough getting people to advertise on this format and yet when a performer comes to a radio station as a guest and then use the airwaves for personal gain is wrong. Why didn't the college, your record company or your management work out some kind of promotion to invite the people you were lecturing on the air to come to your event. What you did was made your on air time an info commercial. Now I do not expect that from a Black performer to use us. Imagine how I felt that Tyress is going to be performing in our backyard and we didn't even know about it. Nor did our listeners. Maybe you found out that day that it wasn't promoted and you decided to use us rather then support the station that supported you. That's right we were the 1st station in the north east to support you new song.

Also you have the order of what happened on the air wrong. You came on lecturing our listeners, you then asked the DJ if we had any listeners. What kind of question was that if we had any listeners. Then you went right into promoting your big night at the University of Delaware. You received the full air time you deserved. We did not cut off your mike, we did not let the audiences know that the interview was over but you did. You couldn't wait to tweet your words all over and let people believe that you were kicked off because you were talking about liquor store, that was not the reason. You got away with taking advantage of the only remaining independent station in the North East.

Its situations like this that are killing the Black Division of Record Companies. Do you think for one second if a Pop group was appearing somewhere and that Pop station didn't know about it, what would have happened. That's right, the record of that group would have been pulled. In this case how you acted with your lies you got your own record pulled from the station. You came to the radio station hot and you left hot. Oh by the way I understand that you made a big deal at the Double Tree Hotel behind the station. Something about a room, your mouth got in the way again and they threw you out of there too! You need to check yourself. It could be you.
Now you have taken enough of my energy I wish you well on getting your records played on the major station chains.

Tony Q
Owner and General Manager

1121 days ago


Thank you Tyrese for speaking out about this!

In Echo Park, CA, Fix Coffee is trying to get a liquor license in a neighborhood with houses right behind him, a pre-school across the street AND a Los Angeles Unified Elementary School directly next door (80 feet from door to door).

Unfortunately, our council member's office is deciding to take a "neutral" stance on this. If anyone lives in the Los Angeles area and wants to voice their opinion, please contact Eric Garcetti's office. The field deputy handling this is / 323-957-4500.

Tyrese, if you are not too busy, please feel free to send your concerns to the Council Member's office as well.

The alcohol hearing is next week so we need all the phone calls / emails we can to show them how important our children's safety is.

If any media is reading this, we would love your help as well.

In Los Angeles, we can have a liquor license right next door to a school, but ice cream trucks have to stay at least 500 feet away. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS LOGIC!

1121 days ago


No matter where you’re come from, white or black,I suggest you to the sugarbabymeet.c0m, to find your rich man or hot girl.

1121 days ago


It took me roughly few minute to find this post, thanks a ton.

1121 days ago


Good ,, about time someone stands up for what's right...

1121 days ago


I fully agree with Tyrese ,That should have been addressed on AiR,I lived in Wilmington DE so therefore it is about the Kids safety bottom line,who want drunks across the street from the school,BOYCOTT

1121 days ago

L. Dixon    

I was actually listening to the radio when he first got there and he was really upset about what he had seen. I commend him for telling the COMMUNITY they need to take a stand and look out for the well being of their children!! The DJ supported him completely......And it is unfortunate. He definitely had me looking around to see if there were any liquor stores or other inappropriate stores by my kids' schools.

1121 days ago

Gorilla King    

Born and raised in Delaware homie. Been a Tyrese fan for a minute.He's right, there's a liquor store right there. I just hope this isn't just to cause people to go out and get your album. Seriously though bruh, YOU'RE FROM WATTS, CALIFORNIA. Nothing wrong with Watts AT ALL. but I got people from there that say the same thing you're saying about Wilmington. So I'm totally confused right now. Bottom line he's right, he makes a valid point. I just wi***** would've been made with some distance between now and his album release...just sayin

1121 days ago



1121 days ago


As a resident of Delaware and an employee of the State, I am very sorry for the rude behavior you encountered. My sincere apologies. God speed in your endeavors.

1121 days ago

Nay Nay    

You should've given him a baby boy beat down. It could be his liquor store..........

1121 days ago
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