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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

MJ's Security Guard:

Murray Had Me Remove Vials

9/29/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alberto Alvarez -- Michael Jackson's Security Guard Testifies
Updated 9/29/11 at 8:48 AM

Michael Jackson
's security guard Alberto Alvarez -- the man who called 911 the morning MJ died -- just took the stand, claiming Murray asked him to remove several vials of Propofol before he called an ambulance.

Alvarez claims he quickly arrived at the scene on June 25th, 2009 -- and saw Murray performing one-handed chest compressions on MJ, who was still in the bed. According to Alvarez, Murray immediately asked him to pack away several vials and an IV bag.


Alvarez claims there were two saline bags on the IV stand, but Murray cared only about the one that contained a vial with a "milky white substance."

Alvarez claims Murray THEN asked Alvarez to call 911 -- at which point the dispatcher ordered him to move Michael from the bed to the floor in order to perform CPR. According to Alvarez, paramedics arrived soon after.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff tried to get Alvarez to admit he may have been confused about the timing of the events -- but Alvarez insisted ... Murray ordered him to bag the vials BEFORE paramedics arrived.

Alvarez says he has been offered enormous sums to provide interviews to media outlets -- as much as $500,000.

The defense just showed footage inside a hospital room where MJ's body was relocated after the singer was pronounced dead -- and the place was crawling with cops.


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Just role tape from the prelim........

1087 days ago

check yourself    

ANYBODY catch where Chernoff repeatedly asks him if he took that bag down off of stand - asks at different times - BUT THEN takes the bag up TO Alvarez and asks him to demonstrate it... asked him TWICE to grasp the top of that bag, asks twice about the difference between the two bags he shows him (writing and no writing)... goes back to the podium then asks him IF HE WAS WEARING GLOVES. Alveraz said NO, that he wasn't. Chernoff goes "umm humm" THEN moves on.

Gotta wonder if Chernoff is gearing up to pull a "NO PRINTS ON THE BAG!" Yanno... like their "NO FOOTAGE!"

1087 days ago


I like Mr Alvarez very much. He seems like an honest, decent, and loyal, human being. I hope he gets another job VERY soon. Michael lost his life that day, the kids lost their father, and so many people lost their jobs. All because of the gross negligence of that quack. Mr Alvarez has turned down so many lucrative deals to "sell his story" and make himself a rich man, and he has always refused. I hold him in very high esteem.

1087 days ago

check yourself    

Alverez: "... I was instructed to make sure nobody came through that door that's at the upper left of the vid."

So why is he all the way the hell to the far right?? And, wtf is up with the seating arrangement??

There are more WTF's about every single IOTA of this BS trial then... WTF evers. Ya feel meh? DAYUM.

1087 days ago



You act as if Michael's death was inevitable... And that Murray was the innocent victim just there when it occured. Murray, who I choose not to call a Dr. Because any Dr. Had a duty to help, not order enough propofol to last months. If he was trying to ween him, it sure doesnt appear that way, and now it becomes a Dr.s word over his dead patient. Who was obviously in it for money! Now the attorneys imposing the ideal thar Murray was trying to help Michael and ween him off, and Michael angry over this administered the deadly dose. Come on... We are talking about a man that survived constant scrutiny and other legal woes. His kids ment everything to him and he's going to take his own life??? I firmly believe Michael was going tonleave one final impression on his fans and haters... That he is the greatest entertainer ever! A person doesn't exit this world voluntarily, when they have so much left to live for. If his death was inevitable, he would have lost it on stage giving his heart, his soul, love for music and dance to his fans. He would not want to go out this way!

Shame on dr Murray, if he was truly trying to help then he would have had no part in michaels propofol use and could have exposed him, shunning a light on his addiction but he kept quite because of the money. Obviously Michael knew this drug and had years of history with it, the issue lies with choosing an incompetent doctor to administer it... Michael is guilty of letting his heart be the judge of character and like so many times before he chose the wrong person to be in his inner circle. An enabler, but unfortunately this doctor was his undoing. Conrad has to be held accountable. Your a cardiologist and don't know CPR, he must have been the D student. You order paramedics to take him to a hospital, you fake a pulse, and you make the attending doctor pronounce the TOD at the hospital in an attempt to deflect blame. Oh well, he had a pulse when he left the house. I hope those very paramedics throw him under the ambulance and the courts stripe him of all medical licenses. He's going to get away with it, because a guilty verdict on the regarding the most recognizable person on the planet, doesnt get you book deals and monetary rewards.... As we seen just recently with the murder of caylee anthony... Juries are bought before they hear testimony, scandal only benefits them... Who better to profit from than the most known human being on the planet.... Michael Jackson.

1087 days ago


For the record, Rogue Warrior is not presenting anything new. There is STILL no proof that Michael Jackson did anything like that. Still, if somebody's word that they were abused is enough to convict the accused, then why do we need the judicial system? Come on, people. Michael Jackson had a ton of money, people wanted it, and people knew he was an easy target. It's not hard to do the math. The first allegations set a precedent for the next batch of money grubbers. Does it even matter to any of you that the accuser and his brother couldn't even get important details right? Does it matter that their crazy mother claimed that Michael wanted to whisk them away in a hot air balloon??? Does it matter that more than one celebrity testified that they had been hit up for money by the family, too. Jay Leno, I believe it was, even warned that the family was up to no good, but Michael felt badly for them because the accuser was a cancer patient.

1087 days ago


Someone please give this guy a job. He's a stand-up guy who needs a second chance.

1087 days ago


Chernoff needs to get off this road to no where. At best he can prove there were no prints on the bag....big deal.
If there are no prints on the bag, it means the bag was not picked up by hand.
Just courtroom melodrama to create the appearance that there's a strategy unfolding to unravel some mystery.
They already admitted to cleaning up and removing items from the crime scene.
Michael was still murdered by a lethal injection of propofol.

How or if the bag was picked up by hand, a hooker, UPS or FedEx will not clear Murraysazz of murder!!!!

1086 days ago

check yourself    


TODAY we find out he LIED. Lied about even taking the bag down, or laying MJ on the floor when he said they did. Paramedic said MJ was on the bed still, and the bag up on the IV stand when HE got there.... which was SIX MINUTES LATER then what Alveraz said he did in his testimony.

"MJ's BodyGuard" ... "Head of Logistics" no less. HEH.


Murray stays the same ... lookin' like a huge dumbazz... all shifty eyed, side eyeing all over the place. NASTY.

1086 days ago


I agree that no one should be feeling sorry for Dr. Murray. He is as shady as any street dealer. Remember this as a first rule of thumb: No one should be dealing with Propofol outside of a hospital. It is not for personal use. Murray claims he had to use it for Michael's "medical" problems. Well if that was the case, then why would Murray withhold telling the paramedics and medical staff whom were trying to save MJ's life, that he was administered Propofol? Maybe he thought that by lying he wouldn't get in trouble and that no one would ever find out. How stupid can this doctor be?

1086 days ago


Please help all to bring INVINCIBLE (CD)to No 1
Together we can do it - so let us do! Please!
More you can read here (can't say/write it in english. It's too difficult for me).
With our help, Michael can still be Invincible

Thank you-

1086 days ago


Conrad Murray is guilty - PERIOD.

1084 days ago


Does anyone else think it's weird that it took Alerez (security) 2 phones call and 10 min to get to Michaels bedroom? And Conrad yelled to the chef " get help, get security" and she didn't. Strange.

1058 days ago


Shame on Michael for taking this great Dr and forcing him to do what he wanted. I think he should sue the Jackson estate. And yes I am a Michael fan.

1058 days ago
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