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Herman Cain

Pizza, Politics ...

It's All the Same!

9/30/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_herman_cain_ex_video_tmzYou might not think being the CEO of Godfather's Pizza would be a stepping stone to the White House ... but yesterday at LAX, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain explained how he feels his experience there makes him right for the job.

We have yet to encounter a problem that pepperoni did not solve, so maybe he has a point ...


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How successful is he really? I remember seeing Godfather's pizza all over the place as a kid in the 80s. I can't remember the last time I've seen one since then.

1081 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This guy is the best candidate cause he ain't a slimy politican like all the others are.

1081 days ago


I am on TeamCain.

1081 days ago


I'm sorry about Herman Cain would never win because he's Black. The only White Americans that would vote for him would be in the wealthy class. He has to know that the GOP appeals to only Joe The Plummer types that live in the South. How can he get their votes? Alan Keys is proof why there would never be a Black GOP. Which is so sad.

1081 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Politics, presidency, pizza and all the problems are solved. It's a bit more complicated than just that. Your living in a dream world Herman Cain.

1081 days ago


Yeah well Cain proves that ALL races can be conservative and are welcome. Then, on the other end of the spectrum we have Gov. MOONDUST BROWN planning on giving Calif. to ILLEGAL ALIENS IN A few days thru the DREAM ACT. Remember as goes CALIF. goes the nation. Soon you'll be sitting in your stae of denial giving your country away to people who feel they don't have to follow our laws. IN MY OPINION IT IS TREASON MR. BROWN

1081 days ago


You republicans on this site are all crazy scary if you want to elect this guy.

1081 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

I love how Republicans claim to be against affirmative action, but their token minorities are always examples of the least qualified persons vying for the office. Just like Harriet Meiers (Bush's token female SCOTUS nominee), Alberto Gonzales, and Sarah Palin, there are far more qualified candidates who are black, but since this guy is a typical shill, they'll pick him over qualified minority candidates.

These people would be a laughingstock if they didn't actually intend on being taken seriously.

Furthermore, while the mental midgets who claim to be "conservative" blame Obama for not creating jobs (despite claiming to believe that "the government can't solve people's problems...), it's actually CEOs like this chump who have directly failed to create jobs and put this country in the place it's in. But God forbid your average wage-slave "conservative" blame their corporate slave drivers for not creating jobs. Nope...the conservative credo is, "who needs solutions as long as you have scapegoats?"

Too bad most conservatives are too stupid to see how badly their having their ignorance and bigotry exploited. Modern "conservatives" are the bane of America, and really, the entire world for that matter.

1081 days ago

nah man    

lol I love how the internet crazies are all for this guy. Godfather's pizza sucks, too. He should be jailed for calling it pizza.

1081 days ago

rather eat dog poop    

Hooray another CEO running for office!

1081 days ago


If it were him vs Obama, would the racists vote Obama since he's half white?

1081 days ago


Hey Marc - thanks for the link to Wikipedia - don't know what "research" I was suppose to do, but I do see that his occupation is listed as businessman, radio host and columnist. Oh, and that failed bid for the Georgia senate, he couldn't even win the primary. Yep, those are GREAT qualifications to be president. And, I also see that Cain was asked to resign his post as CEO in 1996. Doesn't say why, maybe he's a crook?? And then there's his prejudice against Muslims and virtually no knowledge of foreign policy...

Thanks again - it reaffirms that he has no qualifications to be president.

1081 days ago


leadership experience and knows how to run a business vs. street organizer. hmmmm, who do i pick to run out country?

1081 days ago


Regardless of your feelings on Mr. Cain, pretty much anyone is better than what we have now. America doesn't get ahead by the word and postings of Average citizens, but it does get ahead when average American citizens are sick of who is in office and vote. I'm beginning to think that more people are seeing the truth than those that deny it all the way to the couch on their front porch. Crazy???? You have to be crazy to not see what's right in front of all of us.

1081 days ago


Cain was for TARP, insisted we weren't in a recession in 2008, says we need to fully involved in and defend Israel yet doesn't even know what "right of return" is, refuses to allow Muslims in his cabinet (bigot), and doesn't want to audit the Fed because he used to work there. He doesn't know anything, but thinks he can just hire advisers to tell him what to do. There's a reason he dropped to the bottom of the pack months ago.

1081 days ago
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