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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson's Chef:

Murray Begged Me For Help

9/29/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kai Chase -- Michael Jackson's Chef Testifies
Updated 9/29/11 at 2:35PM

0929_girlk_on_standMichael Jackson's personal chef Kai Chase just testified -- claiming a frantic Dr. Conrad Murray begged her for help the day MJ died, ten minutes before anyone called 911.

According to Chase, she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for Michael and his kids -- and between 12:05 and 12:10PM, Murray ran downstairs, yelling for her to "get Prince, get help, get security."

Chase claimed she sent Prince to Dr. Murray and returned to work.

Chase admitted she didn't contact security -- a point highlighted by defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan.

Yesterday, MJ's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams testified ... Murray called him at 12:13 PM, and Williams immediately phoned security. MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez eventually called 911 at 12:21 -- between 11 and 16 minutes after Murray allegedly asked Chase for help.

While Chase was leaving court today, we asked if she thought her testimony was helpful -- she responded, "Absolutely."


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yes, mj said boys kept him alive.
i'm sure he wanted another disturbed father evan chandler to use 20 million for drugs.

1120 days ago


john: 51 minutes ago

I agree the cook came across as a b%tch.
-- personal interpretation

You know what I think happened. She didn't like the way the doctor was YELLING at her.
-- personal interpretation

She thought to herself, "how dare he talk to me like that" and she didn't do anything he told her to do,
-- personal interpretation

she walked 12 feet to where Prince was and told him to go upstairs and went back to cooking.

-- The house rule was that NO ONE... NO ONE went upstairs but Michael and his children. This very well may have been a factor.

She was not gonna do anything the "stupid doctor" said to do.
-- personal interpretation

She helped KILL MJ.
-- personal interpretation

She wasted valuable time not contacting 911 or walking 40 feet to get security.
-- personal interpretation

She came across as person with a big attitude problem.
-- personal interpretation
(MY personal interpretation: Did you happen to catch the defense cross of Mr. Alvarez? The prior witness? Who *wouldn't be on guard*? Please remember that the witnesses called thus far are loyal employees of Mr. Jackson. To require them to be free of bias is ridiculous. They knew, nearly lived with, cared for, nurtured, fed and protected Mr. Jackson and his family.

I'm not saying the doctor did everything right, don't get me wrong, BUT, if a doctor came to me in anxious state and said: please get help, go get security and bring prince upstairs, if I had an questions I would ask the Doctor, "by HELP do you mean call 911, or do you want me to RUN to security trailer and get security people".
-- Guessing you've never been in a similar crisis situation... (of this type). Do you realize how much transpires in mere seconds? And, in a situation, especially given the power structure of this house (these people were NOT family, they were employees and had to follow rules. The Chef was right - she left protocol to the security and managers, as she should have).

But the B*tch went back to cooking and did nothing to help MJ as he lay dieing. 10 minutes went by , the doctor thinking HELP was on the way and it wasn't.
--There were 2 personal assitants/guards and an personal doctor attending to Mr. Jackson. Are you SERIOUS? Or do you just hate the idea that women can be accomplished chefs? Think: It's a cool hobby. : )

1120 days ago

the sea    

That dumbass doctor didn't have a cell phone? Call 911 yourself idiot!

1120 days ago



Really your name is "cake" and you are defending the cook , like you just did. You have to be the "cook".

You didn't like what I wrote about you, did you?

Listen lady, the doctor told you to "get HELP, go get security and tell prince to go upstairs" and you didn't do that. You, didn't have to go upstairs, as you say, you were not allowed upstairs. But you could have got security, as the GOOD DOCTOR told you to.

You have to watch yourself on the stand from video source, you came across as a "b*tch". And of course you are reading this thread, because it's about you.

You screwed up. I don't know what you were thinking, but I must not be far off, because all you have to say is I'm criticizing your cooking , thinking a woman can't be a chef.

Gee, if I was a day laborer and someone got run over, and someone asked me to get help, I wouldn't keep doing the day laborer job, I WOULD GET HELP. But this STUPID COOK , was only gonna cook, no matter what emergency was going on around her.

1120 days ago


"Get this person, get that person, do this, do that...but never at any point did he actually do the RIGHT thing, and that is to call 911. Murray is soooo totally negligent and he is 100% guilty of this crime. Shame on him and shame on his legal team for backing a loser. They must KNOW he is guilty but they've still got to put on a show of pretending that they can do anything believable. Murray did NOTHING to help anyone but himself, he lied to the Carolwood staff, he lied to the paramedics, he lied to the hospital doctors, he lied to the police, he lied he lied he lied about
everything. What kind of doctor doesn't know BASIC CPR? What kind of doctor doesn't call 911 in an emergency? What kind of doctor is only interested in covering his tracks and saving his own hide? What kind of doctor?..... a crappy money grabbing, self absorbed, quack one that's what. How is any sane person able to believe this liar? Shame also on all those misguided people who support him. Maybe now you'll wise up about him.

1120 days ago


Good grief the time conrad spent running around he should have called an ambulance >- case closed. Ambulance would have had equipment to shock mj heart but no conrad rings everyone and runs around like a chook with his head off. Absolutely no doubt michael was dead some time before the theatrics. Im so sad for his family and friends. NO ONE should ever be denied 911 immediately. :(

1120 days ago


Listen , we don't know what kind of Doctor he is, that is why he is given a chance to defend himself from these mean-spirited attacks on him.

You don't know what he did or did not do, but we all will find out, he will have his day in court.

But doctors do give ORDERS, lots of orders, in fact they are called "doctor's orders". And if he was in hospital setting he would be ordering all the people around him to assist him. This was a home situation and it doesn't sound like he had all the equipment he needed.

We don't know why he didn't call 911. We all will have to find out why. But he did "order" or "ask urgently" for people around him to call 911, get help. He might not have known why MJ was crashing like he did. It could have been that MJ was self-medicating himself , or doubling his meds without the doctor's knowledge. This will have to come out in court.

But don't say he's 100 percent guilty, or 100 innocent at this point, that is what the trial is all about. And Dr. Conrad Murray has not presented his side yet. He has to let the other side go first. :)

1120 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Did they mention if Murray ever got some food?

1120 days ago


Why is that little pip squeak Chernoff picking on a chef for not calling security? Beacuse she's a CHEF that's why, you moron. Why did Conny tell a CHEF to get Prince, help and security? Why didn't he do it himself? Most of all, why didn't this liar call 911 right away? Conny is blaming everyone and anyone else for his own massive failings. In an emergency, an AUTOMATIC and basic reaction is to IMMEDIATELY call 911. Why did Conny wait half an hour before telling OTHERS to call.? Who gives one handed CPR on a bed.? Answer.......only a negligent, incompetent, lying quack. Conny has lied about everything in this matter and his idiot lawyers Ancient Flanagan and Bitchy Chernoff. They're more like old ***an and the Artful Dodger. Low lives.

1120 days ago

I am Spartacus    

when you take a CPR class they teach you that the first thing you do is check the patient and if they aren't breathing and others are around you, you direct one of THEM to call 911 while you begin to administer CPR. Those saying he should have just called himself must not know this. Yes he could have called himself, but he directed someone else to do this while he could begin to administer CPR. I've been certified 8 times for CPR/First Aid and in every class they teach you that if others are around to have someone else call while you begin CPR. So its not that outrageous that he asked someone else to call 911. What is outrageous is that she decided to go back to making lunch instead of doing what was asked of her.

1120 days ago


In this small interview after the trial, Kai seemed very nonchalant about everything. She knows more to what she's telling you guys. She has an opinion about where the trial is going...doesn't everyone? She gave short BS answers... We need more out of her and if we push hard enough she'll break.

1120 days ago


Eh, not much of a surprise that she and her answers were a little odd. She also was one of the many who hit the airwaves with weeks of his death, showing a box of gifts the kids had given her, forget what was in the box but it seemed like yet another invasion of privacy of the kids ...then she reportedly was gonna publish that cookbook that was going to be titled something like "Fit for a King" (with what she said was his fave foods) and (per one article) stories about her time spent with him as his chef. Just came across as someone trying to capitalize on her connection with him and his death. Just out of curiosity, did her story change from the weeks after his death, because stuff I remember reading and hearing just had her saying that Murray asked for the son to go up there, nothing about call security or a general "get help'

1120 days ago


Why in the world would ms chase go and get security, when murray called security himself. not 911, but we have empty headed fools blaming to cook?
Security already confirmed that murray called them via phone. murray never bothered to call 911......and three minors were going to do what? other than have their hearts broken.....but murray does not care about those kids.
murray acting like a guilty ignorant fool instead of calling 911. the only time murray wanted anything to do with the EMTs was when they wanted to pronounce michael dead at holmby hills. murray ordered the EMTs to take michael to the hospital. murray pulls rank because he's a doctor. the time of death is pronounced incorrectly at the hospital were the coward murray refused to sign the death certificate. the SOB just starts walking around the hospital like a damn fool.

all this for a man who committed suicide?

btw: the only time murray wanted michael taken to the hospital was after it was too late.

murray killed michael in cold blood!

1120 days ago


To ... I am Spartacus!

You are right. I too have taken those CPR classes many times, and was in medical field for a number of years.
First thing you do is ask some one else to call 911. You stay with patient.
The GOOD DOCTOR did go to the COOK, and asked her to call 911 and get security.
At this point , we are not hearing the Doctor's version of story. We are only hearing what she heard the doctor say, but the Doctor could take the stand and say " I TOLD the cook to call 911 and get the security people immediately. She might have asked about the children, and he uttered something. I don't think she heard the doctor because she was in SHOCK.

She didn't call 911 as asked by doctor, and that would be the exact thing the doctor would have told her to do.

Obviously, she didn't GET HELP (call 911) or get security immediately. She cooked and she did the exact opposite to what the doctor wanted her to do. The GOOD DOCTOR didn't want the kids in the room. NO Doctor wants family in room during EMERGENCY procedures. Watch any TV hospital show, and they usher the family out of the room in an emergency.

So this CRAZY cook does everything opposite, she doesn't call 911, she doesn't get security (40 feet away in security trailer). What does she do, she brings a child upstairs in the way of LIFE Threatening Event. And the child is crying and acting all crazy.

This COOK should be ashamed of herself.

Listen COOK, the doctor told you in no uncertain terms, call 911, get security immediately, the doctor wouldn't tell you to bring child upstairs, you stupid COOK.

1120 days ago
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