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Casey Anthony

Jail Video Released

9/30/2011 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Jail Video
A grainy video -- shot inside a Florida jail in 2008 -- shows Casey Anthony's reaction when she was told her daughter's remains were found.

In the video, Anthony is in the waiting room of the jail's medical facility, when she looks up at a TV screen and sees a news report on the discovery of Caylee's remains.  Casey appears to double over with her hands in her lap and then appears to breathe heavily.

The footage had been under lock and key since 2009 for fear it might influence the jury.


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Actually, from the numerous reports on TV today...She only heard that remains had been found near her house...Not that they said it it her daughther's remains! That is very important to clarify!

1117 days ago


CORRECTION: she was NOT told her daughter's remains were found. it was simply the remains of a child - it was not determined to be caylee's remains until a week LATER - a week AFTER this video footage - hence the controversy.

1117 days ago


Harvey did it!!!

1117 days ago


What was the big deal with this??! It proves nothing, so what she rocks back and forth and breaths hard....what does this prove?!? NOTHING!! It dosn't even look like she cryed!!

1117 days ago

D. Moon    

So what does this prove ? Absolutely nothing just another attempt by the idiots in Florida to keep the story going to up the TV rating.

1117 days ago


Why is it that so many people don't see the significance of her reaction??

According to Casey, She knew all along that Caylee had died - she had drowned on June 16th. The reaction is to the fact that Caylee's body had been discovered. BUSTED!

This baby killed had better not get anywhere near where I live!

1117 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This woman is so guilty or murdering her own child! This goes to proof that anybody can get away with murder if they play their cards right, omg.

1117 days ago


I guess if you were all medical professionals this video would make good sense to you.However seeing as the majority are not registered psychologists then your your opinion will remain nothing more than an opinion. Yes, I do believe caylee dies at the accidental hands of her mother.Having been said reality did not kick in for casey right away and the emotions and signs she displayed up to and at trial are all psycological issues;including the actions in this video. A woman can kill her new born and it is a legit defense of Infanticide. The mother is shown to disply sign of post tramutic strss and there for kill this children. Life is crule, people are sick and need mental help. 70 percent of peopel in North America suffer from ssome form of mental illness. Educated medical professionals know this and never discriminate or judge, you simply cant .Perhaps we should all focus on our own demons and let your god Judge us only

1117 days ago

Tonsil Cheese    

Please report some real news! Like, where is Kim Kardashian shopping right now?!

1117 days ago


Next week Cindy will probably be explaining that this video is really just showing Casey having one of her famous epileptic fits.

It's just coincidental that she had this fit at the exact time LE was filming her reaction to remains being found.

How much longer before Casey gets a JOB & starts to pay back all the money she owes to the government? Therapy for Casey..... a HUGE WASTE for a sociopath.... but I guess she'll do anything to avoid having to W-O-R-K.

1117 days ago


As I read comments on the computer taken from "People Magazine'Casey's comment that she has "lots of regrets"to me sounds like the LIAR IS STILL AT IT.and shows,she will NEVER ADMIT THE TRUTH.if YOU drug your daughter to dead and throw her away like trash,REGRET IS NOT the word you should be using.Also,trying to destroy her father with filth.REGRET does not fit. SO PRAY TELL,WHAT DOES CASEY REGRET.When and until Casey can tell where Clayee was the nights she was with her boyfriends and in bed with moralas,when he decovered Clayee at midnight was no longer around.she was not with 'THE NANNY"SO WHERE? DRUGGED THAT IS WHERE,Question for big mouth baez,but make sure you have witnessess not just 'CAYLEE WAS WITH.WITH WHO?

1117 days ago


the news stated that human remains were found. NOT that Caylee was found, NOT that a child's remains were found. But HUMAN REMAINS were found. THIS is why her reaction is "shocking". She realizes she's up that infamous creek without a paddle. (but no worries, skank,you will have a dumb a@# jury and you will be free to kill again)

1117 days ago


This video is not going to change anything, just make her more famous! She was found not guilty due to lack of evidence...let her live her life in shame and replace poor Caylee with another child as she talks about. Im sure if she was in Texas and was found guilty, she would be on death row and killed within the month.

1117 days ago


Let go, TMZ. It's over now.

1117 days ago

Theresa Erisman    

Give Me A Break!!Faker, I would be screaming and I wouldn't have been able to just sit there! Of course, she knew all along where Caylee was. Rot In H*ll, Casey!

1117 days ago
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