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Jeff Conaway's Cause of Death

Heart Problems, Pneumonia

9/30/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Conaway Cause of Death
Jeff Conaway died from multiple causes, from Aortic valve problems to pneumonia ... this according to the L.A. County Coroner.  And, the Coroner says, his death at 60 was an accident.

Among the causes

-- Septic Emboli ... an infected arterial blockage
-- Aortic Valve Endocarditis ... heart valve infection 
-- Coronary Artery Disease
-- Pneumonia
-- Encephalopathy ... brain disorder resulting from drug overdoses



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Fallopia Lopez    

Crazy eyes, missing tooth. The man was not on an upswing. Here's hoping death brought respite to both he and his family.

1122 days ago


And TMZ, you couldn't have used a better picture of Jeff? I mean, like, come on. Geesh! Have some respect for the man's memory. You guys just don't give a f*ck.

1122 days ago


Poor guy!

1122 days ago


He was probably under the care of the staff at Anthem Blue Cross....this dude didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of surviving that misery RIP Bro

1122 days ago


Just a sad case all the way around.

And yeah, TMZ had to pick a photo of him with a missing tooth to bolster their not-so-subliminal message that he was a broke, has-been. Nice going.

1122 days ago


Dr. Drew is the moron who claims it was not an overdose that killed him, it was pneumonia. He went into the hospital on May 11, 2011 from a drug overdose and aspirated while in the hospital. He dies on May 26, 2011 after being in a coma the entire time. Heck, if I stop taking vicodin and oxycodone for three days and drink a lot of fluids, there won't be any drugs in my system either. So even in a coma, his body would have expelled the entire amount of drugs in his system in the 15 days he was in the hospital. So he died without drugs in his system. How can the coroner claim it was accidental?

1122 days ago


Accidental pneumonia? Really? Drugs killed him, that's what abusing drugs for years does.. wrecks your body, your organs.. accident my a**.

1122 days ago


Do drugs, smoke, drink, don't eat right, don't exercise...and die!
Don't do drugs, don't smoke, eat right, exercise...and die anyway!

1122 days ago


and double your life span!

1122 days ago


Yeah, right. When's the last time you saw anybody over 70 out havin' a good time? Longevity isn't all it's cracked up to be.

1122 days ago


Too bad Jeff Conaway didn't just use Medical Marijuana, then he would have stayed alive. Medical Marijuana relieves pain without all the nasty after effects of dying. Medical marijuana, and all marijuana should be legal! It is helpful to people for pain reduction and other maladies, plus marijuana can be a much less harmful recreational drug than liquor, heroin, crack, and cocaine.
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1122 days ago

lil harvey    

Could you guys try to buy a little bit of "respect for the dead"? Geez, the picture you chose was really unappropriate. Wonder what type of photo they will use when Harvey kicks the bucket? Maybe a nice one that shows his AIDS ridden body covered with sores, perhaps!!!

1122 days ago


RIP Jeff, enjoyed your work on B5

1122 days ago


Wow. Didn't he die over 4 months ago? It is a sad story all the way around. Rough living will take it's toll.

1122 days ago

She's baaaack    

Sorry,but you better get a second opinion on a few of those diagnoses. Seriously?

1122 days ago
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