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Scarlett Johansson

I'm Putting My Foot Down

Over Nude Pics

9/29/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scarlett Johansson is speaking out about the double-edged sword of fame -- claiming she's just as entitled to privacy as anyone else ... after nude pics of the actress leaked online earlier this month.

In a CNN interview ... Scarlett says,  "Who doesn't want to protect their own privacy? There are certain instances where you give a lot of yourself and finally you have to kind of put your foot down and say, 'Oh wait, I'm taking it back.' "

Scarlett -- who asked the FBI to track down the alleged hackers -- adds, "If [one's privacy] is sieged in someway, it feels unjust. It feels wrong."


No Avatar


Try not to be so judgemental to this poor poor young lady. I say if she wouldnt put her foot down, but just pull her shirt up some more, it would make alot more people happy!!

1118 days ago


Right to privacy? I must of missed that in the Constitution.

1118 days ago


wow, you people REALLY know how to miss a point dont you?

1118 days ago

The Wraith    

So, I was reading comments on here and though to myself " how can these people be so cruel to this wonderful, sweet girl" sometimes you gotta go along to get along... sorry SCARLETT. Why is your dumba** taking nude pics anyway- I would too if my body looked like yours- i wouldnt leave the house, the bathroom the mirror- I would ********* with myself all day long and eat PB&J sandwiches naked with a big tall glass of cold milk and spill it all over myself then take more pics as I laugh at myself for having milk and jelly all over my body.

1118 days ago


What's amazing is that when they feel their privacy has been invaded self-righteous celebrities cry about privacy violation, and keeping out of their lives.

Yet, when it comes to them telling us how to live, how much energy to use, how "green" to be, or who to vote for....then they feel they have every right to butt their nose into our business.

Suck it b*tch! Your T*ts are out there....GFY

1118 days ago

Hey Now    

Um, maybe she should refrain from taking Naked Boobie pictures. Just a thought.

1118 days ago


I WILL TRY TO BE BRIEF. Several months ago, without my knowledge, a company in the Mid West, illegally obtained my Master Card number and began charging my Chase account. When the theft was discovered, I contacted several government agencies, via US Postal Service, with all the necessary paper work. Everyone responded except the FBI to whom I asked if they were unable to help, to please refer me to an agency who could. Guess what? They totally ignored my dilemma as if it were perfectly acceptable to be a theft target with no legal consequences for the thieves. Perhaps if my name were familiar as one of Hollywood's "stars," they would have jumped over obstacles to help. Please be on the lookout because my story could happen to anyone. Good Luck!!!

1118 days ago


You can't have it all you dumb, entitled bitch. If you value your privacy so much, you should stop being a celebrity and quit acting.

1118 days ago


Uh . . . she's not that cute or hot or amazing, or anything that people say about her. She's a pretty average looking chick . . . with a whole lot of money. Get over yourself!!

1118 days ago


what kind of hoe runs around with nude pix of herself on her phone?

1118 days ago


She is awful.

1118 days ago


I don't understand celebrities or anyone for that matter. If you don't want nude pictures of yourself to be found or stolen DON'T TAKE THEM!! It's pretty simple

1118 days ago


Ok here's the problem Scarlett, you bared your ass in a movie so what's the big deal if you pictures got out. You didn't get paid for it. Well than don't take naked pictures of yourself...dip****.

1118 days ago

Timmy Boy    

You gotta be full of yourself to take pics of yourself.
Beotch also sounds stuck up.
Another thing, what is unfair is being rich and famous without there being any downside to it.
You want the money and the celebrity status? deal with it.

1118 days ago

"I'm Putting My Foot Down"... put the camera down then ya dumb bitch

1118 days ago
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